[ MEET UP ONLINE ] [Matrix-Q Expeditions] Recruiting Presentations, Q&A, Intentional Register Expeditions 2018-2019

2018-05-16 lifestyletraveler 0

[ MEET UP ONLINE ] [ MATRIX-Q EXPEDITIONS ] TOPICS:  Recruiting Presentations on Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Expeditions The Training Program (Team members and volunteers) Fees Q&A Questions and Answers Register for Expeditions 2018-2019 (Schedule) Expeditions Summer 2018 Sponsors role ABOUT: Matrix-Q Expeditions are planned for 2018-2019 (Multidiscplinary Research) For some expeditions a min. number of volunteers and team members is necessary. Otherwise the expedition would not be scheduled. A training program needs to be completed by each new team member before […]