Matrix-Q Human Stages of Development [Human Types and Skills Gap]: Can all human individuals reach their maximum potential ? [Human Capital & Matrix-Q Education]

Matrix-Q Human Stages of Development

  • [Human Types and Skills Gap]
  • Can all human individuals reach their maximum potential ?
  • [Human Capital & Matrix-Q Education]
  • DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24591.64168

BY Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Researcher, Coach, Trainer. Developer of the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools, Matrix-Q Education Algorithms and Method, Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Methods, Corporate Immunology Studies and Applications, PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, PTƟ Matrix-Q Artificial Intelligence, Nonary Thinking Tools & Methods and Gender Cocreativity & Business Inclusiveness System (business model)

According to Matrix-Q multidisciplinary research studies, a model like:  [90%.9%.1%] has been suggested, which suggests a human types general distribution, as for 9 types or stages of development pyramid.
For the first 3 stages the amount of individuals is about 90% of human total individuals in the planet. While the greatest number of individuals is found at stage zero. (see details below)
At the Matrix-Q Research Institute  we are aiming to utilize this theory as background for DNA studies, and validate the our hypothesis related to human stages of development (human potential).
If the distribution [90%.9%.1%] is true, the occurrence of DNA codes that belong to each human type (and their respective stage of development) will follow a similar pattern.
The distribution [90%.9%.1%] is only a generalization on how 9+ stages of development can be found in human individuals as their strongest trait or approach to problem solving. While we can not tell also in this case that individuals solve problems by taking only one approach. Eventually they may get use to one, and feel more confident with it or develop some expertise, but in general individuals may develop more than one.
Then our question, and reason for the DNA studies and following research on human potential, human stages of development, is which approaches for solution making are mostly used, which is the occurrence of a particular mindset for solution making which is leading the process of globalization, global sustainable development SDG2030, and advancement of a global culture and civilization.
As well our intention is to solve the question on DNA encoding that belongs to each Matrix-Q stage of development and Matrix-Q  archetype (both are not the same) and which methods could be utilized for human enhancement through DNA modification technology. But not only with DNA Technology.
The researcher is certain that the Matrix-Q Education method, can be utilized to influence the advancement of individuals, if certain conditions are present. For this purpose advanced knowledge on DNA change through emotions, perception, behavior, mind set, is being considered as necessary for this study.


Given a set of skills, tools, knowledge, mindset for solution making and other traits of individuals, which allows an organization of them according to types, studies in field education, therapies or DNA technologies may help advance human species evolution, by focusing on the needs and next stages of development of each group.

While higher the chances of advancement of a global culture and civilization on time, as for achieving a sustainable and stable world globally, ideal for standing human factor, also higher the relevance of the challenge that means thinking, perception, intelligence, adaptation, leadership, effectiveness, communication, collaboration…

Giving the object of study as for the sustainability of human life on earth, and the nature of the human kind, the risk is high, through specialization alone to focus on the shadows more than directly on the object of study.

Matrix-Q Education method can be implemented today effectively, and without further achievement on human DNA studies, bring a great deal of solutions for the modern human species skills gap: fields sustainability SDG, technology, human potential, family-life-work-balance, leadership, effectiveness, research, innovation and business.

For instance, the set of services and products provided by MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions by start-up spin off by the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and its division the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

Essential instruments for the Matrix-Q Research and its several applications are Matrix-Q Mathematics and Matrix-Q Cyphers. The time line of discoveries and multidisciplinary related research studies, has been published at the RG Network:
  • DOI:
  • 10.13140/RG.2.2.28038.68164
An overview on Matrix-Q Education, Matrix-Q Brain GYM, and Matrix-Q Thinking is given at the media page of the MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions company website. Also detail on how the research has arrived to the use of cyphers (Matrix-Q Cyphers) and application of a new mathematics system (Matrix-Q Mathematics) for this studies results, hypothesis and models.


This Matrix-Q Tool is utilized as for assessment of human knowledge, skills, mindset and capacity of application of tools for solving specific complexity of problems.

Applied to our modern times, within the context of SDG2030, the tool help us realize the relevance of the understanding of the value and use of human emotions (intelligence), in information, communication and collaboration process, data, ICT and A.I., as a change making task, which would produce, if effective enough, a new destination for the global culture and civilization.

