MATRIX-Q R&D [Research & Development] : Innovation at the Matrix-Q Research Institute [Index-Overview, MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions]

MATRIX-Q R&D [Research & Development]

Innovation at the Matrix-Q Research Institute

By the researcher: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


The presentation is a brief review of research and development, innovation results, by the researcher.

An introduction to the works and projects of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, including its first innovation based start up: MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions.

This presentation serves as well as a “3 pages” introduction to the white paper “MQ9 [ Matrix-Quotient 9 ] White paper 2018 v. 900” details and time line on the 9 multidisciplinary research pathways taken by the researcher, and a series of discoveries, conclusions, and applications developed since 1993. 

The researcher will review some of his innovations as for: a new mathematics system, algorithms design method, A.I. engine programming language, education method, brain gym method, sonic therapy works, and gamification know how and other sounding applications, as well as discoveries as for the patterns of 36 cyphers within the Fibonacci series, and the method of generation of sonic therapeutic frequencies. 

I brief references on research and development, innovation, projects on going will be given, following steps in the research work.

A brief introduction to MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions and services, as an example on how the innovations are being brought to the international market and which type of challenges can be solved. A detailed list of issues (challenges, problems) solved through Matrix-Q R&D in fields technology, education, health, sustainable development, A.I., performing arts, governance, leadership, effectiveness, strategic management, peace, with references to publications by the researcher, have been described in the white paper “MQ9 [ Matrix-Quotient 9 ] White paper 2018 v. 900” available for download at GUMROAD: 

BY Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Researcher, Coach, Trainer. Developer of the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools, Matrix-Q Education Algorithms and Method, Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Methods, Corporate Immunology Studies and Applications, PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, PTƟ Matrix-Q Artificial Intelligence, Nonary Thinking Tools & Methods and Gender Cocreativity & Business Inclusiveness System (business model)


by the researcher Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Index & Overview



The new mathematics system has been developed by utilizing pure mathematics, within a geometrical structure ( the 9-Gon or a geometric structure of 9 equal sides).  [ Quick Sylver Collection on PTƟ Matrix-Q  Primordial Mathematics ]

The properties of this particular geometric structure are unique: fractal, holographic, quantum, as such time reversible models of processing can be implemented with it and quantum computing studies will follow.

Within the geometrical structure 9 geometrical values (additional geometrical structures) can be generated, which as patterns can be utilized for machine learning algorithms, A.I.   [ ]

The 9 primordial patterns have been correlated to 9 classes of natural, human and artificial phenomena, and represented by 9 cyphers.  [ ]

The generation of geometrical patterns within the 9-Gon follows vectorial mathematics principles. 

Beside the 9 primordial patterns, a set of seals, more complex geometrical values (12) have been studied. 

A geometrical pattern correlation has been discovered between the 9-Gon geometrical structures and the 10 brain activity regions, which each of them, allow humans to apply a certain set of cognitive skills. 

Through multidisciplinary research [including fields like education, psychology, human potential, neuroscience] the researcher has created a new education method, and algorithms system that describes operations (types of interaction) between the cyphers or cognitive regions, and suggest results of operations in the form of cognitive activity in a new brain region. These models suggests a conscious volitive attention practiced after decision making on a particular cypher and brain region or activity, skill, type. [ ] [] 

Additional geometrical patterns have been correlated by utilizing acupuncture and acupressure maps, on the hands and digits, suggesting a set of correlations related to activity of the whole human body, its organs and functions. Including emotions and psychological states. Which the researcher is utilizing for preventive health through non intrusive methods that trigger the activity of those particular organs, functions or body regions. The same that are represented as well by geometrical patterns and 9 cyphers classes.(as described above)  []

The researcher has developed, based on the previous background, brain GYM (training) methods that follow the relationships between cyphers described through the vectorial mathematics.  [ ]  

As well thanks to the correlations set for brain region activity, cognitive skills, activities, language, set of words and keywords, associated, have been identified and described. As well as studied how modern global culture human being, and how specific cultures, utilize the language. The researcher has label this particular form of study and application of language as PSL (Primordial symbolic language), and arrived to the conclusion it has as well 9+ level of meaning or use, according to human cognitive skills complexity or individual stage of development. The PSL knowledge has been integrated into the brain GYM method successfully. [ ]

