City SkyDive & the Primordial Art of Human Flying [Matrix-Q Intelligence, Matrix-Q Education, Burnout Prevention & Machine Learning]

Daedalus and Ikarus

City SkyDive & the Primordial Art of Human Flying

[Matrix-Q Intelligence, Matrix-Q Education, Burnout Prevention & Machine Learning]


The researcher describes his experience on city skydiving and suggests its practice as for purpose of exploration in field human potential, education, scientific research and as well Matrix-Q Intelligence (Enhancement).

A multidisciplinary bridge (PT-Theta Know How) is described that brings together the 9 Primordial Arts, The Primordial Art of Navigation, The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy, PTT Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q Intelligence and Matrix-Q Education, with the practice of Human Flying.

The researcher plans to continue research and study the Primordial Art of Human Flying and in relation to it explore on potential applications of the Matrix-Q Tool and Methods  in the fields described above.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Strategic Management Consultant, Coach, Trainer. Developer of the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools and Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Methods, Corporate Immunology, Human Potential Studies and Applications.


When i think about flying, and ancient civilizations, the images i recall are of those extreme adventure and exploring the edge people that came with inventive ideas and did try out a flight.


Daedalus and Ikarus

The results known and registered by history we know, and the process that was necessary, and time, for our modern culture to develop flying technology and for humans to learn to fly.

Leonardo Davinci aircraft design
Leonardo Davinci aircraft design

From Leonardo Davinci to Alcock and Brown who made the first non-stop transatlantic flight in June 1919.


All sorts of machines and technologies has been used, until finally the knowledge for flying became universal and evolved into our modern aircraft technology.

LeBris 1868


The modern art of flying has evolved with the use of artificial intelligence, automated flying.

MQ9 Reaper -Drone

But as well for human flying.

We can tell we have learned to fly finally and we are ready to explore new horizons.

How far we can go on machine flying and how far we are already on human flying?




Can we utilize the knowledge of human flying as well for the understanding of learning process of human individuals and apply it for the study of machine learning, A.I. development? How Matrix-Q Education, The 9 Primordial Arts, The Primordial art of Navigation, Matrix-Q Intelligence, Matrix Q Brain Gym  and the 9 Primordial Principles of Health, happiness and joy,  combined can help us in this task ?



In previous presentations and articles i have introduced you to the Art of Primordial Navigation, an approach for Matrix-Q Tools use, for purpose of self-orientation.

The first idea, is, as we know, self-orientation in field scientific research, education, technology innovation, but as well business, leadership and governance. The Matrix-Q Tools for navigation provide to the user a language and instruments that will serve him/her/it navigate, journey, and explore.

The same Matrix-Q Tools for navigation have a geometric similarity with actual navigation instruments utilized in aeronautics and vessels for water, air and out space.

As the Nordic Star has been used, as a reference for navigation in ancient times, and mostly in the ancient combined continent of Eurasia, as described in one of my last presentations, its geometric representation, found in the geometric structure of 9 vertex, the 9-Gon.

Well the geometric structure generated through the 9- Gon, offers to the navigator a tool for the representation of flying “moves” of aircraft. The horizon, banking left and right, Altitude, can be represented in the vertical plane. But as well the tool can be utilized for human navigation, for the art of flying.

Through the study of PT-Theta Primordial Mathematics, more understanding on the properties of the 9-Gon and 36-Gon will be achieved.



“The 9 Primordial Principles of Health Happiness and Joy” offer the necessary guidelines for practitioners of outdoors sports, survival, jogging, also for martial artists and dancers, and for any one that engage into the practice of the 9 Primordial Arts, the possibility to advance their Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence which also includes: perception, emotional intelligence, response-ability, thinking and doing out of the box, and many other skills.

Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence signs the ability of an individual to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously. Stress management, emotional release, perception, emotional self-management, body-emotions-mind self-awareness, are for example some of the indicators that by Matrix-Q Brain Gym help us identify, score how high is the Matrix-Q Level of performance of a tested individual.

