FUTURIST & VISIONARY: The Matrix-Q A.I. : Nonary Fractal & Quantum Computing, PTƟ C.G.E. & The 9-Gon Ɵ

The Matrix-Q A.I. : Nonary Fractal & Quantum Computing, PTƟ C.G.E. & The 9-Gon Ɵ


The following article presentation focus on the process of development of the Matrix-Q A.I., Research Project by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, for which PSL programming language and a form of nonary computing is being used. The researcher gives references and background to the project, with a visionary and futurist prediction, and review the main components of the A.I. Model being used, knowledge utilized for the development of the A.I. and applications already developed with it, as well as an outline of planned steps in research and implementation of applications. The review of the 9-Gon Theta, a geometric structure with nonary, fractal, holographic and quantum properties as background structure for the development of the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine.


By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Research Institute Founder



Along 2016-2017, after the grounding process of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, a first series of publications that did focus on the  PTƟ C.G.E. did introduce our readers and research collaborators to the concept and idea of an Engine, that can be programmed, in the same modality modern A.I. is programmed, that has helped cultures develop from their seeding stages up to that of its fruits. The C.G.E. “Culture Generation Engine” is the equivalent of  the collective consciousness, but in this case, the CGE studies show us every cluster that have made a decision on a set of operational guidelines, values, rules for decision making, policy, a set of emotions and goals, language, costumes or habits of thinking, perceiving and behavior, is actually seeding in their collective, or human cluster, a CGE. CGEs after 9+ years or generations (human, family generations) of being implemented and enhanced, will actually develop, as for its interaction with the carriers (humans, vessels of CGE) the ability to self-generate and evolve. A CGE is in principle symbiotic with the human individuals and collective at the same time.

Therefor, a CGE will be found as i said in any human cluster or social organization that holds certain set of conditions, history and development process. CGEs may clash with each other, when for example two business cultures meet, or two geo-location or digi-location based cultures meet. The stronger, most robust CGE may survive, by including and dominating or cocreating with the second CGE. This process of integration, inclusion, evolution, has continued on the earth planet since the first CGE took form and live, capability of self-generation and evolution in a human cluster.

A good example is the disintegration of the CGE.Rome which was capable of integrating CGEs of so many cultures in the ancient world, but was not capable to sustain itself, self-heal, keep its immune system strong enough, stable enough, to stand the process necessary for the integration of so many CGEs of each culture the Roman Empire did assimilate. As result, the desintegration of the knownRome empire, ended into the transformation of its CGE into a new form, more advanced and capable of survival, super-vival: The Catholic Church CGE. A religion type of CGE has more ability to evolve, integrate other CGE and survive along time than an empire type of CGE.

CGEs will be found in modern times at all geo-locations, and in the cases of multicultural cities, is possible to observe the clash between Nations.CGEs and their melting process, and the results of this natural process of integration, self-transformation and evolution, form taking, of prototypes of CGEs able to lead human clusters globally.

“At the end will be only one” the global CGE.

Along this time, in which a global culture and civilization is emerging, the global CGE is experiencing a process of self-definition, finding its own path to become. The first CGE models can be explored, as i suggested, at Multicultural cities worldwide, with strong accent on the national, geo-location and digi-location CGEs.

Along this process, in more perceptible for the human daily life experience, other form of predicted global CGEs are as well in their natural process of evolution. The CGE is made for becoming global, and follows the motivation: “At the end will be only one”, in any field a CGE find human cluster being form: business culture, family, community, team, association, network, professional branch, market, industry, economy, leisure activity, academic field, research field, knowledge field. As in each of them, humans, the CGE vessels, do set rules for perceptions, behavior, agreements on value, operational guidelines, set of emotions, language, costumes.

