[MR Pool HUB] Multidisciplinary Research Pool – Gamified collaborative scientific research – by the Matrix-Q Research Institute

[MR Pool HUB]

Multidisciplinary Research Pool – Gamified collaborative scientific research – by the Matrix-Q Research Institute


Gamified Scientific Research 

Are you a scientist open to multidisciplinary research, ready to explore beyond your field of expertise, through an exciting gamified collaboration process with other researchers ? Join Us



Mr Pool Hub Members enjoy from the following benefits provided by the Matrix-Q Research Institute

  • e-learning materials
  • certificates for participation
  • access to private scientific research data and publications
  • collaboration with research and innovation projects of the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • collaboration with start ups of the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • participation in commercial, non commercial, non profit projects
  • opportunities for consultancy, advisory, master classes, provide training and coaching, mentorship
  • automatic licenses (trainer, coach, consultant, trainer of trainers and coaches)
  • co authorship in scientific publications

Members will collaborate with the development of a scientific approach which is nature inspired, systemic, holistic, synergetic, with focus on study of nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, patterns, as well as of human potential (human stages of development, human genome, DNA studies, human factor), and create bridges between ancient cultures and civilizations that developed a nature inspired knowledge and technology and the emerging modern global culture and civilization, its issues and needs.

Participate and collaborate in the strategy and approach of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


A multidisciplinary research pool hub online, which develop scientific research through a gamifiedcollaboration process.

International scientists in a wide range of disciplines and fields of expertise participate and collaborate with our research pool.

Mr.Pool Hub is an initiative of the Matrix-Q Research Institute a division of the not profit organization Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, registered in the Netherlands, which is dedicated to multidisciplinary research, innovation, protection and promotion of the body of work (legacy, research) of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (1993-): A nature inspired know how developed based on the study of nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles, the human potential (human factor, human stages of development) and nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.


In order to Join the Mr Pool Hub researchers must be invited or apply to join.


The MR Pool Hub started in the year 2017 as a gamified research project proposal launched at the Research Gate (International Online Research Network), and gathered about 300 scientists from several disciplines that according to their time availability and possibilities contribute with publications related directly or indirectly to scientific publications of the Matrix-Q Research Institute (Matrix-Q Research Magazine) which mostly focus on applications of the PTƟ Matrix-Q Know How and Its Standard.

The Primordial Technology Theta Multidisciplinary Collaborative Research Pool at Research Gate has since its start close to 8500 reads and 770 followers, 178 updates (At the date of April 11th 2018).

April 11th 2018 the Matrix-Q Research Institute announced at the RG Hub the launch of an online gamified platform dedicated to scientific collaboration and research: Mr. Pool Hub.

Scientists are joining the Mr Pool Hub since the date.


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute education, self-education, scientific research, innovation comes with a hand with gamification, simulation, gamified development and tests of applications, trials and projects.

By utilizing the Matrix 9 Game Generation tool developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute innovative games are designed and implemented for Mr Pool Hub Researchers to participate and contribute.

Scientists that join the MR Pool Hub join a game, in which tasks and assignments are given, batches, points and prizes.

Through gamification we encourage participation and creativity, as well as self-motivation, self-education, and innovation. Simulations help us face complex situations, challenges and develop solutions. [more…]


The gamified collaborative research process takes place in an online platform, designed for collaboration and network.

The Mr Pool Hub App, is under development and will in 2018 ready as well.


The main idea of gamified scientific research is that through simulation, games, the collaboration process and acquisition of knowledge becomes more effective.


The Matrix-Q Research Institute has know how and games developed by applying the Matrix 9 Game Generation Principles (tools), which are nature inspired, systemic, holistic, synergetic, take in consideration human natural stages of development (human potential human factor) and create a bridge between nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures and the modern emerging global culture needs.


Through gamification tasks are suggested in the form of challenges, players (scientists) will take. According to level of participation, achievements, points, scientists will have the opportunity to participate in more complex or advanced research or join advanced stages of the collaboration process.

For instance: by taking a field of interest or issue suggested as relevant the following stages of collaboration will be taken:

  • Stage zero: reading of general information, publications and research project proposals.
  • Stage one: first assessment, hypothesis (know how, innovation, solution, issue) review
  • Stage two: identification of disciplines, fields of expertise involved, perspectives to be taken for research.
  • Stage three: tasks are suggested, through their completion a validation (or not) of the first assessment will be completed
  • Stage four: a research project with specific goals will be designed, for example solutions design, technology innovation, publications, education, others.
  • Stage five: development of stage 4.
  • and so on.

The process of collaboration redefines itself according to each challenge.


The Game Levels are created according to how advanced is the participation and complex the level of collaboration of researchers.

For example at a higher level, specific agreements will be suggested, as rights or property over achievements, mostly related to patents and know how innovation, and in reference to the time line and content of contributions by each researcher.

Effective research means acquisition of knowledge, through application of a scientific methodology, which as result should be background and foundation for innovation in fields technology, know how, solutions, sustainable development; in general for practical applications of knowledge that can ensure increase of modern global culture and civilization sustainable development, advancement of quality of living, increase capacity of wealth generation, generation of legacy, care for the ideal conditions for sustainable living, care for peace, culture, family, for example. (See Matrix-Q Research Institute, Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken deed of incorporation, aims, by laws and policy: www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info )


In order to Join the Mr Pool Hub researchers must be invited or apply to join.