The time line suggests as well that SDG2030 had to be the next effective step necessary, and that an advanced civilization and culture will be reached by integrated gender skills and matrix-Q intelligence, and mission statement for the human species global collective.

But in our modern global culture reality, SDG is already in progress, gender equality approach is not considering gender skills or gender cocreativity, there is no awareness on Matrix-Q Intelligence, and mission statement keep being one of the most difficult topics for management and challenges leaders would like to achieve. Human factor is still and problem not yet solved.


Within this context, and without skills that would help humans manage their emotions, and utilize them for their daily business, research, innovation and use of technology, for example validation of data and generation of information; how could the 2030 policy suggested world wide be effective enough long term ?


A presentation of the time line chart, images, and case study examples (gender skills) can be read also at :

  • DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28589.33765
Our approach for this continuous research is as in our message:
“Technology and humanity can rise together and in harmony with each other”.
Which means an specific mindset, knowledge, technology (tools) and skills gap solutions are essential.
The goal above could be applied to anything, from business, to family, community , city management, and government.
The Matrix-Q Time Line suggests a  focus (which includes SDG2030 and Wealth Generation, Quality of Living and Heritage Protection) on advancement of the human species capabilities, as suggested, and not limited, by the industry and needs out of the current speed of progress.
THE QUESTION: Can humans achieve naturally their maximum potential through a life journey ? Or it is necessary a conscious intervention ? and of which kind ?
If the answer would be yes: which conditions should have those individuals, and through which methods their development would be possible ? Which alternatives there are ?
How a conscious choice and intervention would change the destiny of the human species ? if left the evolution of the human kind to nature, without SDG2030 how long would take for the global human species to self-destruct or lack of necessary resources and conditions for survival, progress and quality of living ?
If there is a conscious choice, on a method, tool, technology, therapy or any other alternative to be taken, would would mean that choice ? How would need the life of individuals engaged into that choice change ?
Would the human species individual choose the change as their mission ? purpose ? or how many of them would ?
At this stage of questions, the study on the human stages of development types distribution and DNA studies would make a lot more sense: [90%.9%.1%].
If the 90% would be capable of the same discipline, awareness, engagement, resources and decision making as the 9% or 1% and if not, what would be necessary to do in order to advance that capability ?
In a wild forest only the smart, fit and lucky survive, otherwise need to adapt itself to circumstance and change as necessary in order to survive. That kind of change defines eventually a new possibility for the species; but the individuals expressing that change will eventually, in their first generations be rejected by their own culture, clusters, families, or in general by the species collective itself. Only when a number of individuals have make tangible the change in themselves, reached a no return limit, the whole species may change, and the ones that do not change will naturally perish.
In our case, for the human species is now possible to make a conscious choice, or at least individuals and communities, networks and organizations are about to or in the process of doing it. A change that imply the survival of the whole human species and its ecosystem, and the achievement of an stable sustainable future.
A humanist approach applied globally, as SDg2030, would suggest that no one is left behind, each human individual will be included. This kind of thinking and capacity of decision making gives to human the possibility to create a future for their own, collectively and individually.
If the human factor is the problem, it is also the solution. But is the human of our modern times ready to take consciously that level and magnitude of responsibility ?
A change would mean, in the case of not using any type of intrusive technology, a discipline and strong will, clear mission statement, and use of all knowledge and skills available, for the purpose of achieving a change in the human species as such, with no one left behind.
