[ The Matrix-Q Q&A GAME ] When data, assessment, perception, evidence, correlations, … are enough for the scientific community in order to agree on a “SCIENTIFIC TRUTH”? Which is the role of a scientist and or of a scientific truth, for global sustainable development ?

2018-05-23 lifestyletraveler 0

[ The Matrix-Q Q&A GAME ] HOW TO PLAY ?: Answer the questions or solve the tasks suggested. Send your answers by e-mail to welcome@matrix-q.com PRIZES: Gift certificate up to a value of 8000.00 EUR for the winners. For each question a set of prizes will be announced. ELIGIBLE ANSWERS : The answers must include enough background information and references, documentation or enough frame of reference for validation, respective urls, publications, DOIs, or similar. EVALUATION of ANSWERS: May take from 81 […]