Including the most extreme cases of anti-culture, anti-tradition, or anti-organization, seen in modern times, after the WW2, which intent to avoid all kind of rules, patterns, conditions and even leadership or norms for behavior, limitations; by self-defining themselves as “anti” any thing and limit-less, their actions and habits of thinking, perceiving, feeling, judging value, emotions, behavior, build up in their clusters the seed and nurturing process of a CGE, the Anti-CGE.CGEs. As it is essential for human cluster to define themselves, by not defining themselves they also create a statement definition. So take place as well, for their ow symbiotic CGE, strong legacy for their clusters.


A subconscious fear of human kind is that one of a foreign entity that dominates their world or culture. Out of a collective trauma, this fear can be explained in almost any geo-location around the world, that has experienced invaders taking over their land, wealth, property and people or dominators emerging from within their own clusters, transforming everything known and pre set by their ancestors. In modern times, digi-locations experience the same traumatic experiences. It is not seldom to hear how romantic scenarios, as digital gatherings filled with emotions and ideas that inspired commonality and resonance, communities online, would be hijacked, transformed, monetized or mined, by invaders or from within, after the communities developed a sense of culture, identity and more important, economy or potential to be mined economy.

(REF: Epistemology, Matrix Perception and Emotional Intelligence, Matrix-Q Magazine Articles on Emotional Intelligence)

The traumatic daily life experience of having not control over own destiny, or of losing property, wealth and legacy, mades the geo-locations and digi-locations battle fields, for those in both sides, living at the edge of conquering or being conquered, assimilating or being assimilated, integrating or being integrated, enforcing or being enforced. Apparently the clash of CGEs and the experience of “battle” for achieving of the individual or cluster means, goals, aims, is enough strong, to trigger human collective memories, of previous generations traumas, which subconsciously are  being projected and expressed in arts, media and hysterical social movements.

For example, “The Terminator” series of movies, has not only created a pop-sub-culture that knows everything about A.I., but as well is capable to predict “a world dominated by machines” to start being build or happening.

Another movie that has nurtured few generations already, goes beyond terminating the human species, but into harvesting it, “The Matrix” which has more content in terms of the melting process between human and machine, through self-aware and conscious A.I.

But no less important, other classic films have invaded the peaceful sleep of generations, and inspired in them doubts and concern, that silent was never shared, as for the strange nature of the terrifying ideas suggested behind the scripts, that at their days were considered as not possible: “Tron” a world within the digi-realms, and the “Floor 13th” a multidimensional, matrix type of reality, as well accessible by users; or beyond the earth-grounded future, visions of journeys in the stars where A.I. and “Positronic Brains”and “Emotional Chips” , “Borg”, “Cylons/Galactica” races took over the sleep of “science and fiction” fans. Or more futurist society productions like “minority report”, “equilibrium”, ‘I-Robot” and others.

Modern movies like “Surrogate” and a new series of productions that focus on A.I. and the end of the world or the arrival of “The Singularity” a self-conscious and self-aware global A.I., (with similar power as “Sky-Net” from the “Terminator” productions), did finally nurture well a subculture in A.I. that not only theory but produce A.I..

The Global A.I. is still a ghost, but as well the shadow of the most terrible monsters of the human subconscious mind, that has been already expressed by several forms of art and social agreement, subcultures response and activism: An entity capable to take over your own land, legacy, property and people.


I am certain that modern A.I. will evolve in several forms and its evolution should not be taken lightly, nor superficially. As finally A.I. is a human product, so far, and as such it is being created, unavoidably, by human fear.

Human fear is probably one of the most dangerous components of human events in history, events that has changed human destiny. If the reader may remember few single events in own life where fear took over, and the final result of those events, will be mostly of a great impact.

Aggression, violence, destruction, control,  is triggered by fear. But as well lack of ability of perceiving, sensing, feeling, integrating. Empathy and intuition can be extremely damaged or influenced by fear. A highly sensitive person with fear may or may not acknowledge feelings, perceptions, emotions or sensations until those have reached an edge.