There is still the question if the distribution [90%.9%.1%] and the 9+ Matrix-Q stages of human development mean that only 10% is capable of that choice and nature of engagement and effective implementation. And the question on what can be done with the other 90% ?
Once we have a model for the human collective distribution according human potential stages of development, the ideal validation would be through DNA Studies.
The “Human species evolution time line” above, describe a set of skills, knowledge and capacity of use of certain type of tools, or technology, which sign a particular stage of development of the human species.
Current DNA studies focus on health issues, that we wish to correct or solve. Or problems human individuals need to face.
The Matrix-Q approach to DNA Studies includes as well human skills, capacity, and in particular those of healthy individuals, which eventually need less or under certain circumstances health assistance.
For example, to the question: Is the capacity of acquisition of knowledge, tools and skills condition by a certain set of DNA codes ? Does DNA condition acquisition of knowledge, tools and skills ? Does it condition evolution speed ?
If found, how those DNA codes are present in a particular family tree ? or if those DNA codes could be acquired through a form of “Therapy” or “Training” ?
Once the right encoding of DNA has been found, the next question to solve, after achieving the capacity of identification of individuals would be, if DNA therapies or edition could be applied for human enhancement process.
There are as such so many questions that can be answered and asked. For example, instead of intrusive technologies, like DNA edition or DNA therapies, which other alternatives exist ?
The Matrix-Q Education method utilizes as a frame, a tool for the organization of skills, tools and knowledge to be acquired, which is  the set of Matrix-Q Cyphers utilized in order to describe the time line above.
The Matrix-Q Cyphers are utilized to describe fields of work, attention, for achieving specific goals in terms of development of individuals and collectives; the Matrix-Q Cyphers will be utilized as well to describe the algorithms designed with that specific purpose (Matrix-Q Algorithms).
One essential aspect of Matrix-Q Education introduced above is to give stress to topics and process of learning that would help individuals reach the advancement aspects that are necessary for the human species evolution in general.
As described in the time line below, for example, the understanding of emotions and their role for human effectiveness, and the risk their represent.
The Matrix-Q Education method utilizes a series of complementary tools, methods, knowledge and models for the achievement of learning process goals. Including for example Matrix-Q Brain GYM, Matrix-Q Performing Arts, Matrix-Q Yoga, Matrix-Q Martial Arts, Matrix-Q Breathing, Matrix-Q Gender Skills, and others which enable for this stage of human current needs, the focus or attention to learning on human emotions, technology, data,  information, communication, collaboration process, for example.
Starting by considering for example on how perception of a particular information would produce an emotional response that would condition decision making and strategy, according to individual capacity, culture or organization policy or mission statement.
But not all humans, and not in all cases, would be able to integrate  organization policy or mission statement into their emotional self-management response.
For example influenced by the hormonal changes individuals will develop a variety of responses.
The following chart developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute suggest a cycle of hormonal shifts (menstruation cycle) correlate to the cycle of seasons, and the growing stages of development process of a tree, the stages of development of a business and the cycle of water, as well as gender skills applied to cocreativity.
This tool is useful for business as for relationships and family, project and process management within the context of natural cycles.
While the understanding of hormonal influences is essential for an effective performance, and this idea apply for men and women, the integration of this knowledge in nature cycles is extremely useful, and will enhance our effectiveness.
In this field the Matrix-Q Research Institute is in the process of developing a Sonic Therapy, based on the frequencies assigned to the 9+Matrix-Q Cyphers, which is expected to have a managing impact on the influence hormones have on human behavior, emotions and perception; but as well influence the hormonal balance necessary for an effective performance.
But still there is a challenge that need to be faced for which an additional skill gap needs to be covered.


