[QUESTIONS] Why is the “perception” skill important for scientific research ?

Why is the “perception” skill important for scientific research ?

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For the purpose of study of symbols, myths, and legends, it is essential to realize that Matrix-Q Perception (approach a challenge from more than one perspective simultaneously) is an important skill for research.

The 9-Gon Theta, a geometric structure that has been utilized in order to study geometric values and tools for systemic perception and organization of natural, artificial and human phenomena, has helped the researcher to identify encoded language that has been found in nature inspired cultures and civilizations.

In particular, the 9-Gon Theta has been helpful to study the generation of CGE (Culture Generation Engines) or systemic tools that when used to influence a community or population are able to induce a pattern of thinking, preferences, emotions, behavior, within 9 generations.

Perception in this case is essential for the research on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.