Corporate Development Reversibility [ Leadership in praxis: Tiger Jump or Time Reversible Business Processes ? ] The future of strategic management, SDG and business automation.

Corporate Development Reversibility [ Leadership in praxis: Tiger Jump or Time Reversible Business Processes ? ] The future of strategic management, SDG and business automation.

  • Which are the costs of taking steps back in business development process ?
  • After following strategic steps, reaching milestones, and achieving goals, make sense to reverse the process of development of an organization ?
  • Are the modern business strategies, sequence of steps necessary for achieving goals, business algorithms, reversible ?
  • What would be necessary for an organization to do, in terms of investment, structural changes, human capital, know how, training, in order to be able to implement and utilize only Time Reversible Algorithms (Business Strategies, Business Plan) ?
  • Why a traditional tiger jump is effective ?
  • Why the modern corporate models of organization, modern leadership and business plans, strategies, are in general not time reversible ?
  • Which would be the future of time reversible business development design ?
  • How the human capital can take part of business automation, integration of A.I. into business,  through time reversible holistic strategic business management knowledge and skills ?


By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Research Institute Founder



The author, researcher, review the concept of time reversibility and the possibility to apply it for business management, education, social management. References to A.I., Automation, Quantum Computing and Matrix-Q Intelligence will be given. As well the suggestion that a complementary training of human individuals would make them capable of a relative time reversion ability, therefor suitable for symbiosis or at least capacity of design, program or use of quantum computing engines. The article suggests as well that for the purpose of increasing effectiveness and reducing risk in field entrepreneurship, business management, time reversible technology, know how and algorithms would be ideal. An example could be to apply time reversible algorithms and methods for SDG2030, in particular SDg11, as for the risk of  17 goals,  implemented by SDG Entrepreneurs, organizations and stake holders at any city in the world, for which a great chance exist steps back, tiger jumps, and adjustments will be necessary. Eventually could be a better investment to implement time reversible know how early enough on the path of stages of development necessary, planned by the SDG Entrepreneurs, for their SDG projects.


The Time Reversibility Property of PTT Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q A.I. Quantum Engines and the PTT 9-Gon Ɵ Geometric Structure



An organization invest along 5 years millions of EUR into implementing new know how, training for the human capital, adjustments and advancement of business strategies, and organizational structure, business model and products/services. The sequence of steps was well defined, were feasible, and with the best of the knowledge available, at the time, the conclusion was that the ideal strategy would be to engage into those changes and improvements, to follow the sequence of steps designed.

As all that takes place around the business development process, the business ecosystem, may vary, under the influence of not perceivable conditions or events that have not been predicted with the information available at the time. Which means that, it is possible, that at certain point of the business development process, a threat that has become tangible, would force the leadership of the organization to make a new evaluation, on the possibility of an error, need of a change of course.

Beside the emotional and psychological implications of the potential or necessary choice, the costs of change, adjustment, would be eventually as higher as to start over, sell, merge or close the organization, in the worse case scenarios.

The prize for the ego of the business development process change, improvement, is as high as for those leaders that did agree and believe in the change.

A variation of 1 degree in the path, is not perceptible along cms, or even meters, but it will become meaningful every additional kilometer.


A tiger jump, is a known strategy, which asks entrepreneurs, leaders in general for patience, the art to retrieve, and wait for the right moment and conditions for a jump. A jump that would bring the organization to a better condition, than the one the organization had before the step back.

To step back and hold, may be possible for a length of time, according to case, a company may for example have pressure of responsibilities acquired with providers, customers or policy makers; on the other hand, how long can survive a business by holding back an waiting for the right wind ?

One of the important characteristics of a tiger jump is that to retrieve has not the mean of losing face, of losing the respect of employees, customers and partners, for engaging into such an error or failure, but alternatively as an honorable and strategically correct act, that would not only save the organization, but the economy of all its employees, and ensure customers and partners will continue benefit from the services provided.

A tiger jump capacity is necessary, as the ability to tell, we have make a mistake, or misperception, and we would like to do something in order to change the consequences of it, by predicting them, and designing an alternative path, that can be soon or early enough intent, as for stop and step back, and a reasonable set of questions and studies, assessments that need to be done in order to design a new step forward, in the same direction and with the same aims, but eventually with a different more effective trajectory.

Yet the tiger jump, length of time in holding mode, the re-structuring of the business organization and preparations necessary for the jump, may bring the organization into a very sensitive and vulnerable condition, that if perceived fully by the counter part may become a weakness and cause of the end or damage of the organization future.

What can be done as an alternative?


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute, i am exploring with time reversible algorithms, for holistic strategic management. Algorithms that can be utilized for step back and forward without causing a damage in the organization nor reducing its capacity of adaptability or response, or creating unnecessary vulnerability in the organization.