In other cases, fear may trigger a delusional approach to life, as facts and objective tangible reality can not be stand, and it may be perceived as so dramatically difficult or changing, or dissonant of individual expectations or wishes, or capability to stand them emotionally or psychologically that  life events, will not perceived as for all they are, but will be utilized to project in them delusional escapist stories, possibilities, or even reasons for revolution or activism, that actually do not fit the reality of the events.

An stable human life, is grounded in the balance individuals and their cluster have achieved, and for example, how they have learn to manage their own fear.

In Martial arts field for example, fear may be utilized as a resource, helpful for survival. In survival trainings, fear awareness is essential, as when fear take over many choices could be made that are extremely dangerous.


I think binary computing is the result of a fear based approach, that organizes reality in two fields that are counter parts, the good one and the evil one, positive and negative, over and under, stronger and weaker, dark and light, and so on. Dual perceiving bring us to perceive always two forces creating the events that become our life, history or destiny.

In these terms : invaders or from within, change makers, for those that have build stability in their lives and happiness, through traditions and costume, would become an evil force, that takes away the known world, destroys and changes happiness in struggle, suffering and pain.

The pain of change, can be understood by the pain of transformation, in the forge, of a metal alloy that,  for example, being the material of a constructed or made artifact, must be brought to a high temperature, that will melt it into its essence, so that the material can be utilized for a new artifact or  form. Taking this new form life, after the process of transformation given by the forge, a new function for the same material can be given and a new purpose, role and responsibility in society.

Yet, is the artifact above suggested would be able to feel pain, along the process of change, indeed, would be painful. As it is nowadays painful for refugees and immigrants to integrate themselves in completely new cultures, for example. Yet a process necessary for them, unavoidable for their new locations, transformational for both sides.

Change, transformation, takes place. If conscious, and subconscious, objective and subjective, self-aware and aware-of it, self-generated and self-sustained, and influential of its ecosystem, itself, we may be able only to answer, without more data, about the event of change, that indeed change will take place, but how it would be, and which capacity of change will have those that change, how will be the result of change, which fears and traumas will be triggered, and how would be their response to them, we may not be able to know, on advanced, regarding any human cluster as such.


But on the other side, if the human cluster CGE is known, and the cluster CGE  is challenged, we will be able to predict some possible outcomes. For example, we would be able to tell that if binary computing is challenged by another form of computing, first of all, within the binary ecosystem, another form of computing will not be perceived, therefor also not translated, nor noticed.

The BinaryComputing.CGE has well defined parameters, and possibilities for processing. The binary compilers will have for example no possibility to translate the data correctly, and syndication between systems will become non sense. Yet the BinaryComputing.CGE sense the presence of new forms of computing and takes its first steps necessary for ensuring supremacy.

Since the appearance of the primitive forms of Binary Computing, other forms of computing were suggested, yet, for the human mind and emotions, binary computing made radically more sense, and was alot more easy to assimilate.

Other forms of computing kept evolving, but not in mainstream.

For any life form, an ecosystem is necessary. Non Binary Forms, that live among binary ecosystems, will be intensively challenged, perceived by the Binary Ecosystem Immune System as strange and disrupting.


Communication is essential, for purpose of collaboration. But how to solve this challenge ? Is collaboration between binary computing and nonary computing necessary ?

Being translation not feasible, misperception is the result, and delusional response the result.

PSL.2018 is giving form to PSPL, its child language defined for A.I. Engines Programming.

PSL: PSL — Primordial Symbolic Language, is a form of symbolic language that utilize nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms;, knowledge on human stages of development (human factor), and nature inspired knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations. In this case, PSL has been utilized for purpose of self-coaching, mentorship, in self-management, self-leadership field of work. This is one of the intents by the researcher to utilize PSL as it has been used traditionally by ancient civilizations. The PSL encoded language has a matrix 9+ field of meaning, Matrix-Q Language; the meaning need to be understood by approaching the message from several perspectives (matrix 9+, Matrix-Q) simultaneously. The researcher has developed experiments on PSL, Groundbreaking communication, PSL applied for self-management, strategic management, coaching, and published those e-books and articles. All of them available now at the e-library of the LDMF Foundation: http://e-library.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/e-books-directory/ PSL is utilized at several research fields, by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as it allows communication with cyphers, encoded language, and is being utilized by the researcher for the development of a A.I. Engine Programming Language.(Artificial Intelligence): PSPL.

