The Matrix-Q HUMAN SPECIES EVOLUTION Time Line – Solving the Global Sustainable Development Equation with the Human Factor : [MQ9 Matrix-Quotient 9 Solutions] Tools


The Matrix-Q HUMAN SPECIES EVOLUTION Time Line  is a chart, time line of human species history, that has been created as a result of multidisciplinary research studies, and application of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills.

It describes stages of development of the human species organized according the ability of humanity to utilize own human capacity to solve challenges, create tools, develop and apply skills, acquire knowledge.

It suggests sets of skills that have been mostly used for human species survival, and those necessary to achieve the development of an advanced global civilization and culture.

  • DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28589.33765


The following presentation has the purpose to share research results and novel tools and skills that by utilizing the research results may help the human species to achieve an advanced stage of evolution, contribute with the advancement of the emerging global culture and civilization.


BY Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Researcher, Coach, Trainer. Developer of the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools, Matrix-Q Education Algorithms and Method, Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Methods, Corporate Immunology Studies and Applications, PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, PTƟ Matrix-Q Artificial Intelligence, Nonary Thinking Tools & Methods and Gender Cocreativity & Business Inclusiveness System (business model)


It utilizes as for its language, cyphers, encoded symbols in the form of “numbers” which represent phenomena, in particular, in this case: human skills, knowledge, stages of development, capacity, behavior, ability to apply tools and resources with effectiveness.

Its helps Stakeholders (team members) to utilize more resources in solution making (design), decision making and effective implementation process than in communication and information (“getting it “).

It is a common trait in human communication with purpose of collaboration, that a great amount of time and effort is utilized into “understanding each other” or “finding out what the other intent to communicate” and a great loss of resources takes place as for the lack of ability of utilizing the information and instructions given along communication.

Matrix-Q Cyphers enhance communication process by structuring it while still sharing the content of standard messages.


The correlation between cyphers and their content (symbolic representation of phenomena, meaning) will be suggested in this presentation, and additional examples and references on Matrix-Q knowledge, tools, skills and applications will be given, in order to set a context and frame of reference for the reader/attendee.

Currently the Matrix-Q Research Institute has given full rights and licenses to the non profit spin off, MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions for the commercial application of this knowledge, provide consultancy, training, licenses and build teams able to engage into a franchise agreement. The images utilized in this presentation belong to the communication materials of MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions


The above reference to the communication challenge eventually simplify an issue that is of great importance for human kind.

The challenge is not the problem we wish to solve at the Matrix-Q Research Institute with research, innovation and development (R&D), but an issue that had to be addressed, on advanced, in order to solve the real problem which will be described below.

THE SKILL TO SOLVE IT: Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence

According to research studies in human potential and nature principles by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, there is, and have been always, the possibility for human individuals and collective to advance their thinking capacity, for purpose of taking more effective decisions, smarter choices and achieve an advanced design and implementation of effective solutions.

Thinking Tools which organize human, natural and artificial phenomena in classes and set their relationship according to a particular set of principles were utilized by ancient cultures and civilizations for processing of data, information orgnization, decision making and development of technology, assessment and social education. In few words did replace the modern Artificial Intelligence or ICT Processors of our modern times.

The researcher has studied Thinking Tools of cultures like Japan, India, Slavic, Celtic, Roman, Chinese, Vedic-Russian, Nordic, Arabic, Abrahamic, Sikh, and others; finding in their language utilized common foundations and symbols content as those refer to human potential, stages of development, and to nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles.

The human ability to approach an issue from more than one perspective (and discipline) simultaneously is that the researcher suggest sign human intelligence.

Matrix-Q Intelligence is necessary as for the practice of Matrix-Q Thinking. Its development, enhancement, is supported by the use of the Matrix-Q Thinking Tools, and application of Matrix-Q Methods, Language, trainings designed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute for this purpose. For example Matrix-Q Brain GYM tasks, Matrix-Q Education, and others.

THE PROBLEM : The Human Factor

THE SOLUTION: The Human Factor

The problem for the human species, besides to deal with own evolutionary process, is that while living at this very unique and resource-full planet, decisions made and capacity of adaptation and survival applied according to the knowledge and information acquired, perception, emotional response, and believes, have created at the same time a series of important issues that themselves jeopardize the sustainability of life on the planet, in general, but as well the evolution (advancement) of the human species, regarding how problems are being solved.


It is essential, before approaching any challenge, to know where we are standing, it means which skills, resources, knowledge, we have, and which is the complexity of the problem to be solved. But most of the time, the “solver”, the individuals, communities (teams) and organizations that intent to solve the problem do not give enough attention to themselves as essential part of the solution.

The Matrix-Q Cyphers helps use communicate regarding sets of skills necessary for problem solving. But as well the use of Matrix-Q Cyphers (Matrix-Q Algorithms) will be more advanced according to individual capacity (Matrix-Q Intelligence) of tangible application of knowledge and skills.

MQ9 [ Matrix-Quotient 9 ] – The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship from Stichting LDMF e-Library Project on Vimeo.

In that sense, if we organize the cyphers in 3 sets (which have not been aleatory chosen, but are result of research studies, please see references: Matrix-Q Research Institute Publications), known as triads, by considering priority of use of skills for survival, we will arrive to a very interesting sequence: from survival, to sustainable development to advance culture and civilization.

Applied this information to the current times, the emerging global culture and civilization and its challenge into achieving sustainable development, quality of living and enhancing capacity of wealth generation and progress, will help us realize key challenges than are being faced and need to be faced.

Along the last decades professionals in education, strategic management, human capital, leadership have realized that emotional intelligence is a great asset.

The possibility to enhance process, effectiveness, and enjoyment of working tasks is related to individual and collective capacity to utilize emotions with effectiveness as for the completion of tasks.

