CORPORATE IMMUNOLOGY – The Homo Immune-Abilis, CGE, DNA & Human Potential, Leadership & The Corporate Immune System Agents

CORPORATE IMMUNOLOGY – The Homo Immune-Abilis (CGE, DNA, Algorithms & Matrix-Q Intelligence) :  Human Potential, Leadership & The Corporate Immune System Agents Effectiveness


  • For every culture (CGE: corporate, network, community, clan, city, government, nation,  culture change movement, cultural evolution or mutation process – challenge and solution -) there is an archetypical (primordial) agent(s) that is capable to ensure  the survival, development and evolution, of its respective CGE.
  • An homo-immune-abilis is an agent of a complex living system, of its immune system, its CGE. As such, holds the CGE of its system him/her/itself, a set of respective algorithms (possible and preferred strategic choices), DNA, Matrix-Q Intelligence and its respective effectiveness level.


  • Who are ideal representatives of the homo immune-abilis in human registered and not registered history ?
  • Which are, were, should be the ideal algorithms, CGE, and DNA of an effective leader ?
  • Are their algorithms time reversible ? Do they Matrix-Q Intelligence give to them capability of Quantum and Holistic Strategic Management and Effective Leadership ? Are they conscious corporate/culture (CGE) immunology agents ?
  • Given a particular CGE, which are the traits, qualities, ideal of its own immune system agent ?
  • Which CGEs hold traits, conditions, that under known or unknown circumstances would have more chances to succeed?
  • How the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools can help for the representation of the homo immune-abilis CGE, DNA and Algorithms Characteristics (traits, patterns)?


The researcher suggests along the article/presentation that given a particular corporate/cultural immune system, individuals (cells) with capacity to perform with effectiveness as immune system agents, can be labeled as immune system agents.

A list of individuals with status of leaders in human history suggests that it may be possible that if their traits, preferences,  choices and strategies (algorithms) represented by PTT Primordial Mathematic Geometrical Values (ID of the agents) , share common patterns, an archetypical profile of the “perfect”homo immune-abilis could be defined.

The researcher suggests a series of implications and hypothesis related to this possibility of perception, and suggest methods and guidelines for the purpose of comparative studies: DNA, CGE, Individuals Algorithms (Solution making) and their Matrix-Q Intelligence level, represented by  PTT Primordial Mathematic Geometrical Values (ID of the agents).


  • A general knowledge on epidemiology and immunology is necessary for the understanding of the articles and presentations on CORPORATE IMMUNOLOGY.
  • The following quotes have been collected for purpose of making for the reader an easy access to some terms, guidelines and information related to Immunology and Epidemiology.
  • The reader, for further studies should refer to scientific and academic publications related to both main topics.
  • The references for the following quotes are easily accessible for readers through wikipedia list of references, under the titles:  ImmunologyEpidemiology , DiseasePathogenPathology and related terms and their respective references.


By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Strategic Management Consultant, Coach, Trainer. Developer of the Matrix-Q Assessment Tools and Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Methods, Corporate Immunology Studies and Applications.



When a complex living system has developed or is capable to enhance or has as for its own blue print (DNA.CGE) an effective  immune system, we could tell that it is immune-able.

The operational guidelines, values, decision making guidelines, perception, choices, preferences, behavior, “emotional intelligence” of a A complex living system, can be defined as its culture.

The Immune-abilis individuals, may or not transfer their abilities (of  generating, sustaining and developing an immune culture, capable to stand internal and external causative agents id disease) to their legacy, clans, communities, networks, cities, nations and their respective organizations.

According to the registered human history, there has been individuals, Immun-abilis leaders, that have launched therapies (strategies, choices, decisions, procedures, algorithms, sequence of steps)  that have enhanced the effectiveness of the immune system of their cultures complex living systems.

Or by the careful design of a CGE, have reached along few years and even generations, the development of great civilizations, or radical changes in their nations.

Those leaders may have been judged by history and their own clans, clusters, in positive or negative manner, statements that may vary along time, as for perception evolves and understanding of human nature changes.