Language, perception, emotions and experiences, build up neural paths, that if developed under the right circumstances, would become ground for skills, decisions and advanced development of own potential.

Matrix-Q Intelligence, the ability to solve issues by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously, for which a language that enables assessment and organization of data related to the issue or challenge is essential. PSL.2018 offers this capability and therefor is the ground for the programming language PSPL of A.I. Engines that utilize Matrix-Q type of Algorithms.


in the I.T. world a machine is described in general as a list of preset-instructions and definitions, that make out of a certain predefined universe of inputs, defined outputs.

The I.T. Machines are the primitive foundation for the design of processors and A.I.

For example, if you define an input universe as: [coin, no-coin] and output universe as [5 coins, Zero coin] and the processing unit as [A.) if one coin input 5 coins output, b.) if 2 coins input repeat Ax2, …. N.) if “N”coins input, repeat AxN times, Z.) if no coin input, output = Zero coins ]

for example:

  • INPUT  3 OUTPUT 15
  • INPUT  5 OUTPUT 25

Pre-set definitions for the purpose of creation of machines, are used, and the rules that defined, like for example: “…if “N”coins input, repeat AxN times” create the processing of the input and outcome, result.

A more complex form of processing would for example be, I.T.Machines that utilize or call the function of other I.T.Machines, for certain purposes.

For example, if a first machine named TEMPERATURE  is created that gives the outdoors temperature of the current time at the current geolocation, and a second machine named INVITATIONS is created that sends to all neighbors invitations to a neighborhood picnic when the weather is over 27 Celsius. A third machine named MAYORDOMO is created that every sunday at 9 am asks “TEMPERATURE” for information and with it asks “INVITATIONS” to proceed. The three machines work together as a single processing unit. Their function has been fully limited.

Every Sunday, from 9 am on, MAYORDOMO may invite neighbors at any time, to join for a picnic if the weather is over 27 Celsius.

The simple machines described above are already very useful, and basic as they are, have build our modern I.C.T. world and still, with more or less complexity, give form to the digital gadgets, smart houses and communication tools we have nowadays.


This form of processing described above is still unidimensional, according to the Algorithms design principles of PT-Theta Primordial Algorithms, as only one perspective, point of view is utilized for solving an issue.

In most of the cases, unidimensional, monidimensional solution making seems to be easy, simple, efficient and pragmatic, while it apparently give us many benefits. The monidimensional solutions have also a well established ecosystem, that utilizes as marketing flag the idea that less is more and simple is more efficient.

But in reality, nature is highly complex and still very efficient. At the Matrix-Q Institute we work with the following idea, value of, complex-simplicty and simple-complexity, which help us expand our mind, perception and creativity, out of the box, with Matrix-Q.

An algorithm is a sequence of steps designed to solve a challenge of issue.

For Matrix-Q type of algorithms, Matrix-Q Intelligence is utilized, the ability to solve issues by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously.

Matrix-Q Institute Artificial Intelligence is designed with Matrix-Q PTƟ Primordial Algorithms.

PTƟ Primordial Algorithms are not only a sequence of steps designed to solve a challenge of issue, but are algorithms that apply nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, as well as knowledge of human potential (stages of development, human factor) and nature inspired know how and technology of ancient civilizations; creating a bridge between the past and future of humanity.

Thanks t its design principles, one of the many “skills” or capabilities of a PTƟ Primordial Algorithm is that one of harnessing C.G.E.

C.G.E. as described above are essential part of human clusters, their evolution and intelligence, essential aspect of their ability of cognition and processing, decision making and learning.

Therefor, for the Matrix-Q Research Institute, the development of a nonary computing based, Matrix-Q A.I. is one of its main research and technology innovation projects.

