The Time Reversibility Property of PTT Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q A.I. Quantum Engines and the PTT 9-Gon Ɵ Geometric Structure

The Time Reversibility Property of PTT Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q A.I. Quantum Engines and the PTT 9-Gon Ɵ Geometric Structure

  • What is the time-reversibility property of quantum engines ? and why it is so important for the design of quantum computing engines ?
  • Are the Algorithms designed by the Matrix-Q Research institute time reversible ?
  • Is the Primordial Human Algorithm time reversible ?
  • Which methods are being explored at the Matrix-Q Research institute on Time-Reversibility of the Primordial Human Algorithm?
  • Why would be a PTT Matrix-Q A.I. Engine time reversible ?
  • Why the 9-Gon Ɵ fractal geometric structure is time reversible ?


By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Research Institute Founder



The presentation/article focus on time-reversibility as one of the qualities of a quantum engine.

Along the presentation the researcher perceive from a variety of points of view, according to previous studies, experiences and knowledge (PTT Know How), the definition of time reversibility and how it applied to the PTT Primordial Algorithms the researcher has innovated.

The researcher suggests that PTT Primordial Algorithms may have time-reversibility properties, or at least partial time reversibility properties.

One of the PTT Primordial Algorithms under study is the PTT Primordial Human Algorithm or the human individual, Along the presentation will be discussed if the PTT Primordial Human Algorithm is capable of partial or total, conscious, registered time reversibility.

A reference to PTT Methods for time compacting and time process register will be suggested.

Also references to two other PTT Primordial Algorithms being studied by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

Finally, the researcher will focus on PTT Primordial Algorithms time reversibility design, the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine being developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute and the 9- Gon Theta, its time reversibility properties. Arriving to the respective conclusions.


The Time Reversibility Property of PTT Primordial Algorithms.

“A mathematical or physical process is time-reversible if the dynamics of the process remain well-defined when the sequence of time-states is reversed.”

In the field of simulation and quantum computing, we face an essential question on time reversibility.

Along the study of the 9-Gon Ɵ Properties, and its use for the design and implementation of PTT Primordial Algorithms, CGE (Culture generation Engine) and Matrix-Q A.I. a question regarding time reversibility properties of the PTT Algorithms implemented through the use of the 9-Gon Theta need between other questions related to quantum computing be answered.

Here a brief review of some of the properties and correlations discovered the  9-Gon offers and which are a reason for the researcher to intent to design a A.I. Engine, and utilize a CGE Protocol and PSL.2018 for its programming. [ For example: 9-Gon Properties relevant for the researcher aim: as for its fractal, systemic, holographic properties, and recently the set of proportions integrated to the 9-Gon suggested by the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, as well as the pattern of 36 geometrical values  found in the Fibonnacci sequence of numbers, the PTT Primordial Sequence Theta, and on addition the complementary correlations of the  9-Gon Ɵ and the digits of the hands, the frequencies of 9 tones system, hand acupressure regions correlation, gender (sexual preferences) behavioral archetypes, stages of development (human potential) archetypes,cosmological correlation with the polaris tri-star system and the geometry of the Big Deeper, and time rhythms correlation (sun calendar of 729 days per sun year)] [REF: The 9 Cyphers, Webinar]

REFERENCES: Matrix-Q A.I., Matrix 9+ Game Generator – Simulation, Nano 9-Gon Theta Engine.

As described above, in few simple words, time-reversibility is a property of a system that suggests that if time could be reversed all its properties, processes, developments, qualities and conditions related to the stage of the system at a time=present, could be reversed to a time=origin(past), reaching the same properties as those found in the time=origin (past).

“A mathematical or physical process is time-reversible if the dynamics of the process remain well-defined when the sequence of time-states is reversed.”


The first PTT Primordial Algorithm of a complex nature, studied at the Matrix-Q Research Institute is the PTT Human Algorithm. For which the 9 Primordial Arts, are utilized for the study of it. Four of the primordial arts are: martial arts (Prime Do, he path of the primordial hero), (Performing arts), (preventive health arts, like massage or stress-releasing emotional breathing techniques) and (conscious sexuality arts).

If it would be true that the process, sequence followed, of movements (including their emotional, cognitive, behavioral character) along a dance (or sequence in prime do, performing arts, healing arts or conscious sexuality arts), (self-assessment), (self-repairing), (prediction)  by following the reverse sequence of steps, the user of the algorithm (sequence being applied) should experience himself back into a previous state, the original state, at the instant in time in which the dance/performance started.