Matrix-Q Thinking suggests a more advanced approach than the one suggested by the allegory of the cave, known by ancient greek schools of thinking [ REF: Matrix-Q Thinking articles, Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Magazine ]

In the allegory of the cave the metaphor suggests that the object of knowledge cant be approached by human condition which is clouded by the mind projections, assumptions, associations, out of little information obtained from shadows playing movements on the inside cave walls. The metaphor continues suggesting one must leave the cave in order to see what is that produced the shadows, “the reality” instead of spending the time discussing on what the shadows could be.

Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, drawing by Markus Maurer


For Matrix-Q Thinking the allegory of the cave is a good start, regarding two decisions: 1.) choice of an effective strategy to approach phenomena 2.) responsibility on self-management of the human nature: tendency to build out of shadows apparent realities; which are at its end deceiving.

Matrix-Q Thinking suggests another additional approach, which is to observe an object, from several perspectives and disciplines, in order to build a more complete understanding of it.

In the following image, for example, utilized as a metaphor for Matrix-Q Thinking:

Within the same room there is the object of study, some researchers decide to study only the shadows produced by them. Some others intent to find the right perspective, and approach directly the object of study. While others organize themselves in teams, to study one shadow at that time, developing expertise.

If a set of circles of individuals independent from each other would be specialized on each shadow (information) may be able to develop unique theories and disciplines alone, which at certain point in time may be not clearly related to the other disciplines developed by other circles of study with focus on other shadows. Even the object of study is the same. If researchers would develop their theories and conclusions and tools for a long time, the differences and discrepancies between them that today seem not to be so important will create  in 10 years the need of a bridge to cross.


A direct approach to knowledge: observe the phenomena and not its shadows, would be more effective, still, at least for a 3D object, would be necessary to observe it from different perspectives.

Through this image Matrix-Q Thinking challenge the idea that specialization produce effective results, and suggests that Multidisciplinary collaboration should be the foundation for acquisition of knowledge and education.


Matrix-Q Thinking applied to education will bring as a result : Matrix-Q Education method, which utilizes as well learning processes which run in parallel, as for bringing to the students exposure to at least 9 approaches to the objects of study (The fields of knowledge, skills and tools of the 9 Matrix-Q Cyphers), but focus through a synergetic process into achieving a more tangible and complete knowledge of the phenomena they do study (including the respective skills and tools necessary to apply this knowledge).

As described in the Matrix-Q Cyphers image above, these 9 cyphers, are correlated to brain regions (neuroscience), human activities, language, emotions, skills, fields of knowledge, tools, frequencies, tones, movements sets and others; which make it possible for Matrix-Q Education to integrate so many other Matrix-Q tools and methods into the learning process.

Matrix-Q Cyphers and the sets of skills associated to them are as well utilized by the Matrix-Q Tool for quantification of the human capital value. One of the uses of this tool may be to quantify for example the ability of the individuals to learn, and the value of them regarding investment and risk in human capital: maintenance, prevention, protection, enhancement.


Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence signs the ability of an individual to approach an issue through several perspectives and disciplines simultaneously.

Matrix-Q Intelligence suggests an intelligence beyond the one necessary to shift perspectives at different times (study an object from different points of view, or the common known “put your self into the shoes of that other person/role/discipline for a while”).

In order to shift from one perspective to the next one an individual should have the ability to let go a first frame of reference, knowledge, skills, mind set; and then after achieving a neutral state, enter a completely new one.

But perspective is not enough, the ability to develop skills and use of tools, in relation to the knowledge given by the frame of knowledge of reference are the next stages.

These on parallel and lineal processes of learning by shifting from frame of reference to frame fo references is simulated by a schedule of a school in which a variety of topics of study are approached: history, science, sports, and so on. Each of them  approached with specialized learning materials and teacher and along a lineal time line or schedule where two topics will not be studied simultaneously.

Grater benefits have been found when the learning process provided help students “connect the dots” between disciplines and achieve a more integral knowledge; and for example, enhance effectiveness by applying an integral view, exercised through projects for which challenges can be only solved if knowledge of more than one discipline is used.


On the other side, the lineal approach of one single field of expertise, and the parallel approach of shifting from one to another perspective (discipline) track for specific purposes or challenges, does not compare with an approach developed through matrix-type of perspectives in which already the interrelations between disciplines are integrated to the field of knowledge.

The researcher has designed in this field for example a matrix (multidimensional) strategy board game, which would enhance this type of matrix thinking. Matrix-Q Education apply experiential gamified learning process [REF Matrix 9+ Game Generator ]

Matrix thinking would help us work with the whole, a more holistic approach, even systemic, a frame that provides a more natural synergy.

Like in an ecosystem, the evolving process, sustainability, survival of species, and the learning or adaptation associated, takes place within a matrix of variables that are not controlled by the observer. This type of situation found in reality, the reality of nature for example, is actually a more ideal setting for learning, than a lab, in which only few disciplines are utilized, or perspectives in parallel.

Through this evolving approach of human thinking we finally arrive to Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence, where the sign is of approaching knowledge from several perspectives simultaneously (no parallel, no lineal, but simultaneously). A systemic, holistic, synergetic and sustainable thinking approach would be very similar, but not serve for a complete description.

Matrix-Q Thinking also involve quantum, fractal, holographic thinking and several other approaches that sign a more advanced capacity of facing complexity, acquiring knowledge, utilizing tools and development skills for its application. Probably in the terms “quantum”, “fractal”and “holographic” the reference is implicit to the most important sign of Matrix-Q Intelligence, the ability to simultaneously (reference to time is also giving here, at the same time), from several perspectives or fields of disciplines.


