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In this publication 3 perceptions of the 3 geometric classes of the 9-ton Theta will be described geometrically. As well, the translation of meaning, of the PTT Primordial Sequence, with PSL.2018, according to the method utilized for symbolic interpretation of the PTT Primordial Archetypes, Cyphers, described in the publication by the same author: “The I Ching Theta, The Book of the Primordial Changes, The Vessel of the Gods, The Golden Sphere of Love” The 9-Gon Theta By placing two 9-Gons by superposition, on each other, we create the 9 Gon Theta, for which the Primordial Mean also applies. (REF: Publication by the same author: “The Primordial Mean”. Which is necessary in order to generate the inner 9-gons. The Primordial Mean is following the Fibonacci geometrical construction principles. The 9-gon and the 9-gon theta both are fractal, holographic geometrical structures, utilized to organize, perceive and management human, natural and artificial phenomena, by assigning to the vertex 9 cyphers, each of them representing a particular class of phenomena. The researcher did discover a unique pattern of cyphers within the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers, this patterns is similar to a PTT Primordial Algorithm, the sequence of cyphers has been named the PTT Primordial Sequence. (REF. Matrix-Q Magazine, 2018, January translation of the Fibonacci Sequence into a PTT Algorithm, by utilizing the PSL.2018 Method)