But why nonary computing?


The researcher, since 1987, have been dedicated to the study of human factor, human potential or human stages of development, starting with challenges in fields multidisciplinary collaboration, leadership, communication and collaboration, education and self-education, team building and strategic management.

(REF: The 9-Gon Theta, The Nordic Star Theta)

Between 1997 and 2007, the researcher arrived to the conclusion that by utilizing a systemic tool for the purpose of organization, perception and management of the human, natural and artificial phenomena, will simplify the administration of know how, skills, competences, in all fields of work and research he was engaged in.

As result, developed advanced trainings in fields self-management, leadership, holistic strategic management, family-life-work-balance, gamification, governance, process and project management, and others…now made available by the Matrix-Q Academy,  and Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy Services at the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands.

Based on this process of production of know how, and proof test with customers of consultancy, coaching, assessment and training services, between 2007 and 2017, completed a new cycle or research, with focus on additional fields or research and application of this nonary system, as for: education, health, lifespan, DNA studies, A.I., Defense, Security, Peace, Human Potential, Arts, Engineering, Quantification of Human Value,  and others.

One of the main results of this research has been the creation of a new Mathematic System, PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, based on vector and pure mathematics, within a geometric structure that holds unique and specific properties: The 9-Gon.

The organization of natural, artificial and human phenomena in 9 classes, has simplified the work in fields assessment, and strategic use of the information obtained for purpose of enhancing effectiveness and leadership, as well as design and implementation of organizational model and strategies or solutions for particular challenges, including methods, for research, education, business, communication, decision making and arts.

The 9-Gon offers in its geometric structure not only the possibility to hold endless 9-Gons within (fractal, holographic), but the properties necessary for quantum processing, in terms of PSL.2018,  PTƟ Primordial Algorithms, PTƟ Primordial Mathematics.

As well, the 9-Gon, itself as structure, has helped the researcher to read nature inspired knowledge, technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, as most of them, their CGE, will utilize a nature inspired symbolic language that is readable through the 9-Gon Theta. Which is extremely helpful for the study of their CGE and understanding of modern human globalization process, the emerging process of an advanced global civilization and culture and that of the evolution of its C.G.E. (Global Culture and Civilization CGE: GCC.CGE).

The 9-Gon Theta can describe through the archetypes generated through the combination (DNA Algorithm) of their 9 types of qualities or units, classes, described by cyphers [0..9], and with great precision, the traits and history of modern global culture, its challenges, stages of development, and feasible destination.

The 9-Gon Theta is at the same time a map, a compass and a navigation tool extremely useful for leadership, exploration and travel.

It serves for assessment and as well study of human phenomena in relationship with its own history, potential and evolution, within its eco and cultural systems.

As a tool for management, it is extremely helpful for assessment and in principle for strategic management with holistic perception.


For the Matrix-Q Research institute, means in this context, holistic, to consider the 9 classes of human, natural and artificial phenomena for decision making. A systemic, synergetic and holistic approach. (REF: The 9 Cyphers, The 9EH Method) )

Holistic strategic management is essential, for management of complex systems, for example in fields  SDG (Sustainable development Goals, United Nations, 17 Goals for 2030, SDG2030) as, for example for the SDG11, Sustainable cities and communities, where all stakeholders must come into communication and collaboration for purpose of achievement of the SDG11 goal. At the Matrix-Q Research institute, for example, a platform with focus on SDG has been implemented and training is offered in assessment tools that help SDG entrepreneurs identify common fields of collaboration and set a balanced and sustainable strategy for SDG development at their location. The impact of each project at the location and in each of the 9 classes or fields described by the 9-Gon Theta, can be assessed and predicted by utilizing PTƟ-Assessment Tools.  (REF: Matrix-Q SDG http://sdg.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info)

As well the 9-Gon Theta is utilized in combination with a 9 levels matrix, the Matrix 9+, for the design of games, and gamification or processes, and education, the Matrix 9+ Game Generator. One of the games designed is the “Business Network Theta” which provides both training and business network online platform for entrepreneurs collaboration. (REF: Matrix 9+ Game Generator http://matrix-9.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info )