The Matrix-Q Human Types, are not only described through the different forms of thinking and doing utilized by the individuals observed, but by the set of emotions, mindset to solve problems they do utilize.


As suggested before, it is the conclusion of the researcher that the class of natural, human and artificial phenomena labeled by the cypher “7” is the key for the next stage of the human species evolution; and for those individuals that are “more advanced” a field in which the whole of humanity needs to be supported in its learning process.

Considering that an ideal development of the human species involve advanced stages of capacity achieved in the fields of each of the 9 cyphers all of them together. The current challenges and circumstance faced by the emerging modern global culture and civilization, and the capacity for solving it demonstrated by facts of history and registered patterns of behavior, mind set and choice of the human species, including its ability to learn, have helped to the conclusion that the cypher 7 is of great or groundbreaking importance for the human species future.


The idea of the singularity, a process of exponential progress, change, transformation, learning, suggested as for taking place in our current times, if is true and would continue, then would make it a lot more important to understand the strategic relevance of attention and study, solutions to be made as for the challenge the cypher 7 represents for human kind, already so involved in data, information, technology and process of development.


When a change is done, an adjustment in the right time, 100 years in the future the outcome will be dramatically different if that initial adjustment would have not been done. A metaphor of a traveler changing its direction in 0,30 degrees, would not look meaningful as a change after 10 mts, but after 100 kms walk it would.

If an individual decides to engage into a change of mindset for example, how to solve problems, it would change its whole life. To this point the researcher suggests that individuals of the human species show at least 5 approaches to problem solving, one stage of lack of interest into solving any but survival, and another 4 approaches for which highly advanced complex knowledge, skills and tools can be utilized.

These 9+ stages of development can be represented by the mindset choice for solution making with the following journey:

[The cyphers in this case have an ordinal value and should not be mixed with the Matrix-Q Cyphers. Yet the human stages of development have been also correlated with the 9 Matrix-Q cyphers, through neuroscience knowledge, language and human body proportions as for Fibonacci sequence and golden mean application, and human hands digits relationship to brain regions, frequencies, tones, symbols, gender skills,  and others: See Matrix-Q Cyphers data for more details]

  • [0]An individuals that does not mind but cares only for life to nurture its life.
  • [1]Another one that solves issues by conflict, and conquering others or situations.
  • [2]A policy maker for whom agreement and laws are more sustainable to control through the power of force or military or fear to lose survival capacity. For which culture and commitment, family and tradition are the sustaining pillars of an stable future.
  • [3]An individual that seeks in nature, the nature of life, its principles, laws, cycles and rhythms, he stability that government, laws, cultures and generations change on the role of power do not provide.In several forms, study nature as scientist, or mystic, or technologist, or hermetic or magician, either case, seeks for a more stable and universal law that provides the knowledge and tools, skills for handling change, or for finding in change stability.
  • [4]A leader for whom deception, power, control, science, conflict, laws have equal value and can be equally applied so far suits own individual agenda or interests. Yet finds always conflict when confronted with the idea of an ultimate purpose, law or source and lives in denial of that possibility, or prefers to see own self as the only source, and cause of everything, himself as creator and source
  • [5]A leader or not leader who is not affected by change, but focus stability in the knowledge, the ability to be one or in alignment with the source of all that is, have been and will be within own heart, capable to live without conflict with the changes and lack of stability experienced, nor with the other approaches that exist for solution making, and experience own self as expression of that primordial source. This type may feel no need to respond or react, intervene or take part into any particular event or challenge in any particular modality, as the previous 5.
  • [6] Leader that while being in a stage 5 as stable foundation is capable to engage into direct leadership, and management of others, creation of culture and nations, without feeling a conflict with any mind set or approach and in particular with the experience of being an expression itself of the primordial source.
  • [7] An innovator, researcher and developer of solutions that is able to integrate the stages 5 and 6 into the solution making work without conflict with the idea or experience of not having total control on nature or in the process and results of the acquisition of knowledge, skills and tools to apply it. For instance capable of prediction, risk management, assessment and implementation of solutions that care for the sustainability of life and advancement of culture and civilization.
  • [8] A policy maker that knows how family, culture and tradition evolve and change in time, and also laws, policy, is prepared to change according to the changes experienced by the human species and the needs of learning or evolving those changes carry with themselves.
  • [9] A conquerer that is capable to utilize conflict or opposition as for reaching a more sustainable, systemic, synergetic and co-creative, state of collaboration between the parts, while aware of the equality of he stakeholders or individuals involved, perceived from the stage [5].
  • [9+] a Citizen that does not feel any urge to be involved in any sort of matter or argument with is surroundings, environment, culture, government, city, coworkers, leaders, community or their policy, as one and each of them are expressions of change and would change themselves as time and history evolve; yet the basic survival needs are filled, so as the ability to participate and collaborate in sustainable living culture, and the development of an advanced civilization.