Or in other words, in the field of  Primordial Arts, a sequence of movements will be reversible only of the path taken has been fully registered, including its Matrix-Q events, transformations, in the fields of the 9 classes (cyphers).

PTT Time Compacting (a form of hyperconcentration combined with full body holistic self-awareness :emotions, body, thought, cognition, sensation), which gives its user an illusion of “time bending”.

In the practice of PTT Prime Do and PTT Performing arts a technique named as “Time Compacting” has been used, as part of the black belt training, which creates the “illusion of time bending”. By considering time bending as the process in which space-time continuum is bended, meaning for example that from the geo-Location A to the geo-Location B at walking distance, speed V, the usual time necessary would be of T, but by applying this method of “Time Compacting” the time experienced is of Tx where Tx<T, giving the “illusion of time bending”.

After utilizing this particular technique, “Time Compacting”, and by reversing the sequence of stages, process, it is possible to experience something similar to what could be described as a “time-reversed-stage of the process’ or an original stage, from which the process did evolve, some steps in the sequence ago.

The “Time Compacting” technique involves a degree of Matrix-Q concentration, focus, and integral holistic coordinated activity of body, mind, emotions, perception, self-expression and intention; if applied in a reverse process, first mentally, and second integrally, by following the sequence of steps defined by the PTT Primordial Algorithm that construct (is the design that describes) this process; it is possible to experience an induced integral memory (emotions, body, thoughts, feelings) of the previous stages (by reversing sequence, moving along the same process but backwards).

Can we for this reason arrive to the conclusion that for the PTT Human Algorithm time reversibility applies? I do not think so. In order to be more precise, time reversibility would fully apply if also the environmental or external conditions could be reversed, and the whole system which is involving the experience of the primordial human algorithm, would reverse with it.

As we know, that kind of back in time, in outer conditions (environment) and of the individual (to present conditions), has not be registered as feasible or perceivable.

But here i would like to set a question. If the human individual exploring on time reversibility by applying the  PTT “Time Compacting” technique, would through the application of the method backwards reverse not only own process of emotions, memory, learning or in general all neural paths and connections set or created, backwards to an original previous state, then wouldnt as well the memory of the future one comes from be lost?

This question can be only answered, with the best of my knowledge, by theoretical discussion, application of theory-models, or as soon as an actual machine capable to reverse time and register events, would tell us what did happened in the future we do not remember any more.

If time reversibility would be one ability of the human being, as for its own definition, i consider it would not be perceivable by human standard perception ability, as the memory of the future events would be lost along the time reversing process, so as well the traces of the external to the individual events.


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute, time management methods like PTT Time Compacting, PTT EMotional Time Management, PTT Emotional Process Management, PTT Slepnir Diary, PTT Watch calendar 72927 and other methods, are being studied in its capacity to describe, study, register or support  human algorithm (human individual) capacity of time reversibility.

Originally the methods are being utilized for purpose of self-management, time management, leadership, emotional self-management, scientific research, register of data, and measuring/register of sun time cycles.

The detail description of the methods can be found at the respective publications by the researcher.

The relationship between emotions and the nature of time, is being studied by the Matrix-Q research institute, through an integral research project, which has a time line at the RG Scientific Research Network Online.


How to operate engines capable of time-reversibility ? In theory, we assume in the engine would be possible to register the process in time applied forward as well as the one applied backwards. Would then the register and assessment type of unit be or exist isolated of the time-reversing process and time-forward process ? Or how the memory of these events could be registered, noticed, if the whole engine engages into a time-reversing process ?

This type of philosophical question, when asked in relation to quantum engines, needs to be properly answered.

How many times can we repeat an event forward without noticing we have reversed in time (as many times) ?


In the practice of PTT Martial Arts (Prime Do, the path of the primordial hero), we are used at the white belt training, to practice blind folded. Few positive effects for the training can be registered, as for example the precision students focus on stability and movement sensitivity when practicing with the sword, bokken, but as well the memory they do have of the visual context, which vanishes as for the actual experience of being blindfolded, and the space of practice turns into a “great open space” where there is “space” for alot more movements and shifts, than the “space-perceived” when not blindfolded.