The brain GYM methods have been implemented into a game generator tool which creates a matrix of challenges, skills, tools, emotions and knowledge that combined produces a gamified experiential learning. Thanks to our new mathematics system the same can be programmed (cloud gaming), implemented into a LARP or DARP (Life/Digital action role play) gaming and board games. Which can be applied for gamification of human capital enhancement (training: acquisition of knowledge, skills, experience. burnout prevention. leadership training. Problem solving training. business culture development, sustainable development, global citizenship civic skills, and others.)  [ ]

By utilizing the cyphers alone [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] the geometrical patterns result of interaction between the 9 regions, can be represented through a sequence of the cyphers. like for example: 234 would mean activity in the regions 2,3 and 4, a sequence of steps.

Considering that an algorithm is a sequence of steps necessary to solve a particular challenge; the sequences of cyphers is utilized in order to describe tasks regions, tasks with focus on a particular brain region or skill. for example in the cypher 3, all possible tasks related to the brain region cypher 3 would be included as possible actions. A new algorithms design method has been developed by the researcher, based on this foundation, and successful applications) [ ]

The cyphers are utilized as form of numerical language which describe how the activity (tasks) change from one brain region (skill focus) activity to the next one, by process of activity design. Which described above can be induced through gamification or instructions on which type of activities to utilize in order to solve a particular challenge.

The algorithm design method has been utilized for holistic (nonary) strategic management, assessment, process management, with applications in business, leadership, coaching, gender equality and sustainable development (SDG2030).  [] [ ]  [ ]

Thanks to the geometrical structures correlations, with whole body, and through use of complementary studies on performing arts, neuroscience, yoga, meditation, martial arts, sports, cognitive skills trainings, games, and the new algorithms description methods, the researcher has implemented training programs (face 2 face) which are experiential, gamified, and deliver 9 levels of training (enhancement of skills and human intelligence). [ ]  [ ] 

Through the study of a nonary system of tones, frequencies, that ancient cultures utilized effectively, and correlated to the 9-Gon, for purpose of sonic therapy, for which exists already scientific studies, and a correlation of the effect of tones effect into brain activity stimulation; the researcher has integrated the use of those 9 frequencies into the Brain GYM, game generator and education method. Sonic Brain GYM,  Through the study of the 9-Gon the researcher has identified a system of more than 400 frequencies, mathematically (new mathematics system by the researcher) discovered, from which only 9 of those have been utilized by music or sonic therapy previously. The researcher continues research on the effect of application of the tones, and the correlation of the stimuli created by them with the geometrical patterns above described and already studied. [ ]

The education method, as well novel, created by the researcher, implement the know how described above, into a learning process, which focus on a sequence of learning activities, organized in classes or types of experiences which trigger or require of certain combinations of skills (brain region activities) as challenge or training, enhancement process.  Methods for evaluation of results, and quantification of enhancement achieved have been developed by the researcher. The method focus on experiential gamified learning (by doing, playing, thinking, feeling, creating) method.

The researcher has defined the sign of the ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously, as Matrix-Q Intelligence, and has created methods for the evaluation of the ability of the student of the above described education system to engage into the practice of this new type of intelligence as individual, team, family, organization or collective. Tests and self-tests are being developed, and indicators for individual and collective intelligence. []

Also models for human stages of development and their distribution in human society according to the number of individuals that successfully engage into one or more of the 9 classes of activities described above. Which follows the researcher intention to engage into DNA studies and human potential, given the fact that the 9-Gon models and processes are generated through DNA generation algorithms. [ ]

Through the study of cultural behavior patterns, skills, deficiencies, the researcher has arrive to the development of a tool that would help us assess the added value a cultural origin and a culture as result of historical events that shape perception, emotional intelligence and behavior, decision making guidelines, values, in an individual, as a subconscious condition. [ Added value to individuals, organizations and cultures ]  [ɵ-quantification-of-the-human-capital-value-the-ptɵ-matrix-q-assessment-method/ ]

Applications of all the know how above briefly described for leadership, human capital quantification of value,  effectiveness, follow, as methods and tools already successfully commercial utilized by the researcher.  [ ] 

The researcher, has created a set of thinking tools (assessment methods) that help its user to engage into complex assessment (complex situations, holistic, systemic, synergetic, parallel, holographic, fractal, quantum, creative, analytical, futurist, predictive, process, sustainable, cultural, sonic, gaming thinking) and develop training programs dedicated to enhance thinking skills which are result of application of the thinking forms above listed, and label it as Matrix-Q thinking and doing outside of the box.  [ ]