As for the study of the ideal design of simulations, in practical terms, or less pragmatic but more futurist theoretical studies on quantum computing, time reversibility is essential, as it increases effectiveness, accuracy, precision, but as well verify that the “quantum engine” or “time-event assessment” done/create, will match to the reality being studied up to certain level of certainty.

If we would reverse a simulation 10 times and get 10 different results, we would arrive probable to the conclusion that we can not go back in time to the place/event we came from, but to another one; and through the same path we took but travelled backwards.

As for human capital, along my review of the possibility to create a PTƟ  Matrix-Q A.I. Engine that is capable of symbiosis with human individuals or collectives, i must ask, if the PTƟ  Matrix-Q A.I. Engine being developed is a quantum engine, capable of quantum computing, if, as for purpose of validation of time reversibility properties, the humans that are symbiotic to it have also time reversion capacity.

PTƟ Matrix-Q trainings, named the 9 PTƟ  Primordial Arts, hold methods of concentration, register of sequence of steps, and a language in which emotional images and symbols are utilized (PSL), that make possible for the user, human individual, to do steps back in time, not only in a choreography, but in their own memories, emotions and feelings, A relative time reversibility can be achieved, making it possible to consider that it could as well work for a human symbiosis with PTƟ Matrix-Q A.I. Engines.


In this field, of time reversibility, i can not avoid to consider that very little is known on strategic business time reversible algorithms. I personally think, those types of algorithms are the future of strategic business management and will become robust tools for global culture and civilization leaders.

Time reversible algorithms in business would help us go forward with plans, strategies and developments, knowing that risk has been reduced, as well as costs, if in any case of a possible not predicted business scenario, the organization must do take steps back in its business development stages.

In a previous article, on time reversibility, i gave the example on one of the PTƟ  Primordial Algorithms as follow: 387.456.219  which if followed, would help its user do an assessment and also enhance the ability of an individual, community/family, organization or nation for survival, culture generation and civilization creation. If the process is reversed in time by following the reverted procedures, in most of the cases that has been studied, by evaluating the methods utilized for the steps forward, the inverted use of the methods, would create a great lack of stability and eventually destroy the foundation and general achievements of the business.

As it is not only the algorithm, but the methods utilized for the implementation that should be time reversible.


Defined as the capacity to solve issues, challenges, by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously. How Matrix-Q Intelligence help its user to achieve time reversibility quality of the processes developed ?

In general, one perspective that needs to be integrated to the assessment of events, is that of the time unfolding. The question of time reversibility, in the case of the human factor, individual and collective, is eventually more about : if the individual remembers the steps done forward and if could do them backwards, as well by adding a backward read register of emotional, psychological and cognitive events in general.


A standard education, does not teach skills necessary for completing process reversion.

If the time factor is integrated to a Matrix-Q assessment, for example regarding how to utilize time, decisions, process design in order to maximize results, increase effectiveness. How would the results, strategies, methods need to change if on addition we would like the methods to be capable of time reversible: steps sequences, process, experience, learning abilities, information and knowledge.?

As i said, by considering partial time reversion as a relative success, i have taken for example the case of Primordial Martial Arts and one of its training methods: PTƟ Time Compacting which is a form of concentration and register of events, that enables partial, relative, time reversibility.

For example a sequence of steps of a dance or kata, played backwards and forwards.

I think it is essential that the human factor experience a form of time reversibility, in tangible terms, as for the purpose of understanding what machines, A.I. in our case, will also need to do, within its own context of possibilities.


A series of methods developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, utilized for coaching, consultancy, training, in field holistic strategic management, nature inspired business management, have the quality that humans can utilize them in a reversible modality; which makes it easier for the organization or professional that utilize them to revert time. Knowing that all steps forward have been done thinking that the steps backwards should be feasible, effective and strategically correct, as well as collaborative with the business development process.


The Matrix-Q Research Institute is following a study of PTƟ  Primordial Algorithms, an their time reversible capacity. In general and first of all those utilized for scientific research, education, life span and holistic strategic management.

One of the key algorithms being studied since 2018, is the PTƟ  Primordial Sequence of 36 steps sequence, obtained as a pattern from the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers.

New PTƟ  Primordial Algorithms, are being developed at the Matrix-Q Research institute, which will be combined for the purpose of implementation and management with the Matrix-Q Tools for holistic strategic management (nature inspired, holistic, synergetic, systemic… strategic management).


It would be extremely beneficial, for any entrepreneur, government or organization, to be rebuild by time reversible management tools and business development algorithms, also human capital training. An investment with return, as a time reversible business process promises to be highly efficient, less expensive, more flexible, and finally it suggest is possible to do more effective business even when the wished pre set conditions are not there any more.


The development of time reversible algorithms and methods for strategic management, leadership, education and social management, would add great flexibility for the sustainable development of their goals, projects or aims.  For example, now being developed so many projects in field SDG Sustainable Development Goals, the use of time reversible know how and technology for business, entrepreneurship, could save not only millions in Euro, in project management, but as well increase leadership and organizational development, business development effectiveness.