Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (PTT SDG Project)

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What is necessary for the future of humanity ? the survival of the human species ? for the achievement of a sustainable, holistic global quality of living? for the achievement of happiness ? How can we change the future of humanity ? – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Author, Researcher: A.I. & Cuture Generation Engines in Eurasia For The LDMF Foundation   The LDMF Foundation, has launched a gamified multidisciplinary collaboration project, with aim of promoting the use […]

THE LDMF FOUNDATION Humanitarian Cause 160,462,937.00 USD (135,263,000.00 EUR) Funding Campaign – Scholarships and Fellowships PTT Know How

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THE LDMF FOUNDATION Humanitarian Cause 160,462,937.00 USD (135,263,000.00 EUR) Funding Campaign – Scholarships and Fellowships PTT Know How LDMF FOUNDATION AIMS With the Scholarships and Fellowships for PTT Trainers and PTT Researchers we will be able to advance the: .PTT Know How Research, Protection, Promotion, Implementation world wide. .Share PTT Know How with Universities research organizations, public and private organizations world wide. . .Collaborate with the development and advancement of an emerging global culture and civilization, through an holistic, synergetic, nature […]

The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention

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The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention .Research on Human Potential, Life Span and DNA Studies .Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms .PTT Solutions, Training Programs & Coaching By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Founder of the LDMF Foundation, PTT Creator, PTT Researcher. PTT KNOW HOW The LDMF Foundation is providing and developing PTT Know How, an holistic, synergetic, humanist, futurist and nature inspired know how with multidisciplinary applications. The PTT Know How (Primordial Technology Theta) includes tools utilized for the systemic perception, […]

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” The study of peace brought me to the understanding of war, governance, function of military and wealth for sustainable living. One must be honest when intent to answer questions that are pivotal for an understanding of the past and vision of the future. Biohacking of laws, principles, rhythms and cycles of nature as for peace, human and children rights, ethics, a codex of values, governance practices is the result of my research.” – LDMF

Prime Pax – The Game of Primordial Peace – Human Rights, Ethics & Peace

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The Peace, Ethics and Human Rights field of research of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, focus on the study and development of strategies and technologies to be applied for the care of peace, family, culture, life sustainability, wealth generation, heritage and legacy. The Prime Pax game, is the gamification of this field of research. As a foundation, we provide training, coaching, consultancy and assessment on peace, human rights, ethics applied to daily life, organizations, community and family, based on the […]