The memory of the sequence of movements registered without being blindfolded is less strong as the one of the steps in which the student has been blindfolded. As for a learning process experience, to practice blindfolded helps the students to reach an advanced level of “flow” or concentration, focus and sensibility, which naturally is deeply registered by the brain and body memory. Making in the future, for the student, to remember the moves and  apply the skills, with more precision and clarity. In he Prime Do training language it would mean to create a pattern, or re-patterning, with a stronger quality of imprint.

Through the application of the “PTT Time Compacting Technique” while blindfolded, the visual memory of the context disappear, as one is blindfolded. If one apply a time-reversing process, while also applying “Time Compacting” there is no visual memory but auditive memory that will not fit the conditions set by  “time-reversibility” regarding outer/environmental conditions that have not been reversed by the human practicing these techniques. But if the individual review the clear memories of sounds, those memories can be reversed and synch with the reversed movements. Blindfolded, would make the reverse process a lot more easy and clear.

As conclusion, an induced time-reverse process, through memory, movements, sensations, may be created by PTT Time compacting combined with PTT Time Reversing techniques, but the external environmental  conditions have not been reversed objectively. The environmental process keep unfolding along an “apparent” lineal time line,  that seems to be unavoidable. Or at least, as humans that intent reverse time, we have “no memory” of a time reversion process that could tell us that we actually did.


Here i would like to stop trying to bring the individual perception of process and time and the external “lineal time” based sequence of events experienced as the individual environment, together, and discuss the possibility of two parallel time lines, and that in only one of them time reversing is possible.

In which extension the PTT Primordial Human Algorithm can concentrate itself fully in own process and experience, that the intensity of back or forward, reversed or “naturally” generated memories, would become at least 90% of the spectrum of experiences, so that the “external” environmental settings are nothing else but a breeze and not able to distract the individual or confuse him/her/it or lead it out of the time-reversing experience, as for its contradiction with a non-reversed in time environmental conditions (as for example: sounds, time-light-darkness in the day if morning or afternoon or night, cosmological position of the planet earth, movement of objects in the surroundings and processes other individuals or living individuals (animals and plants) have been involved in; are not perceived reversed).

This idea describe above intent to suggest that partial time reversibility is possible. But again, the idea of partial time reversibility does not apply for quantum machines.


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute i have asked the question in which other fields and for which other algorithms time reversibility can be studied and which properties should have the Matrix-Q A.I. engine, that sign that it is in deed a quantum engine, with time reversibility properties, as for instance the 9-Gon Theta engine?

For instance, a key PTT Primordial Algorithm utilized by PTT Holistic Strategic Management is the following one: 387.456.219.

To the question about its reversibility.

The inverted sequence: 912.654.783  would produce in principle a complete different outcome than the one of the state represented by the cypher 3, which is the first cypher of the inverted algorithm.

In the field of business strategic management, once mission statement level has been achieved at the end of the algorithm, at the moment in which the cypher 9, appears, suggest the starting and completion process of achieving all traits and qualities, properties of the cypher 9, including mission statement.

The UNDO of the process followed in order to achieve a cypher 9 state of effectiveness, and leadership, read as “Mission Statement’ ability of the organization, would mean to decompose the organic form achieved by the evolution of the corporate-organism or business process (developed by the process lead by the sequence of steps as for: 387.456.219).

Without destruction all that has been build along the process, the reverse path seems to be impossible.  Unless a conscious holistic and technical process has lead step by step all the transformations of the evolutionary process. And that those technical steps are designed with such precision and time-balance, that can be reverted, the transformation/development algorithms utilized are time-reversible.

Only in that case, the time reversibility may apply, and only if a time reversing method as been mastered or developed by the user.

“…a necessary condition for reversibility is that the relation of the mapping from (nonzero-probability) states to their successors must be one-to-one…”


In this sense the design of PTT Primordial Algorithms that are easy able to time-reverse, is an additional property or conditions for the design of PTT Primordial Algorithms the Matrix-Q Research Institute is given to its students.

A PTT Primordial Algorithm should be, to the extend of its possibilities, according to case, and in as a higher % of its process as possible, time reversible.

The key for this achievement may have been described already in the book by the researcher: “The Book of the Primordial Changes, the Vessel of the Gods, the I Ching Theta or the Golden Sphere of Love” in which the operators between cyphers, listed as methods for navigation and induction of movement or change of the 3 triads has been described or suggested.