Currently the MQ9 service developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, for burnout prevention and matrix-q intelligence enhancement, is being offered in the forest, where fitness, prime do (martial arts, sword practice) yoga, emotional self-management, meditation and conscious breathing, and all Matrix-Q Brain Gym tasks are used to challenges the attendees of the training programs.

The forest provides a unique wild environment, with high level of risk for which individual awareness, presence, alertness, self-responsibility is necessary. The tasks, games, exercises, ask from the attendees of an important level of concentration, focus, flexibility, response-ability, self-awareness, and as well assessment of risk, risk-management, decision making.

For example, along the first 9 session, the trainer will run an assessment of the attendees, and those unable to run and do the exercises responsibly, may be requested to take individual training program combined with coaching, with focus on emotional self-management and self-responsibility. In the forest every single step presents a relative level of danger. To run, jump, move without self-awareness, self-responsibility would be dangerous for the attendee.

The fact that attendees have not the level of alertness, self-awareness necessary for the practice of safety, and that they may have developed the tendency to burn, push themselves to the limit, is already an indicator on a pattern that needs to be changed. Gladly our Matrix-Q Assessment, coaching and training methods, help us instruct our customers and support them in the process of adjusting their mind set, changing an emotional pattern, decision making attitude, or becoming aware of their own style of acting and how harmful or not may be for themselves.

For example, in the practice of blindfolded sword practice, high level of sensitivity and concentration is necessary, as well self-orientation. For each and all of the exercises, games, tasks, trainings, Matrix-Q Brain Gym, there is a level of risk, the student must take responsibility of. The training program in general will give to the attendees the possibility to develop news skills, and enhance their capacity for self-management, and of being more effective with each decision they make.

For these trainings a sequence of steps, challenges, levels of complexity are suggested to the customers, and as well algorithms, or sequence of steps, will be learned, practiced, as for purpose of developing sets of skills and flexibility and precision for shifting in the use of the skills, choosing the one necessary for each circumstance or challenges.

The 9-Gon, utilized by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as for a systemic tool, used for the organization, management, perception, study of human, natural and artificial phenomena, 9 classes of phenomena, is also a tool utilized for the practice of the 9 Primordial Arts, the Ancient (Primordial) arts of meditation, yoga, breathing, martial arts, and others, rediscovered by the Matrix-Q Research Institute and provided as modules and content of the training programs.

In this case, the correlation is created through the human body, studied within the geometric structure of the 9-Gon (and 36-Gon). Complementary correlations, respective to 9 classes of emotions, levels or stages of development, genders, human skills, archetypes, intelligence, organs, tones or frequencies, human bones structure, brain regions and their functions, have been as well correlated with this tool, and help us understand and study the human individual in his/her/its development. (Human Potential Studies of the Matrix-Q Research Institute).




At this point of our article, presentation, they reader may have realized the bridge created, between the Primordial Art of Navigation, utilized for vessels, and the same geometric structure and systemic tool of assessment utilized for the study of the human individual and training on burnout prevention and Matrix-Q Brain Gym.

Which brought me to the question, what about human flying ?


So here i am after 6 indoors sky-diving sessions, in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, at the City-Skydive flight deck, writing this article (Today i did my 6th flight). (REF: )

The first flights our instructors focussed as well on safety training, checking if we are calm, how we react to the adrenaline of flying, if we are aware enough of our body, if we manage ourselves well when something new or unexpected takes place and surprise us.

I started as every newbie, with many ideas and images of skydive experts and indoors skydivers moves and how those are made, how the principles of aeronautics, aerodynamics, aerostatics, flight dynamics, and in the case of skydivers the use of the body for maneuver when in a flight.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken at the city skydive Utrecht in the Netherlands

How much of the Matrix-Q Brain Gym and Matrix-Q Navigation Tech. and Knowledge applied on the body-awareness for maneuver could i apply in the first flight? nothing at all.

The experience is as shocking as fascinating, fun, intense, and quick, that one needs to try it out several times, in order to understand what one is experiencing, and identify the edges and limits, and body, emotional responses, awareness capacity when on a flight and reactions of the body, and get use to a new mindset, technique for human flying.

