Matrix-Q Co-creativity – Gender Skills, Family & Leadership for Sustainable Development

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Matrix-Q Cocreativity – Gender Skills & Family & Leadership for Sustainable Development DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.18452.55682 (Image:  Matrix-Q Cocreativity Site: ) INTRODUCTION  For the readers the 60s and the hippie movement may be a reference as for a point in time in which a shift in society regarding traditional practices on gender roles, relationships and perception of gender takes place. But the origin of those changes was not in the last century. In the 1800s and 1700s for example, women did lead change, […]

Gender Equality 10 Years Footprint

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Gender Equality 10 Years Footprint Is “gender-equality” family friendly ? How modern culture concepts of equality impact family/relationship indirectly ? (51% Divorce rate, Gender roles confusion). Which has been gender equality foot print in last 10 years ? How to advance SDG 5 actions effectiveness? Are you aware of  research studies on gender equality strategies systemic impact ? as for the last 10 years ? Is there any measurement on impact in family ? does family dynamics change through gender equality integration […]

A story to be told: Matrix-Q Performing Arts & SDG [Objective arts algorithms]

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“Performing Art is expression, language, code, principles, nature, human, culture, history. ” LDMF on Matrix-Q Performing Arts & SDG The idea behind Matrix-Q Performing arts is that of its objective character, able to integrate conscious and subconscious, objective and subjective, structure and improvisation at the same time. Matrix-Q Performing Arts algorithms have been developed  based on the study of nature laws, principles, cycles, rhythms and human stages of development, human potential, the human factor; and nature inspired knowledge and technology of […]

Do you have an innovative idea or project for SDG ? (SDG2030 United Nations) How to participate in the Matrix-Q SDG Awards 2019 as researcher ?

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Do you have an innovative idea or project for SDG ? (SDG2030 United Nations) How to participate in the Matrix-Q SDG Awards 2019 as researcher ? I would like to invite you participate and collaborate with the Matrix-Q SDG Awards You may join as candidate with a SDG Project. As researcher, you are able to approach SDG from a very specific perspective and innovate in solutions and ideas that could help us achieve the goals world wide. Every country despite their […]

Matrix-Q SDG Awards 2019

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Matrix-Q SDG Awards “It is through communication and collaboration that we achieve changes together, globally” The best 9 SDG Projects every year will receive prizes and advanced support from the Matrix-Q SDG HUB. Effectiveness in the application of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills, as for SDG (Global Sustainable Development Goals) will be rewarded with prizes that will help SDG Entrepreneurs achieve their goals. PRIZES 2019 Prizes will be announced in Summer 2019, we expect them to be over 10.000.00 EUR SPONSORS […]

Matrix-Q Think Tank for Universities [Matrix-Q Study Circle]

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  Matrix-Q Think Tank for Universities The Matrix-Q Research Institute invites university students and researchers, to build up Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research & Study Circles, Matrix-Q Think Tank, Matrix-Q SDG Think Tank. Would you like explore into a novel approach for multidisciplinary scientific research, innovation and global sustainable development ? Build up a Matrix-Q Study Circle at your University ? The Matrix-Q Research Institute offers support for researchers and innovators that would like to coordinate, start and develop together at their university […]

Matrix-Q Time Line of the Human Species Evolution [Skills Based]

[Human Evolution/Enhancement] The importance of conscious acquisition of knowledge, skills and tools.

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[Human Evolution/Enhancement] On conscious ownership of change : Self-Empowerment through Self-Knowledge. The importance of conscious acquisition of knowledge, skills and tools. Statements by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder, researcher Matrix-Q Research Institute. “Change is part of life. In time all changes, even yourself. In every breath emotions, perceptions, thoughts change. Even your body change, cells die and come to life. If you want to consciously change yourself, by advancing your skills, then own your change consciously! Any method that enforces change, […]

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THE NEW LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA, A MATRIX-Q PEACE PROJECT “In order to create a sustainable peace we first need to realize we are all equal, humans. Within the story of our cultures, beliefs and societies, clans, wealth and progress, we all around the global have more in common than we think. We just need to connect the dots. The Matrix-Q Research Institute is designing a new Library of Alexandria, a global peace project. Our first step is the creation of […]

The Matrix-Q Skills Training Program [ Matrix-Q Thinking Tool app and Matrix-Q Skills VR ]

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The Matrix-Q Skills Training Program MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions launches this week the Matrix-Q Skills Training Program. A first F2F (face 2 face) training circle will start this September in Rhenen. (We expect a second circle to start in Utrecht soon). Any one is welcome to join this continuous training. Lessons are facilitated indoors, outdoors and online. Organizations are welcome as well to book private training for their leaders, CxO or request a tailored made design, as for team building, for […]