For example the following male leaders:

  • Mao Zedong
  • Napoleon
  • Carlo Magno
  • Theodor the Great
  • Hitler
  • Mahadma Ghandi
  • Sun Tzu
  • The 14th Dalai Lama
  • Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
  • Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
  • Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV, 1364-1347 B.C.)
  • Donald Trump
  • Guru Nanak
  • Krshna
  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Julius Cesar
  • The Prophet Muhammad
  • Ṣalaḥ ad-Dīn Yusuf ibn Ayyub
  • Moses
  • Huangdi, Yellow Emperor
  • Francis of Assisi
  • John Lennon
  • Mevlana Rumi
  • Morihei Ueshiba
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Archie Fire Lame Deer
  • Rudolf Steiner
  • George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

Or any of the following female leaders:

  • Joan of Arc
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Hildegard von Bingen
  • Clare of Assisi
  • Amma (Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī)
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana wifes of Krishna
  • Princes Diana
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Cleopatra
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Angela Merkel
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Raisa Gorbachev
  • Eva Peron
  • Yoko Ono
  • Frida Kahlo de Rivera
  • Fatimah

Each of them have achieved a certain capacity to perform in an effective manner, make choices or represent own values through their deeds, facing a response of their ecosystems, yet, being stable, sustaining their intent and attitude, gaining respect and love or appreciation of people, at least for certain period of time, and as well enemies. Their capacity to stand the forces and impacts of their counterparts along their life, is a sign of the immunability.


Is a human type of being, identified by its human traits, visual similarity with other humans, but that has great capacity of self-repairing, facing challenges, stand environmental responses, having an stable immune system, from the point of view of a CGE it holds, or carry ( a set of perceptions, judgement of values, operational guidelines, emotional intelligence traits, skills, behavior, preferences…).

As their call, as individuals, through their CGEs  have inspired other people, cultures, generations, clusters and followers.

Their CGE has been capable to do that and more. As leaders of their time, have found a path, a medium, a form of communication with their eco-systems which let them inspire, guide, pull, harness the hearts, wealth, will, perception, preferences, decisions and interest of people they did encounter.

As change makers, role models, or leaders, managed their individual CGEs to be influential and present enough in their own eco-systems that they managed to produce a change, through them, into their networks, clusters, families, clans, locations, networks, culture, government, or nations, they have created a level of impact that will be still today and in the future causing an effect globally and in many generations.

Which qualities had the CGEs of the homo immun-abilis, that by being transferred to their followers and clusters, survived (have been still present and impacting, influencing the legacy and ecosystems) for so many generations after them.

Which qualities had their CGEs, DNA, Matrix-Q Intelligence, Strategies (algorithms) that  even under challenging historical events and conditions, along their time, in which they were (are) alive, and (from the list above) after their deaths, did achieved and still achieve an effective influence at levels of impact registered along history.

In the list of cases, individuals, homo immune-abilies, immune system agents, many of those, are still and will be for several generations in the future still influential, their CGEs will be transferred, induced, communicated as legacy to many more generations without them having to be alive or any contact with their current and future legacy.


Modern corporate leaders bring by to their employees and share holders, partners, a kind of CGE, which is capable to bring them forward through all challenges that mean to develop, advance their organizations, business or projects.

Political leaders, face direct challenges by encounter with the CGEs of other political parties. Corporate leaders will find also a similar challenge when facing the counter part CGEs of their business competition, counter part corporate leaders.

A great difference between political parties and corporate communities, in terms of long term vision, many generations engagement and social impact. As modern culture leaders in corporate, may not be immediately focus on legacy as political leader may. Yet, political and corporate leaders may also choose, being charismatic and influential, to focus only in short terms for their own gain, life process, benefits or achievements, enough important for history to register them and to be immortalized by social memory.

Good examples may be, on the other side, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, John D. Rockefeller, Jakob Fugger, Nicholas II of Russia, Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII, Henry Ford, Michael Bloomberg, Li Ka-shing, Donald John Trump, Ma Yun (Jack Ma),…


In order to manage global business, some advanced leadership abilities, in terms of sustaining their own CGE (CGE Immune Agent Effectiveness Capacity) must be present. Corporate leaders managing several locations world wide may face another kind of challenge that those standing at only one culture or geo-political region or country.