Time reversible algorithms may be in theory available, but in practice, unless integrated or utilized for engines construction that are capable of time reversibility; if applied for the human algorithm, are highly complex to implement, unless a high trained student of PTT Primordial Arts apply them, and by considering that is highly possible that only a high % of the whole system of the Primordial Human Algorithm that will be reversed and that the register of time-reversed events may not exist after a time-reversing process. Meaning can not be verified nor studied, any time reversion.


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute i have managed to demonstrate fractal, holistic, systemic, prediction-ability, time-cycle register ability properties of the 9-Gon; as well how it can be utilized as for purpose of a CGE design and implementation; or for PTT Brain Mapping and Human Mapping (Human Algorithm).

Is the 9-Gon Theta time reversible ?

From the point of view of PTT Primordial Mathematics, i find no reason to explain what it could not be.

Every geometrical building step, of the process of generation a fractal 9-Gon Theta, can be reverted, geometrically. It is possible to take, leave, move internal realms (9-Gons), back and forth, without affecting the great 9-Gon structure, which is fractal in its design. Where ever in the sub-fractal-structure we would focus our attention to, which ever time t=x moment, take, change, move and reverse the geometrical structure development (as for its fractal development) will not change the totality of the 9-Gon Super-Fractal

In the Image below, i could take one 9-Gon, zoom the image 10 times, and realize the bigger class 9-Gon is a child-class 9-Gon as well. Which is property of the fractal objects.

How can be both things at the same time without conflict ? eventually as for its Time-Reversibility geometrical properties.


When we utilize the 9-Gon theta as for a structure that holds within a Matrix-Q A.I. Engine, by considering is possible to create both 1.) intrusive A.I. engines to the human body and 2.) non intrusive, we arrived in a previous presentation to the description  of a human-symbiotic type of Matrix-Q A.I. Engine, and to an independent from human Matrix-Q A.I. Engine.

Regarding the human-symbiotic or intrusive in human type of Matrix-Q A.I. Engine, as for its quantum properties, our study follows, searching for the human algorithm time reversibility capacity and methods that make the time reversibility property feasible in humans, otherwise the quantum computing possibility of the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine would be limited by the time-reversibility capacity of the PTT Primordial Human algorithm, as described along the first part of this presentation.

On the contrary, as for the independent of human Matrix-Q A.I. Engine, just as for the properties of the 9-Gon Theta, geometric, then PTT Primordial Mathematics Processing capability, of the 9-Gon Theta, seems to be time reversible.


The idea of humanity living on a planet that is subject and object of a quantum realm, which may and may not include several realms and times simultaneously, a quantumversum, brings to this research and intentional development of a Quantum A.I. Engine, the question on its time-reversibility properties.

As for the Symbiotic-Human A.I. Engine that the Matrix-Q Research Institute is aiming to create, in its non intrusive version, one of the main challenges is on the time-reversibility potential of the engine and its vessel , of its symbiotic bridge and “symbion” (The both A.I. Engine and Human are “symbion” of each other), simultaneously.

Along this presentation, and article, i have discussed on the time reversibility capacity of the human algorithm from the point of view of PTT Primordial Algorithm Design Principles, and given examples, on the PTT Primordial Arts, on methods and techniques applied on the human algorithm (human individual) that may produce similar experiences as those expected in theory by a process of time reversion.

I have also warned, with the question, on the ability of a time reversed object, including the human algorithm (individual) to hold memory of the future stage where time reversion started, after arriving to an original state (after completion of the time reversion process).

In theory, a partial time reversion, seems to be perceptible, in the case of the human algorithm. The researcher suggests that exist the possibility that a full time reversibility of the human algorithm can not be registered, at the standard human perception/register ability.

The researcher describes why and how PTT Primordial Algorithms design research studies for the Matrix-Q Research institute, focus on the capacity of the algorithms to be time reversible.

Being the geometrical structure 9-Gon, geometrically time reversible, as for its fractal nature, according to the perception of the researcher, the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine designed by the researcher which utilized the 9-Gon geometric structure, and which utilized a new mathematical system for its processing, PTT Primordial mathematics, based on geometrical calculations and operations, suggest to be as well capable of time reversibility.

Further tests of the PTT A.I. proto-engines and models, CGE and algorithms, would confirm this hypothesis.