As for the mindset of each of these stages of development, a set of skills, capacity to utilize some tools according to the knowledge the specific mindset allows the individual to acquire (as knowledge is result of a process of acquisition condition by the mind set and skills for learning and solution making) as well a unique set of emotions and magnitude those emotions influence the individuals and communities will be associated.


Matrix-Q Thinking and Doing (human skills) studies by the researcher, suggest that emotions are as well a component of human intelligence and actually play a key role for the individual ability to develop Matrix-Q Intelligence, the sign of it through the SIMULTANEOUS application of several perspectives and disciplines, also the ability to experience a great mean of emotional influences simultaneously and manage them accordingly.

In that sense for one emotions or emotional quality being studied,  9 sets of emotions has been identified, and assigned to each of the Matrix-Q Cypher, then correlated to sounds, tones, frequencies, movements of the body, skills, knowledge and tools; and the type of problems or challenges that those could solve.

Adding emotional intelligence to the equation makes the studies of human potential and human intelligence whole, as for to study less of the human in order to do more with the human individual and collective would be to create a less-human individual, and not to help the human species advance and reach a potential that is a possibility by human being definition in its whole integral holistic nature.


The researcher has developed a matrix of indicators (score cards) that help the study of the human individual, seeking for a more precise understanding on what makes us equal and at the same time unique, and how one can change into another one, and under which conditions, or how can one individual that achieved certain set of skills, can upgrade without a self-destructive change.

Thanks to the combination of the score cards designed by the researcher, qualities or characteristics of human archetypes can be identified and their complexity explored.

These qualities, characteristics index, will become useful frame for DNA studies, and identification of the DNA codes that belong to those traits. Are a base for the study of change as well.


If an individual advance its stage of development, does also the DNA change ? These question needs to be answered, for which DNA Studies are an important field of work of the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

In that sense, the  methods integrated into Matrix-Q Education, provide to the Matrix-Q Trainer or teacher enough learning experiences, materials and inputs to be provided to the students so that a complete education/learning process in the understanding of holistic and integral, systemic and synergetic, will be produced. Which helps the researcher study with more precision the human individual (as each method focus in a unique set of characteristics).

The Matrix-Q Archetypes have been validated, confirmed in the field of direct interaction and assessment of individuals traits, we know those exists and the sets of characteristics can be identified. The next step would be to unveil its DNA encoding and the triggers for natural change (into next stages of development)

The researcher expects that the Matrix-Q Education method will be, or its advanced version will become, a powerful tool that will help human individuals evolve in their ability to acquire knowledge, develop skills and apply tools for specific levels of complexity of challenges; and also eventually do, induce the change in the DNA codes that still need to be identified, discovered.

In that sense a DNA therapy may become only a secondary alternative, or better, both can be combined, for a more advanced and sustainable result


The process necessary for change, given by, the DNA Therapy, if one would be developed for this purpose, or by the Matrix-Q Education, would demand an investment of time, resources, process.

The agreement on the magnitude of engagement necessary for achieving this results will vary from individual to individual, collective/community to community, company to company, government to government, culture to culture.

But an investment is unavoidable for this approach.

As well as a process is unavoidable, as once it has started, from its seed, a flower can not be expected unless the whole process of growth, development and maturity have been completed. Also the fruits, or results, will take the necessary time to be there.



There is only one condition, which is essential for this approach, individuals and organizations need to understand. The awareness on the need of this type of solution needs to be present as in individuals as in manager, as in policy makers.