In our modern times, political parties tend to become global as well, a good example is the emerging “Party of the Animals” in the Netherlands and the new modern new age party, and pirates party. Democratic and republican parties with influence world wide, and socialists parties as well. History has register of international collaboration and characters, individuals, that have played international roles, example, becoming archetypes with international value and relevant impact capacity reaching levels of great importance.

The same may apply to leaders of the United Nations, since its founding date, and peace world leaders as: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Nicholas Roerich – Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (Russian: Никола́й Константи́нович Ре́рих); Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Andrew Carnegie, and others

How did these individuals made themselves so influential? how did their message arrived to that many generations ? Their ideas, values, algorithms reached so many people, their decisions impacted and transformed so many lives, nations and cultures ?

What about artists, authors, visionaries? Scientists, Inventors, Technologies, Futurists ? Like Einstein, Feldman, Curie, Bohm, Michio Kaku, Edison, Pasteur, Tesla, Newton, Pascal, Aristotele, Faraday, Marie Curie, Nassim Haramein…


CGE & DNA, Matrix-Q Intelligence, and their strategies, algorithms they prefer to utilize, may define the traits, quality and capacity of the homo immune-abilis.

Which brings the researcher to the question, which are the CGE Geometrical IDs (values) that sign a greater potential, leadership, effectiveness, immune-abilis capacity ?

Between cells communication and collaboration, tissues and organs, complex living system functions and structures, a list of immune system agents may be called. (Human immune system agents may be of a number of kinds) In principle the most simple and basic life unit, the cell, has the ability to function as an immune system agent.

In the corporate, organization, network, clan, community, government, nation, culture (their respective CGE complex immune system) the cell is represented by the human individual, which in this case would become itself its immune system agent.


The researcher, by considering individuals as immune system agents of the human collective organisms (as for:corporate, organization, network, clan, community, government, nation, culture), arrived to the following conclusions, implications, and hypothesis:

  1. An homo Immune-abilis may be capable to influence a whole complex living system.
  2. An homo Immune-abilis may be capable to influence other individuals, evolve/change into his/her/its own CGE.
  3. An homo Immune-abilis may be capable to generate (2) other immune system agents (considering that the immune system they do work for, its blue print, is defined by the homo Immune-abilis CGE.
  4. An homo Immune-abilis may have a given Matrix-Q Intelligence level.
  5. An homo Immune-abilis set of strategies, algorithms, may follow a certain pattern, that can be represented by geometrical values (PTT Primordial Mathematics, Corporate Immunology – Causative agents and immune system agents identification)
  6. The homo Immune-abilis algorithms geometrical values (4), may share similar patterns with the homo Immune-abilis CGEs.
  7. The correlation between homo Immune-abilis DNA and homo Immune-abilis CGE and homo Immune-abilis Algorithms, homo Immune-abilis Matrix-Q Intelligence Level, may be identified through comparative study of their geometrical values.
  8. The study of successful causative agents, with robust immune system, homo Immune-abilis, their CGE, their algorithms, DNA and Matrix-Q Intelligence Level, may bring us to advanced conclusions
  9. The researcher hypothesis is that there is that the CGE is related to the human stage of development of the homo Immune-abilis, (Human Potential Studies, Human Factor, Human Capital, Quantification of the Human Value, Human Stages of Development, Matrix-Q Intelligence) as it is its DNA and Algorithms.
  10. The second level hypothesis is that based on (9), patterns of algorithms, DNA and CGE, and Matrix-Q Intelligence geometrical values, of the homo Immune-abilis, would be found for the 9+ PTT Stages of development and the 9 Golden Spheres of Leadership, defined by Holistic Strategic Management.


A general idea on holistic strategic management applied to leadership and effectiveness is that a balanced capacity in each of the 9 PTT Cyphers, would bring as an outcome a more effective leadership.

The researcher suggest that such of a statement may not belong to reality under any condition.


For example: A leader capable in level 9 in all cyphers may not exist but just as an ideal model of advanced human potential, an archetypical  god per se.

Even Mythical Gods were known by an specific set of skills, traits or powers. Very seldom mythical gods are known as for omnipotent, all sort of powers or skills, expressed at once, as for example Krishna, Kalachakra, Odin, Zeus, and other mythical Sun gods and their many forms.

