How should be a proper study of meditation? For example: Where’s the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works? How corporate has been deceived ?

How should be a proper study of meditation? For example: Where’s the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works? How corporate has been deceived ?
I received this articles from the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Good to know!
Warning on manipulative disinformation on mindfulness, lack of scientific rigor.
Where’s the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works?
The ubiquitous technique for relieving stress and pain has remarkably little scientific evidence backing it, a group of scientists contend
My own findings:
Along last 10 years i have witnessed mindfulness trainers doing claims in corporate, and among leaders and entrepreneurs, on “proven” benefits of mindfulness.
Having studied several methods for meditation my self, from east and west, i did never buy the story of mindfulness, for simple reason that it was clear since the beginning that is was not an honest approach, in their claims and in their strategy, deceiving potential customers claiming to be a scientific approach and downsizing its origins and design principles as a monastic meditation practice.
I did run my own study, i have commented on the results in some of my articles previously in 2016. After testing and doing assessment of a number of individuals that did participate in my own courses, and those i found along my travels and those that approached me selling me mindfulness, an enough random number of cases and individuals, i had my own findings:
– Mindfulness creates disassociation, develops a passive observation of daily events, and reduces resilience and capacity of engagement, and induces a mental control on emotional intelligence.
– Advanced mindfulness practitioners develop blindspots and misperceptions regarding their level of achievement and a power-based empathic, controlling and judgmental behavior agains “non-mindfulness” people.
– The idea suggested in the article, that by downsizing buddhism practice intent to align themselves to the western power of science, is real, but as well their attitude to downsize the value of any other practice of meditation of any tradition or cultural origin.
– Most of the cases i had the possibility to review, had a similar pattern of a challenge: how to leave the “profession”they were practicing as for the satisfactory experience of it. Many elaborated in ideas like for example: becoming mindfulness trainer or yoga teacher or change profession, after several months of practicing mindfulness and for my understanding “disassociation”from job profession and family. Which is no strange at all, as it finally IS A BUDDHIST MONASTIC PRACTICE designed to induce in individuals isolation and monastic life, not to help them excel in corporate or entrepreneurial or learning or leadership challenges.
For my perspective, the mindfulness community have grown too much, and deceived too many.
Glad that finally the scientific community is finally reacting.
My own research on human potential brought me to identify a number of categories or classes for meditation practices that carry very different design principles and generate very different outcomes, as a journey or process along which the user develop a variety of mind, emotional, body states, experiences, and change of interests and behavior, preferences and development of new decision making guidelines or “cultural” references and values like for example:
– Monastic, like buddhism
– Military (warrior), like those developed by martial artists
– Family or householder, like those practices in Sikhism
– Sexual practices, which focus on achieving detachment from love partners, by engaging into non-committed relationships, nor family.
– Magician or hermetics
– Scientific, as reference for example unitary perception developed in collaboration with David Bohm, Krishnamurti and Ruben Feldman
– Cultural or traditional, as may be those of shamanic origin rooted in cultural perceptions and belief systems
– Healing practices, as for example those similar to Qi Gong, Tai Chi, or Shiatsu, Yin SHin Yitzu and others.
– Mystic union with god, as those developed by Hesicastic circles, Athos Monks, Christian mystics like Francis from Assis, and Sufi mystics and others
As many categories also several outcomes.
I have never met any trainer that would facilitate a practice for business, politics, sustainability, education or leadership, which is also focusing on community, household, parenting, family life balance.
While in all the ones listed above, the practice of the respective meditation method involve also the practice of associated activities that harness a collective of individuals to engage together into the believes, values, perception, information and mindset of the respective meditation method.
HOW WOULD YOU PREFER as a scientist, a scientific study of meditation methodology to be developed?
At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we are developing unique and innovative algorithmic methodologies of meditation for western and eastern, north and south, that focus on pragmatic way of living, non monastic approach, ideal for leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, scientists, artists and innovators.
We intent to develop our own category. Would you like to contribute ?