The 9 Primordial Pillars & The 9 Primordial Arts

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In order to learn the secret of the 9 cyphers, it is necessary to decide first if you wish to become effective for the application of the knowledge or which is your aim. You may be interested into: Information Knowledge Test, assessment of your skills of tangible application Development of skills for tangible application Direct training, transfer of knowledge or direct transmission by the author, researcher Research Technology Innovation Strategic Management Leadership Family Other type of interests For most of my […]

The 9 Primordial Bells & The 9 Cyphers

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PTƟ Brain Mapping Project: Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms The following data have been utilized for the purpose of creation of sequence of sounds. The first and last track, introduce the 9 sounds listed below, starting from the 9th down to the 1st, and then again back to the 9th: 1.417.Hz.G#.OCT.4 2.528.Hz.C.OCT.5 3.639.Hz.D#.OCT.5 4.741.Hz.F#.OCT.5 5.852.Hz.G#.OCT.5 6.963.Hz.B.OCT.5 7.174.Hz.F.OCT.3 8.285.Hz.C#.OCT.4 9.396.Hz.G.OCT.4 0.000.Hz.0.OCT.0 These sounds have been labeled as Primordial Sounds, and have been correlated to the 9 Cyphers. ( Phenomena organized systematically in […]

The Matrix-Q Education Method: advance effectiveness by enhancing learning process

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The Matrix-Q Education Method: advance effectiveness by enhancing learning process A new e-booklet published by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, The Netherlands. BUY IT NOW at Gumroad Guidelines and references for students of matrix-Q  PTƟ pedagogic method by the Researcher, author, know how developer Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, focus on how to advance effectiveness by enhancing learning process. The booklet zero should serve trainers, school teachers, professors, leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, HHRR and team leaders to advance the effectiveness of their tasks by enhancing the […]

Matrix-Q Intelligence, Emotions, Body Awareness, Leadership & Effectiveness

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Matrix-Q Intelligence, Emotions, Body Awareness, Leadership & Effectiveness Why some leaders have more impact in communication and management? Why and which emotions create a more satisfactory experience in the process of achievement? How is effectiveness related to Matrix-Q Intelligence? How has been body-awareness influencing the performance of leaders in ancient cultures and civilizations? How PT-Theta Primordial Algorithms serve leadership, self-management and strategic management? With the study of PT-Theta primordial algorithms for the purpose of human potential/skills enhancement, effectiveness, integral exercises designed […]

Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense

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Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken How the idea of defense from the perspective of PTƟ Know How and Matrix-Q Intelligence applies to: National security, safety, secrecy. Cyber-security Private and personal security services Family (clan) and community Sustainability Culture defense (Sustainability of a culture: national or corporate culture) Corporate defense, risk management and holistic strategic management Peace Sustainable Development Education Gamification Self-Management Human Potential, Human Factor, Human Stages of Development Effectiveness CGE – […]

The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of Human Species] The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge

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The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine. [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of The Human Species] Why to study nonary computing ? Why Matrix-Q intelligence is key for human evolution ? How PSL creates the foundation for a new A.I. Engine (Software) programming language ?  Which form of A.I. depends on human collaboration for its operation ? The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge How is our modern technology changing our society and which new skills, or handicaps, are being induced in new generations? Is humanity […]

PSL (Primordial Symbolic Language), Matrix-Q Strategic Thinking & Game Theory

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A game, its settings, challenges, is communicated by several forms of language. In nature, the game of survival in the forest or the game of mating has a precise setting, in a digital realm created by programmers the game environment must be defined and presented to the players. Language is involved in both cases. How the forest communicate a message to the player ? how competition for mating communicates a message to the player? How a video game communicates a message […]

New Matrix-Q Games

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New games have been added to the public list of available games for players. “In what kind of realm do you wish to play ? Choose your game and join us in the adventure of the Matrix-9+ Game Generator. Researchers are welcome to explore on these ideas and try them out. Matrix-Q Games apply both, PTT Primordial Algorithms and Matrix 9+ Game Generation Design Principles.

The Odin Theta Academy Start Ups

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The Ɵ Foundation has taken over the Odin Theta Academy. Between 1987 and 2016 only my close students have joined the Academy. Between 2014–2017 the training programs of the Academy have been gamified and integrated to a an internship program dedicated to holistic strategic management, coaching, training and consultancy skills. The Academy follows an ancient modality of teaching through the study of nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms; study of the human potential (human factor) and futurist study of technology and […]

Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (PTT SDG Project)

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What is necessary for the future of humanity ? the survival of the human species ? for the achievement of a sustainable, holistic global quality of living? for the achievement of happiness ? How can we change the future of humanity ? – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Author, Researcher: A.I. & Cuture Generation Engines in Eurasia For The LDMF Foundation   The LDMF Foundation, has launched a gamified multidisciplinary collaboration project, with aim of promoting the use […]