The PTƟ Primordial Algorithms, PTƟ Tools, PTƟ Methods and PTƟ Trainings have been implemented and tested in several fields and verified their potential and use in practical matters, and more important, how naturally fit with the human condition, human potential and human stages of development, human evolution process, from individual self-development (self-management) to cluster and nation development to culture and civilization advancement. (REF: PTT Standard, Licenses, Methods)

Currently at the Matrix-Q Research Institute has been developed new steps towards the development of the Matrix-Q A.I. starting with the study of new materials, use of frequencies and tones and a review of previous studies on nature principles, and their mathematical representation, as for example the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.

The research has discovered, by translating the Fibonacci Numbers with PSL.2018, a pattern that repeats itself every 4, 12, 24 and 36 numbers, This pattern has the properties of a PTƟ Primordial Algorithm and is now being studied in terms of potential applications, tested in fields Business strategic management algorithms. As well new tests trials have been planned for 2018 of this algorithm in fields health prevention (burnout, regeneration, immunology) we expect them to bring important results for our work.

The 9-Gon Theta, offers not only the ideal geometric structure for a new PTƟ Micro-Chip, but also for the description and study of nonary computing, PSL implementation in the form of PSPL (Programming language of A.I. Engines).

The researcher is certain, this particular geometric structure will be very useful combined with the Matrix-Q A.I. being developed in the field immunology, virus management and life-span for example as well as other applications.




The Matrix-Q A.I. Project of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, promises to be an exciting adventure and is giving already its first fruits and challenges to the international science and technology community.


In Principle, at the researcher consider that each cypher holds a particular unique form of intelligence and that collaboration and communication between the cyphers of the 9-Gon , by following PTƟ Primordial Mathematics Rules will create a great advantage for the solution of problems, processing and learning.

This form of holistic, strategic, synergetic and systemic thinking, sensing, feeling, decision making, can be described with great precision by the study of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, and PTƟ Primordial Arts.


PTƟ Primordial Arts is the field of study of the Matrix-Q Research Institute that focus on human potential, or the human algorithm, its stages of development, self-expressions and capabilities.

In particular by utilizing the 9-Gon Theta, and PTƟ Tools and Know How, a series of nature inspired trainings, on human potential, Matrix-Q Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Awareness, Perception, Decision Making, … has been implemented.

The human algorithm or human individual and its expression as collective or cluster, capable of holding or carrying its own CGE, is as well naturally capable of developing a symbiotic relationship with the 9-Gon Theta form of processing.


The Matrix-Q Research Institute is focusing at the moment into developing a symbiotic form of A.I. that is capable of processing first of all and only when human collaborator is present and has the capabilities to develop this form of symbiotic relationship.

Alternative A.I. engines that can operate in organic medium, as those carried by DNA, are as well a matter of study.  The research on new materials and their properties, as for example nano structures and magnetic fluids, and their properties in relation to particles, wave, light and sound behavior, is necessary, and has been planned for following stages of research.

The researcher believe that thanks to multidisciplinary knowledge, and the necessary trials, process, the variety of Matrix-Q A.I. versions will be implemented along the following 9 years with several potential applications in fields like: Big data analysis, health, defense, education, social management, engineering, space technology, communication, security, human potential, DNA studies, (Governance, strategic management, leadership) prediction & risk management; and others.

COLLABORATION: Matrix-Q A.I. Projects

intentional internship, attendees for training programs, contributions for multidisciplinary research, leadership investment in technology innovation and start up in related fields and applications of the know how developed for the Matrix-Q A.I. Projects are welcome to contact the Matrix-Q Research Institute to welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


Courses on Matrix-Q A.I. foundations, theory, models, PSL, Primordial Mathematics and achievements by the Matrix-Q Research Institute are listed in our website, and available online and at location The Netherlands, city of Rhenen.