The Nature of Time – The Fractal Principle

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    The Nature of Time – The Fractal Principle February 2019 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35270.93764 Conference: The Nature of Time – The Fractal Principle At: The Netherlands Project: The Nature of Time and its relationship to Human Emotions RESEARCHER Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Matrix-Q Research Institute  KEYS Time, data, big data, pattern, cycles, nature, cosmology, sun, moon, solstice, equinox ABSTRACT: The Nature of Time: “The Fractal Principle” The researcher describes status of two research projects on “The Nature of Time” and introduce […]

A story to be told: Matrix-Q Performing Arts & SDG [Objective arts algorithms]

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“Performing Art is expression, language, code, principles, nature, human, culture, history. ” LDMF on Matrix-Q Performing Arts & SDG The idea behind Matrix-Q Performing arts is that of its objective character, able to integrate conscious and subconscious, objective and subjective, structure and improvisation at the same time. Matrix-Q Performing Arts algorithms have been developed  based on the study of nature laws, principles, cycles, rhythms and human stages of development, human potential, the human factor; and nature inspired knowledge and technology of […]

Matrix-Q SDG Awards 2019

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Matrix-Q SDG Awards “It is through communication and collaboration that we achieve changes together, globally” The best 9 SDG Projects every year will receive prizes and advanced support from the Matrix-Q SDG HUB. Effectiveness in the application of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills, as for SDG (Global Sustainable Development Goals) will be rewarded with prizes that will help SDG Entrepreneurs achieve their goals. PRIZES 2019 Prizes will be announced in Summer 2019, we expect them to be over 10.000.00 EUR SPONSORS […]

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THE NEW LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA, A MATRIX-Q PEACE PROJECT “In order to create a sustainable peace we first need to realize we are all equal, humans. Within the story of our cultures, beliefs and societies, clans, wealth and progress, we all around the global have more in common than we think. We just need to connect the dots. The Matrix-Q Research Institute is designing a new Library of Alexandria, a global peace project. Our first step is the creation of […]

The Matrix-Q Think Tank Project

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The Matrix-Q Think Tank Project 2016/2017 the “The RG PTT Collaboration Pool : A Gamified Multidisciplinary Research Project”was created with the purpose to gather multidisciplinary professionals interested to apply Matrix-Q Knowledge Tools and Skills for scientific research and innovation at the international scientific research network RG. Along 2018 the focus is on “perception” and how and what kind of challenges means perception for scientific research Along 2018 the Multidisciplinary Research Pool of the Matrix-Q Research Institute was launched: and the […]

The Matrix-Q Translator Research Project

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REFERENCE: Original Source URL Matrix-Q Research Institute : CONTACT: Research Lead, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  0031.626673380 INTRODUCTION Nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations utilized as for the description of its methods, principles, information, content a very unique language that refers to nature. Nature principles, laws, rhythms, cycles were observed, in detail and in its several dimensions or levels of systemic self-organization, from cosmology to molecular and quantum physics, from medicine to engineering, from theory and models to […]

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MQ9 Akademia

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MQ9 AKADEMIA From September 2018 you may learn Matrix-Q Background Knowledge, tools and skills, and qualify for a Matrix-Q Coach, Trainer, Consultant & Researcher (innovator) Certificate. For candidates to Matrix-Q Trainer, Coach & Consultant Certificate, a complete study program on Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills, including Matrix-Q Education Method, Coaching Tools and Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management Tools. Candidates to Matrix-Q Researcher & Innovator Certificate will additionally focus on Matrix-Q Research tools and innovation methods. For more information, schedule and booking […]

[ MEET UP ONLINE ] [Matrix-Q Expeditions] Recruiting Presentations, Q&A, Intentional Register Expeditions 2018-2019

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[ MEET UP ONLINE ] [ MATRIX-Q EXPEDITIONS ] TOPICS:  Recruiting Presentations on Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Expeditions The Training Program (Team members and volunteers) Fees Q&A Questions and Answers Register for Expeditions 2018-2019 (Schedule) Expeditions Summer 2018 Sponsors role ABOUT: Matrix-Q Expeditions are planned for 2018-2019 (Multidiscplinary Research) For some expeditions a min. number of volunteers and team members is necessary. Otherwise the expedition would not be scheduled. A training program needs to be completed by each new team member before […]