I remember watched a video clip on choreographies the city skydive instructors created for promotion of the flying pipes.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken at the city skydive Utrecht in the Netherlands

The set of possible movements is inspiring, the possibility of doing vertical movements, upwards and downwards as well as to fly or hover in the horizontal plane and all the playful games possible to be practiced with variations of the two basic possibilities.

After a group of flights instructors demonstrate their art for a minute, to inspire us and motivate us keep practicing and learning the art of human flying.

City SkyDive Utrecht, The Netherlands
Instructors on vertical playful flying, standing on the air.

The City Sky-Dive in Utrecht has two pipes and a team of flying instructors that will coach you and support you from safety basics to the fun of the art of flying, and even give you a certificate which describe your ability and at certain point, level of expertise, will give you the right and choice to fly alone in the pipe.


At my 6th fly, i could finally utilize my knowledge on the 9-Gon and the Primordial Art of Navigation combined with the knowledge of the 9 Primordial Arts (Human Body Movement Principles), for the art of human flying i am now dedicated to explore.

In few words, it is fun, real fun! I do recommend it.

I am since then inspiring my students, prime do students (martial arts system), to try city skydiving out.


My prediction, is that by a conscious study of the Primordial Art of Navigation & the 9 Primordial Arts, it will be possible for me to develop a translation of the Human Flying technique and describe it through PT Primordial Algorithms, as has been done for each of the 9 Primordial Arts and for the Primordial Art of Navigation.

The level of challenge is more advanced that the one i have found under water, or in the forest, snow and sand.

First of all, gravity, body awareness, plays with other rules and emotional-body-mind awareness become essential for survival, again, in a set of mili-seconds, an not aware movement, may change completely the flight stability and bring your body somewhere in the pipe.

Gladly the instructors are there to care for the newbies not to harm themselves and a deck control can regulate the air-speed so that no one will be blown up in the experience of the edge. But a certain point of the training one will fly alone in the pipe and high speed wind will actually move your body powerfully within the pipe.

I have decided is a great new field to learn and explore on Matrix-Q Intelligence, and advanced use of the 9-Gon (36-Gon) for the Primordial Art of Human Flying.

For purpose of this exploration i will choose city skydive, is close, easy to organize and less expensive than to flying from an helicopter, mountain fall, or airplane.


It will be necessary a complementary note here, on the level of complexity and challenge sky dive gives to body-emotion-mind self-awareness, emotional intelligence and all skills developed by Matrix-Q Brain GYM, in general, a powerful boosting of the Matrix-Q Intelligence.

I am certain, that city sky dive, will become in the future, of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, an alternative advanced training for Burnout Prevention, Matrix-Q Brain Gym, Matrix-Q Emotional Intelligence, Self-management.

My plan is to integrate City skye dive to the trainings, that our students can take, and for which the Matrix-Q Tools and algorithms for navigation and self-management can be used. The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy, and the knowledge of the 9 Primordial Arts and the Primordial Art of Navigation, will be integrated in the future, as technical knowledge that can be utilized to explore on the skydive pipe on our human skills and develop, enhance individual Matrix-Q of Intelligence.


I will follow a diary of the exploration on sky diving, in relation to Matrix-Q skills, and the experience of the process of integration of this new knowledge into the Matrix-Q Know How. If i am successful, may sky diving trainers utilize our knowledge for their flying technique or education/coaching method, but most important for their own Matrix-Q Intelligence development and all benefits of the Matrix-Q Brain Gym possible through skydiving, and in particular, sky diving instructors and practitioners will have the possibility to design algorithms, sequence of moves, steps, that together would build up unique choreographies they can share with their colleagues and students.

As i said, if i am successful a new language and method that integrates Matrix-Q Education, Coaching, Brain GYM, and The Primordial Art of Navigation, The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy and the 9 Primordial Arts will be developed and as a result, i will be able to produce a series of publications and documentation on The Primordial Art of Human Flying, as well develop a new research collecting data and doing assessment on how skydiving can help human individuals enhance Matrix-Q and prevent burnout.