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THE KEY TO ACCESS THE MATRIX-Q SECRETS 2019.01.08 We have added data and e-publications to the “Matrix-Q [PTƟ ] Primordial Mathematics – Quick Silver Collection” now 224+ e-Publications 1.52 Gb Full color high resolution. Includes Mp3 & MP4, PDF, JPG. and the whole collection is now included in the Gold (year) membership of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Focus on the study of geometrical values, pure mathematics and a form of vectorial mathematics. Suitable for nonary computing, A.I. programming, nonary […]

[MATRIX-Q SDG Games] SDG 4 : “The Parenting School” as a preventive strategy for global sustainable development

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SDG 4 : “Parenting School” as a preventive strategy for global sustainable development MATRIX-Q SDG Games THE CHALLENGE: Design a parenting school program THE TASK:  Present a suggestion of a parenting school program, in 3 A4 pages, font 11, with 1 min miniclip presentation and 9 slides power point presentation and the answer to the question suggested below. (complementary audio podcast 8 min presentation is optional). THE PROBLEM: By answering the question suggested below, for which the problem has been briefly […]

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The 9 Economies & The Matrix-Q Bank Experiment

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AUTHOR BY Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Researcher, Coach, Trainer. Developer of the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools, Matrix-Q Education Algorithms and Method, Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Methods, Corporate Immunology Studies and Applications, PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, PTƟ Matrix-Q Artificial Intelligence, Nonary Thinking Tools & Methods and Gender Cocreativity & Business Inclusiveness System (business model) PTƟ Matrix-Q A.I. Research Project ABSTRACT The article introduces the 9 economies, and the Matrix-Q Bank Experiment. For the understanding of the 9 economies, perception of […]

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THE NEW LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA, A MATRIX-Q PEACE PROJECT “In order to create a sustainable peace we first need to realize we are all equal, humans. Within the story of our cultures, beliefs and societies, clans, wealth and progress, we all around the global have more in common than we think. We just need to connect the dots. The Matrix-Q Research Institute is designing a new Library of Alexandria, a global peace project. Our first step is the creation of […]

The Matrix-Q Skills Training Program [ Matrix-Q Thinking Tool app and Matrix-Q Skills VR ]

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The Matrix-Q Skills Training Program MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions launches this week the Matrix-Q Skills Training Program. A first F2F (face 2 face) training circle will start this September in Rhenen. (We expect a second circle to start in Utrecht soon). Any one is welcome to join this continuous training. Lessons are facilitated indoors, outdoors and online. Organizations are welcome as well to book private training for their leaders, CxO or request a tailored made design, as for team building, for […]

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The Matrix-Q Human Algorithm Project [ Matrix-Q HUMAN ENHANCEMENT Program]

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Matrix-Q Human Algorithm Project Matrix-Q Quantification of Human Capital value Matrix-Q Assessment Matrix-Q Skills Matrix-Q Human Stages of Development Matrix-Q e-Tests Matrix-Q DNA Matrix-Q Human Enhancement Program DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.12552.67846 OVERVIEW The Matrix-Q Research Institute Human Phenomena studies, innovation, applications and following research projects on human genome. The presentation introduces the Matrix-Q Human Algorithm Project, which aims to translate the human phenomena into Matrix-Q Algorithms, to be utilized for human enhancement. Matrix-Q Tools for assessment and tests will be utilized for this purpose. As an example the […]

The Matrix-Q HUMAN SPECIES EVOLUTION Time Line – Solving the Global Sustainable Development Equation with the Human Factor : [MQ9 Matrix-Quotient 9 Solutions] Tools

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WHAT IS IT ?  The Matrix-Q HUMAN SPECIES EVOLUTION Time Line  is a chart, time line of human species history, that has been created as a result of multidisciplinary research studies, and application of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills. It describes stages of development of the human species organized according the ability of humanity to utilize own human capacity to solve challenges, create tools, develop and apply skills, acquire knowledge. It suggests sets of skills that have been mostly used for […]

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[MATRIX-Q EDUCATION] It does not have to be easy nor simple…

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[MATRIX-Q EDUCATION] It does not have to be easy nor simple… [MATRIX-Q EDUCATION] “A Parent / Teacher that gives always the easy way out does not love you” WHY ? and “why gamified challenges doesnt have to be easy but fun ? ” WHY do we need a new global education approach ? How kids build up skills by playing ? Can adults do the same ?

The Matrix-Q Think Tank Project

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The Matrix-Q Think Tank Project 2016/2017 the “The RG PTT Collaboration Pool : A Gamified Multidisciplinary Research Project”was created with the purpose to gather multidisciplinary professionals interested to apply Matrix-Q Knowledge Tools and Skills for scientific research and innovation at the international scientific research network RG. Along 2018 the focus is on “perception” and how and what kind of challenges means perception for scientific research Along 2018 the Multidisciplinary Research Pool of the Matrix-Q Research Institute was launched: and the […]

The Matrix-Q Translator Research Project

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REFERENCE: Original Source URL Matrix-Q Research Institute : CONTACT: Research Lead, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  0031.626673380 INTRODUCTION Nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations utilized as for the description of its methods, principles, information, content a very unique language that refers to nature. Nature principles, laws, rhythms, cycles were observed, in detail and in its several dimensions or levels of systemic self-organization, from cosmology to molecular and quantum physics, from medicine to engineering, from theory and models to […]