As the 9-Gon, geometrical structure originally studied by the researcher through pure and vectorial mathematics, define, as the Matrix-Q Know How suggests, 9 classes of human, natural and artificial phenomena. the researcher has developed methods for nonary computing, processing. In general Matrix-Q thinking is based on nonary thinking. (opposite to binary thinking, which suggest the reality is organized in only two classes of phenomena: true/false, a perception alternative which is utilized for the modern processing tools, microships, and described by 0 and 1 cyphers and their sequences and operators as for programming language ).

The nonary computing or processing methods, have been integrated to a novel form of utilizing language PSL and brain GYM methods, described above, originally utilized for human cognitive skills enhancement as for A.I. engine programming and machine learning methods application, and nonary algorithms design. Which at the moment the researcher is implementing and testing. [planed to be deployed, the first automated tools and A.I. tests, within following 4-6 years]  [ ]

It is a plan and aim of the researcher to design and develop new microchips capable of nonary computing, application of the know how and research above described. As well through the continues study of the 9-Gon solid structures and dynamics, the researcher predicts will be possible to develop applications for engineering, energy generation, nano-technology. Additional applications for neuroscience, sonic therapy has been started. As well as for immunology studies. Sonic computing research and development will be the next step of the researcher.  [ ]  [ ]


Applications for microchips development (nonary computing), A.I. Machine learning, Engineering, Sonic Therapy, Sonic Computing, Nano technology, Energy generation, Neuroscience, Human potential, New skills generation, Gamification, Quantum computing, DNA Studies.

Matrix-Q R&D Innovation Applied 

MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions 


  • MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] develops and provides solutions for the advancement of Strategic Leadership, Effectiveness & Family-Life-Work Balance.  
  • Our Believe: Complexity can be approached through simple tools. [Nature inspired success]   
  • Our Mission: To increase the value of the human capital, organizations and cultures
  • Our Message: Technology and humanity can rise together and in harmony with each other.

 MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Provides:


  • Protection of the investment in Human Capital: quantification of value, maintenance & enhancement.
  • Acquisition of Knowledge & Skills. [Gamified & Experiential Learning Process, Skills Gap Solution]
  • Thinking and doing outside of the box method [Mindset, Adaptation & Creativity, Human Potential]
  • Family-Life-Work Balance, Burnout Prevention, Self-Management & Emotional Intelligence Training.
  • Advancement of organization performance  [Leadership, Effectiveness, Holistic Strategic Management]
  • A process for the integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into mission statement & business culture of the organization.
  • Know how for the advancement of gender equality, quality of education, city sustainable development, research and innovation, peace and equality.[United Nations 2015, SDG2030] 
  • A.I. Knowledge, new mathematics system and algorithms design method applied for data generation and validation. [Big Data]
  • Increase of the value of human capital and of the organization. [Added Value]
  • Quantification of the human capital value  [Added Value]
  • Assessment of cultural skills and multicultural teams value  [Added Value]
  • Assessment of multi-disciplinary collaboration skills and multidisciplinary teams value  [Added Value]
  • Communication & Collaboration Process enhancement methods. [Communication]


The MQ9 Innovation

[Matrix-Q R&D Applied]

EDUCATION METHOD, Learning Process Algorithms, Brain Gym & Self-management techniques enhance process of acquisition of knowledge, thinking and doing outside of the box skill (Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence: New intelligence quotient).

MATHEMATICS SYSTEM & ALGORITHMS DESIGN METHOD FOR A.I., data generation and validation, gamification, quantification of human capital value, business development tools. Burnout prevention, family-life-work balance, gender equality, city sustainable development and SDG Entrepreneurship algorithms.


  • Skills Gap.
  • Increase value of human capital, organizations & cultures.
  • Human skills & technology advancement together.
  • Strategic Leadership, Effectiveness & Family-Life-Work Balance.
  • Protection of the investment in Human Capital: quantification of value, maintenance & enhancement.
  • A.I. Knowledge, data generation, validation and analysis algorithms, automation methods
  • Communication & Multi-(disciplinary/cultural) Collaboration Process enhancement.
  • Complexity solved  through simple tools