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The LDMF Foundation will receive new members in 2017.

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The LDMF Foundation will receive new members in 2017. The LDMF Foundation is grateful to announce would like to welcome new members in 2017. Grounded in 2016, the LDMF Foundation focus has been organization and publication of research and know how. For 2017 year 2 of the LDMF Foundation, network collaboration and recruiting of team members, as well welcome of new members. LDMF Foundation members have the wonderful and unique experience to work hand to hand with the Founder of the […]

The Vessel of the Gods: PTT Know How Applied: The PTT Engines, PTT Geo-Location Assessment & PTT Materials

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  The Vessel of the Gods: PTT Know How Applied. The PTT Engines, PTT Geo-Location Assessment & PTT Materials “Can the human travel in the sky like the birds, or under water like a fish, or maybe within the earth ? Can humans navigate the oceans of knowledge and reality ? Which type of vessel could bring them to any place they may wish ? ” – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken The systemic perception, organization and management of human, natural and artificial […]

The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention

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The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention .Research on Human Potential, Life Span and DNA Studies .Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms .PTT Solutions, Training Programs & Coaching By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Founder of the LDMF Foundation, PTT Creator, PTT Researcher. PTT KNOW HOW The LDMF Foundation is providing and developing PTT Know How, an holistic, synergetic, humanist, futurist and nature inspired know how with multidisciplinary applications. The PTT Know How (Primordial Technology Theta) includes tools utilized for the systemic perception, […]

The LDMF Foundation launches a new collaborative multidisciplinary research project, at the RG Scientific Research Network: The RG PTT Collaboration Pool

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The LDMF Foundation launches a new collaborative multidisciplinary research project, at the RG Scientific Research Network: The RG PTT Collaboration Pool  Currently the LDMF Foundation is developing several projects of research and business incubation based on the know how and technology being developed (PTT Know How). The RG PTT Collaboration Pool Gamified and Multidisciplinary Research Project will be a bridge between RG members and the 44+ research projects of the LDMF Foundation projects shared with the RG Network. (PTT) Primordial Technology Theta […]

Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project

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Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project “In order to predict the future of the human species, it is necessary to do an assessment of its capacity, skills, patterns of behavior, etology; given the necessary results of a first assessment, an algorithm, design of a solution, can be implemented; a solution dedicated to advance the human potential, and increase the human species chances of survival, and applied to our current times, support the emerging global culture and […]

The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

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The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture ” Imagine that more than 9000 years ago, a culture had the knowledge of DNA Generation Algorithms, and understood how nature principles, laws, rhythms and cycles where expressed, harnessed by those algorithms. If it is true, that such type of civilization, knowledge and technology existed, it would be eventually also true that their ability to induce patterns of behavior in the human collective intelligence would have created an influence on following culture and civilizations, […]

The Primordial Algorithms Game

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The Primordial Algorithms Game   ” How we perceive problems, influences on how we decide to solve them. How we perceive life, influences on what we consider to be a problem or an opportunity. How we solve problems, defines the path for our culture and civilization to evolve ” Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Most of the organizations, companies, services and products in our modern times have been designed, created in order to solve a particular problem, or approach it from a […]

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I.T. Applications

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I.T. Applications ” I have the confidence that our daugther organization dedicated to the development of ICT applications and A.I. will bring a new experience to users, and surprise developers, with a new species, a new kind of IT applications, that will make the IT world sound / vibrate “- LDMF

Matrix 9+: Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence “A.I. may for human future mean hybrid intelligence, an artificial blend of human, collective, organic/artificial intelligence. The study of human primal behavior, and human consciousness, integrated to the organic/material nature of its intelligence ( there are several mater theories where conscious ness and intelligence come from) will bring our society to a change, a radical change. It is my perception that at this point in time we have still that ability of choice, choice of our destiny, regarding an […]

The Forge Theta Project – The Art of Self-Regeneration & Self-Repairing (Longevity, Anti-aging, Human Potential & DNA Studies)

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How to separate the water from the wine? My perception is that the only change that matters, for the purpose of legacy and advancement of human culture, civilization and species, is a molecular change, a DNA change that is stable and capable to evolve in time.   The main goal of this project is to identify practices (methods) for antiaging or rejuvenation, that are able to induce a DNA change: through personal development & self-knowledge trainings, as we as through preventive […]