Emotions also play a key role in terms of how individuals and teams, organizations and communities, react to information. Fear, confusion, aggression, conflict may appear next to an emotional burst, after some information or perception of facts have been experienced by the observer.

In most of the cases the perception, and emotion associated may not belong to the reality. This is the reason why the development of Matrix-Q Intelligence is essential for the human species.

The Current Challenge & Needs as Human Species: To integrate & understand the value and use of human emotions (intelligence), in information, communication and collaboration process, data and ICT, A.I.: which belongs to the field, class of phenomena described or signed by the cypher 7

The researcher believe that “Technology & Humanity can rise together in harmony with each other ”, yet this kind of achievement will be possible if humanity accepts and includes itself and its whole potential fully.

By the understanding of the role and importance of perception and emotions and by developing the ability of utilizing both as affective tools, most of the problems humanity has will be solved.

In the list of problems below, perception, emotions, communication and collaboration play a key role for problem creation.

SYSTEMIC SOLUTIONS: Gender equality case

One have been understood that a solution at policy level is not enough, as content communicated to stake holders and users, the next step would be systemic implementation of such policy.

For example in the case of gender equality, the idea of equal rights is not enough for solving the challenge that represent the Gender-Skills (abilities that both male and female have, which are natural for our modern culture human skills, learned along history of male or female specialization). “Male” skills and “female”skills can be developed by men and women in a variety of magnitudes and levels of expertise and capacity of application. (REF: Matrix-Q Nonary Thinking & Gender)

The Matrix-Q Research Institute suggests to utilize instead of the term “equality” the notion of “cocreativity” which is more natural to human kind, in terms of the human species natural understanding that from the communication, collaboration between man and women creation takes place.

By following the same principle, in human society, organizations, leadership, education, the presence of both kind of skills in the individuals is necessary, or other wise, ideal, to build up teams of two, or 9, with the complete set of skills and given roles.

The process for developing a society capable of gender cocreativity starts by including all genders into the cocreation process, starting within the individual, by activating and encouraging the practice and use of both male and female skills.

Gender Cocreativity has in the case systemic application, as we could identify which management or leadership styles utilize only one from both skills (being not complete, lack effectiveness). Gender cocreativity apply also in field research, education, community management. Its most obvious field of experience is in family and relationship (despite the sexual preferences of the love partners).

The question is still : what is necessary in order to develop capacity of gender cocreativity? develop gender skills ? without entering into conflict with own identity, culture, belief?

Here again perception of  human phenomena plays a key role:

The emotional additional value, emotional response, added to the perceive information on the nature and role of gender, has limited the development of the human species into a great extend.

The  systemic integration of gender cocreativity, gender skills, will as well take place only if we understand the role of human emotions and perception, for which Matrix-Q Intelligence is necessary.

A direct and simple example of the nature of the challenge, in field communication, collaboration and cocreation is the one of love relationship, family and parenting.

The challenge exported to teams, organization, leadership, community, city and nation, or global human species culture and civilization, would give us great insight into the complexity the problem has and how simple the solution needs to be.

But in this case, if the “solvers” do not include in their own set of skills and resources both male and female skills, in their daily life praxis and in their organizations, business culture and methods, the systemic implementation of gender cocreativity would be not possible, and stay at policy level, information and common knowledge, and will have a deceiving presence in the culture as goal achieved (because is part of daily communication statements) but without tangible transformation of human individuals or society.

Gender skills, gender cocreativity, applied in this case, will be possible only if humanity have become able to understand the value and function of human emotions, and its relationship with information and also technology.


The researcher did chose the term evolution is it suggests human kind to evolve into an advanced stage of development, assuming the result will be a more advanced civilization and culture.

This possibility will become tangible reality only if humanity takes responsibility of own actions, of itself, human factor, not only at the level of achieving change (as for example sustainable development and knowledge, technology) but by solving the challenge experienced by the most important asset : the human capital, the human individual and collective, the human factor itself.

The global intention of definition of guidelines for decision making and a common policy giving to nations for sharing the planet, as for SDG2030, sustainable development goals by united nations, have created, since its origin in sustainability movement, a new increasing wave of contributions and engaged individuals and organizations that perceive in the future of humanity, of their own children and communities, cultures, themselves as change makers and responsible agents, with the power of influencing the direction the human species as such will evolve.

Sustainable living, sustainable development, is in general essential for the human species, considering the survival challenge it means to live on this planet with other humans. A challenge hat will eventually be solved one day with the development of the ability and technology to create settlements in other  worlds capable of sustaining life as we know it and human needs as we know them.

But can we also export to other worlds the human factor challenge ?

The Matrix-Q Research Institute considers that there is no little effort that isnt valuable, in terms of achieving a solution on one of the most important challenges human species needs to face, accept and take responsibility on, which is itself.

For this reason, Matrix-Q Tools, Skills and Knowledge have been developed and a great deal of its principles and research results liberated for the international scientific community to act accordingly.

As well a set of novel tools like Matrix-Q Thinking, Matrix-Q Brain GYM, Matrix-Q Education, Matrix-Q Health & Prevention, Matrix-Q Quantification of the Human capital value, Matrix-Q Game Generator, and others have been designed and implemented and are being utilized at the moment as for consultancy, coaching and training purposes by MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions, non profit spin-off start up (division) of the Matrix-Q Research Institute. 

In the following years, thanks to the nature inspired success of MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions new developments will bring a series of products and tools in digital format, automated, cloud based, and with A.I. and Data Generation technologies, developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute; as result a great number of beneficiaries, customers and strategic partners will be able to enjoy of these kind of applications of Matrix-Q Knowledge, tools and skills.

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