Perception, awareness and understanding capacity:

“There is a challenge, there is an understandable cause of the challenge, a feasible solution is needed and wished, there is a process necessary to solve the challenge and the willingness and resources to solve it”

“Exist a circumstance : Unless the challenge is solved the goal cant be achieved effectively”

FUTURIST APPROACH & RISK [Learning from the past]

As for any other species the human species evolution, its survival, its future, studied from a perspective beyond the past events of history, but considering that unexpected events and influences can take place, and nature may surprises with not planned or predicted circumstances, plus the fact that the human species itself, as a collective heading the 9 Billions world wide very soon, does daily create new circumstances and challenges just by being alive and searching for solutions for the problems they do consider as more important, relevant or priority for their life/agendas/goals and worth the attentions and necessary investment.

The risk is still in the not yet discovered variables, in the unpredicted events and outcomes, and mostly into the choices humanity as species and individuals will make along and the respective consequences.

Very little can be done with the unknown until is known. But from the perspective of lineal and matrix time, the knowledge of the possibility (potential development), the facts of paths that has been explored by mind kind to reach the aim of producing an advanced human, and the history of nature inspired cultures and civilizations, their knowledge and technology, may help us predict with more accuracy, precision, the outcomes and tendencies to be experienced.


The Matrix-Q Translator, a project developed with the intention to translate knowledge, skills and tools utilized world wide, and by ancient cultures and civilizations, into Matrix-Q Cyphers and Matrix-Q Algorithms will help us predict with more precision local, cultural and global outcomes. [ Matrix-Q Algorithms, The Babylon Tower and SDG2030 Peace Project : The New Library of Alexandria]

SUCCESS CHANCES & RISK [Within the Singularity]

There is no records in history archives of a globalized ancient world, and the influence of globalization for the process of evolution (but eventually the intent of the Library of Alexandria, gathering all the knowledge of the known world was already a first stage towards globalization).

As ell there are no records in human history archives on a similar event as the today known as for “singularity”. According to this idea, the change in the human species, acquisition of knowledge, tools and skills will speed up exponentially,  an exponential process of learning and development.

If that process is real, and true, and if the stakeholders, role players, active influencers of such a process are limited by their own stage of development, then the outcome of the global singularity would be also be the expression of such limitations combined, but with an exponential magnitude.

It is the point of view of the researcher that a greater chance for achieving and advanced global culture and civilization we will find into the upgrade or evolving process of human species, its advancement, by individual and collective choice, personal and collective effort, for change and improvement, learning and applying.

There is still a risk that the possibility of evolution and advancement will change, as longer the time it is not taken, different the favorable circumstances and conditions become.

If the human species does not take the opportunity to evolve consciously,  if instead of humans advancing their development to further stages, limit themselves and simplify themselves in all levels of understanding of life in such a magnitude that the progress created through the SINGULARITY would become the cage that will limit the human species to evolve.

The researcher conclusions are that if the mindset does not evolve with the skills, knowledge and tools, the type of solutions developed, the kind of progress and civilization, will be such, and of traits, according to the mind set utilized for its creation.

Just acquisition of knowledge, tools and skills would not be enough; a more complete and advanced approach for human development, human species evolution is necessary, in order for humanity to advance its civilization.

For example: warriors and conquerers with stones and sticks are not so different than those with high tech, if the mindset is the same, the result will just be of another dimension of power and impact, but of a similar quality.


Given a set of skills, tools, knowledge, mindset for solution making and other traits of individuals, which allows an organization of them according to types, studies in field education, therapies or DNA technologies may help advance human species evolution, by focusing on the needs and next stages of development of each group.

While higher the chances of advancement of a global culture and civilization on time, as for achieving a sustainable and stable world globally, ideal for standing human factor, also higher the relevance of the challenge that means thinking, perception, intelligence, adaptation, leadership, effectiveness, communication, collaboration…

Giving the object of study as for the sustainability of human life on earth, and the nature of the human kind, the risk is high, through specialization alone to focus on the shadows more than directly on the object of study.

Matrix-Q Education method can be implemented today effectively, and without further achievement on human DNA studies, bring a great deal of solutions for the modern human species skills gap: fields sustainability SDG, technology, human potential, family-life-work-balance, leadership, effectiveness, research, innovation and business.

For instance, the set of services and products provided by MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions by start-up spin off by the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and its division the Matrix-Q Research Institute.