Is there any chance that actual human beings would have had such level of powers or mythical abilities and not been registered by human history? Eventually, yes, and declared as mythological stories, or legends, characters of story telling, and subconscious empowerment of the people of their nations, as characters of national or cultural mythological value.

But even saints were not easily declared as such by the official religions at their locations and eventually took 100s of years after their respective deaths until were declared as saints.


Human history has registered and not registered heroes, and leaders, capable of applying a particular set of values, perceptions, actions,  decisions, choices, skills, intelligence, that as for their own expertise, knowledge, or ability, were effective. That sequence of choices, made it possible for them to achieve the status for which human universal history recognize them.

If we would be able to bring these individuals to a holodeck, were to simulate the same circumstance again, with the same conditions, would they achieve the same results ? is their CGE in those terms capable to manage the same circumstance and conditions with such level of intelligence, or was luck and momentum the main cause of their achievements ? Even if that would be the case, their ability to manage opportunity and momentum would be as well remarkable and important to register, as representative of the homo immune-abilis.

Which are, were, should be the ideal: level of Matrix-Q Intelligence, Algorithms, CGE, and DNA of an effective leader ?

Are their algorithms time reversible ? Do they Matrix-Q Intelligence give to them capability of Quantum and Holistic Strategic Management and Effective Leadership ? Are they conscious corporate/culture (CGE) immunology agents ?

Which CGEs hold traits, conditions, that under known or unknown circumstances would have more chances to succeed?

It may be possible that a CGE Immune System Agent, may have only medium level of stages of development, but the circumstances, conditions and opportunities presented to him/her/it were enough for it to achieve a remarkable level of effectiveness.

Without a reference on ideal maximum health condition, and maximum potential stage of development, there is no possibility to engage into any comparative study or judgement in terms on how advanced an homo-immune-abilis is, CGE Immune System Agent; nor to predict his/her/its impact on any kind of system (human, organizational, cultural, governance system as for corporations, networks, cities, clans, communities, nations, governments, others).


The following image is the geometric representation of a 36-Gon with its cyphers set as by the 4 polar integration of four 9-Gons. This geometrical value, could be considered as highly advanced. Its holographic, quantum, fractal, time reversible nature (traits, qualities), would make it a more challenging state, to be achieved, by any advanced homo immune-abilis. Certainly a theoretical model that can be utilized as a reference for purpose of prediction, study, generation of data and decision making, in combination with assessment tools and register of data and its variations, respective to individual case study (and their collectives, or legacy) and change of this data along a particular time period.

This type of ideal geometrical structure and others more advanced is being studied by the researcher in its ability to represent, symbol, of an advanced  state of immune-ability or for an individual, organization, human-base structure to become an immune system agent (CGE Immune System Agent).

In general, a wished ideal status of the perfect homo immune-abilis, could be as well represented by its traits in higher potential (stage of development) represented through the golden triad (3,6,9 cyphers)

are similar in any of the 3 triads, 9-Gon and Polar 9-Gon

As well, other PTT Seals could be studied, in general those that represent one single cypher alone, as for the study of their impact as “pure” unidimensional CGE. As those presented in the image below (seals, rights side of the image) and identified through Matrix-Q Intelligence tests. 


Prevention is the most un-expensive and necessary practice for keeping the immune system strong and capable of self-repairing, managing stress and reducing as much as possible the impact of aging.

In particular the Matrix-Q Academy training programs focus on enhancement of human factor, human capital, and organizational structures, design, and culture, for the purpose of advancement of effectiveness.

The result wished through these practices is as of immune system performance enhancement.


As for this article presentation, it should be clear the correlation between human complex living system immunology and corporate immunology.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute provides a training program dedicated to expand leaders and consultants perception, through corporate immunology studies.

The training modules focus on perception, language, function of human organs and tissues, and its related corporate areas, roles and functions, assessment tools, strategic management approaches, anti-aging, prevention, medicines and therapies, as for Matrix-Q Assessment tools, futurist prediction, strategic management consultancy, coaching, trainings and related products.

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