The 9-Gon Theta & the PTT Primordial Sequence(Algorithm) [Research Results Review]



Review of the study of the geometric structure 9-Gon, developed since 1997, in relation to the system it provides as  for the perception, organization and management of human, natural and artificial phenomena, and all related applications. References to recent publications 2016, 2017 and 2018, and research results. As well references to applications and additional publications by the researcher.

The perception of the 9-Gon Theta, in its holographic, fractal and quantum nature, enhances user ability to operate with the 9 cyphers, for any wished application or PTT Method that may utilize them. In particular, this perception is essential for the understanding of the cypher 1 and cypher 9.


“As for a DNA Strand, the 3 series of the PTT Primordial Sequence interbreed.” LDMF

Originally i did identify every (12*N)th Fibonacci Number, by translating it through PSL.2018 Method, a cypher 9, a marker, for PTT Primordial Algorithms that sign completion and origin. [N=1,2,3,4….]

While applying the PSL.2018 Method to translate all Fibonacci Numbers between the (12*N)th positions, a sequence of 24 cyphers was identified. This sequence of cyphers repeats itself, every (24th*N)th Fibonacci Numbers.

The sequence of cyphers shows a structure, according the PTT Primordial Algorithms Design Principles, in which the 3 realms from the under-world, earth-ground and heaven will be balanced, self-generated, stabilized, achieving an advanced stage of development. Markers with cyphers 3 and 6 were found, creating the structure of the Golden Triangle.3.6.9 which creates the bridge and stabilizes the three realms.

While describing this sequence of 24 cypher with Primordial Mathematics, geometric classes and PSL.2018 Primordial Archetypes, it became evident that the complete PTT Primordial Algorithm must contain 3 sequences (S(N), S(N+1) and S(N+2), as the process of ascension to the heaven realm (PSL.2018) is stabilized along the (S(N+2) sequence, which at the same time is the first sequence of the next PTT Primordial Algorithm. It means S(N+2) fulfill two roles, complete the previous algorithm (process of development) and start, initiate the next algorithm, sequence.

As follows:

Details, geometric and numeric demonstrations, review of the S1, S2, S3 & S4, can be found at the new Publication:

The Primordial Sequence The 9-Gon Theta Primordial Mathematics Book 9+

Why is this detail so important. Considering that the 9-Gon Theta suggest the 9 Cyphers system has fractal, quantum and holographic nature, as for the geometric structure that is utilized for the organization of the 9 classes of human, natural and artificial phenomena the 9 cyphers represent; as well considering that the proportions of the segments that build the 9-Gon, are utilized to build inner and outer following levels of the 9-Gon (Fractal Nature of the Geometric Structure), and those proportions hold within its whole set the Fibonacci Sequence, i have arrived to the conclusion that, the geometric structure 9-Gon spins, and generates through their vertex a spirals, with several levels [N=1,2,3,4,5..infinite].

REFERENCES, Publications by the researcher 2016-2018

This perception isnt new, i have referred to it at the publications PTT Materials, PTT Primordial Music Instruments, PTT Primordial Sounding Points, and PTT Particles Accelerator.

As well i did refer to the spiral nature of the 9 cyphers, in terms of their inter-relationship of superposition in time, in my publications on the 72927 Watch Calendar (Cycles of day time of 27 units, and 729 days for a sun year), The Sun, the Moon & The Heart, which focus on day-night rhythms and cycles, as well as hormonal influence on human effectiveness and performance, perception, emotional intelligence, communication and social and relationship skills.

In general, the description of the spin, is in detail given in the publication: “The Book of the Primordial Changes, The I Ching Theta, The Vessel of the Gods, The Golden Sphere of Love” and in the Book The Primordial Sounding Points and the Primordial Complex Life System, where the Multiple Possible Number of Triads, can be added or integrated to the Nordic Star Theta, building, in their movement, “the wheel of the sun”, describing endless number of skills or abilities, as potential development of the human being, in more detail at the PTT The Primordial Human Algorithm, Prime Do, the 9 Primordial Arts, The Path of the Primordial Hero, where within the 9-Gon Theta a series of possible body movements are suggested as dance, martial arts and yoga practices; and even adding more cyphers as a possible development of the primordial human algorithm. [REF:]


The PTT Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, a new mathematics system, offers a new possibility for reading nature, integrating the 9 classes of phenomena, described and organized by the 9 cyphers, as elements for communication, register, identification of value, relationship between cyphers, design of algorithms, education methods, training programs to enhance human abilities, as well as methods for assessment of projects, for example SDG17, strategic management, entrepreneurship.

The revolutions generated by the cyphers, the 3 triads, the golden spheres in spins, generating spirals levels, give us a new structure, system, that serve us for perception, organization and management of the natural, artificial and human phenomena.

If Nordic Star, with 9 vertex and 9 cyphers, is perceived only in its 2D, static form, the perception of the 9 cyphers and their meaning, relationships of interaction, will be of one single point in time.

The 9-Gon is not only moving and generating spirals or spins, but, as described in the I Ching Theta, its triads and spheres are also moving. This movement takes place within the 9-Gon, and 9-Gon Theta, an holographic, fractal, quantum geometric structure.  This important detail is essential for the understanding of the cypher 1 and cypher 9.