[Human Evolution/Enhancement] The importance of conscious acquisition of knowledge, skills and tools.

Matrix-Q Time Line of the Human Species Evolution [Skills Based]
Matrix-Q Time Line of the Human Species Evolution [Skills Based]

[Human Evolution/Enhancement] On conscious ownership of change : Self-Empowerment through Self-Knowledge. The importance of conscious acquisition of knowledge, skills and tools.

Statements by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder, researcher Matrix-Q Research Institute.

“Change is part of life. In time all changes, even yourself. In every breath emotions, perceptions, thoughts change. Even your body change, cells die and come to life.

If you want to consciously change yourself, by advancing your skills, then own your change consciously!

Any method that enforces change, that changes you, disempowers you. But on the contrary, if you utilize a method that you master, which helps you design and follow up your own change, then you own the process of change and the results, the change itself; you own yourself, and master your self and your own potential.

As any choice is a source of change as well. One should make wise choices. Yet wisdom is a very rare commodity and extremely valuable asset if utilized properly.

The same idea apply for love relationship, family, parenting, community, organizations, business, nations. An individual or collective choice, generates change.

Change needs to be consciously owned for it to be long term effective and source of an advanced sustainable development.

If a change is not owned by the individual or collective that carries it, the change cant be updated, enhanced, followed, improved, guided or directed. But change becomes only result of an outer force that unleashes a potential that still remains for you unknown.

Unless you wish your self and your life to be pulled and moved by an induced change, make a choice and engage into activities and learning that helps you master yourself and own your own change.

You can change pieces of a car and fix it. But you are not a car.

If you edit your DNA, you may own the change by preparing yourself on advanced for the process. DNA edition and change are very specific.

If you go through human enhancement therapy or intensive human enhancement oriented training, the process should be fully owned by you. As you need to do make choices for every step.

Just to let a change happen to you, is not that you need. Own yourself, own the conscious change second by second, step by step, in every breath!

The Acquisition of knowledge, skills and tools is gradual, according to individual conditions, and effective, if knowledge, skills and tools can be tangibly applied for purpose of achieving a set of goals according to individual or collective values or preset guidelines or agreements or culture. For example within the context of a business culture, family clan, or nation-culture.

For example, if helps the achieving of well being (quality of living, health), wealth,  sustainable development of a global culture and advancement of a global civilization, would then acquisition of knowledge, tools and skills fit the aims of SDG2030, global sustainable development goals.

– LDMF [Matrix-Q Research Institute, comment on “intrusive methodologies, technologies and substances utilized for human transformation or change of perception and behavior” and human species evolution]