The Primordial Sequence : a PTT Primordial Algorithm discovered within the Fibonacci Sequence.

The Primordial Sequence : a PTT Primordial Algorithm discovered within the Fibonacci Sequence.

  • “The Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers, Translated by utilizing PSL shows 
  • the pattern of a  a PTT Algorithm, which holds the secrets of human (life) 
  • potential stages of development.” LDMF
  • “Is the Primordial Sequence the Algorithm of Life/Human stages of 
  • development that built the patterns that the Fibonacci Sequence 
  • describes ?”. LDMF
  • The Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers, translated by utilizing PSL.2018 generates a PTT Algorithm. 

The Primordial Sequence S1 S2 & S3: The Fibonacci Sequence translated with PSL.2018 from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.



Along the study of the nonagon, i arrived to the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers, suggesting that within the nonagon also nature organic development patterns, as geometric structures, will be found.

Which brought me to review the Primordial Mathematics, vectorial addition, pure mathematic studies i have done, calculations within a Geometrical Closed System as a nonagon.

When the Fibonacci numbers are translated into PSL Numbers through PTT Primordial Mathematics methods, the result is a series of 12 cyphers, separated by the cypher 9. The pattern to be observed is similar to the pattern that in PSL.2018, and as for the PTT Primordial Algorithms Design Principles, can be observed in algorithms designed through PTT Know How.

I have experimented with 23 Fibonacci Numbers, the ones at positions multiple of 12, it means the 12th number, the 24th number, the 36th number and so on, until the 276 Fibonacci number.

The Translation of all of these numbers in PSL.2018 gives as result the cypher 9. (see Chart PTT Fibonacci created)

To find the cypher 9 every 12th cyphers, result of the PSL translation, is in principle remarkable.

As example, please see the chart 2 with 36 Fibonacci Numbers.





In a PTT Sequence, a series of cyphers are separated by a cypher 9 is how a PTT Algorithm is described. (REF: Matrix-Q Research Magazine, PTT Kata, Prime Do, would be a good practical example of a PTT Algorithm. PTT Algorithms are for example utilized at the moment for the advancement of a method for burnout prevention “The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy”, for education “Matrix-Q Education Algorithm”, for gamification: “Matrix 9+ Game Generator” , and for Holistic Strategic Management, Coaching and Leadership.

See urls.

PTT Know How has been developed by the study of nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles of nature and study of human potential, human stages of development. Its tools and methods help us perceive, organize and manage, operate, with human, natural and artificial phenomena organized in a system of 9 classes, each class represented with a cypher. The correlation of the cypher and the 9 classes has been studied and described in the PTTheta Know How Publications by the author 2007-2017.

A PTT Algorithm is a sequence of steps necessary to solve a problem by focusing on applying methods or knowledge that focus on 1 cypher or class of phenomena. A PTT Algorithm may be Lineal (one class at the time, or multidimensional, matrix type of sequence).

The PSL Translation of the Fibonacci sequence give as result a lineal PTT Algorithm, of a pattern of 12 steps.

Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Research Institute, Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, The Netherlands First edition. Year of the Primordial Matrix-Q Theta. Written in PSL.2018  DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.20088.96003



Is the name i have given to the PSL.2018 translation of the Fibonacci sequence.

If considered that the Fibonacci sequence holds the pattern of life, the Primordial Sequence will hold the knowledge of the principles necessary for life to evolve, stages of development; and probably not only for life, but for anything that one wishes to develop, including the human potential, culture, civilization or species evolution.


Each of the cyphers between 9s describe a step to be taken.

A sequence of steps designed to solve a particular issue.

In the Fibonacci sequence, every 12th number, is equivalent to the cypher 9 (by applying Primordial Mathematics reduction to 9 cyphers method)

Which means that for the PTT Algorithms, Fibonacci sequence suggests that there are 12 steps to take in order to complete a particular stage of development.

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we are studying these sequences, according to the PTT Algorithms System, and identifying the potential applications.

At the moment, given the length of the Fibonacci sequence, and the dimension of their numbers, the calculations has been made only for 12×9+ stages of human development (double), which are those PTT Know How study (PTT Human Potential Studies). (12*9),(12*0),(12*9),(12*Theta) = 12*12=144 numbers of Fibonacci will be taken as a foundation study and for purpose of confirmation of the pattern the sequence of Fibonacci is being studied up to the 276th Fibonacci number.


The researcher hypothesis (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) is that the PTT Fibonacci Series is the answer for human potential, stages of development.

“Every 12 steps a stage of development is completed, eventually the Fibonacci series is giving us a key, the code we can utilize in order to optimize process and advance effectiveness for human stages of development and individual and collective or species level.

If i am right in my hypothesis, considering that Fibonacci series has the key for the unfolding of life, organic development patterns, from galaxies to plants, individuals bodies, self-organization of structures, and natural proportions, in nature, it suggests a natural process of stages of development or cycles.

If we discover that in fact the principles applied to induce those processes necessary to complete a stage, are suggested by the cyphers in the PTT Fibonacci sequences of 12 steps; considering those cyphers as the PTT Cyphers (9 of them). Which means that by applying skills, methods or tools that integrate the qualities described by each cypher, one after the next one, according to the sequence suggested, a development stage process would be achieved, at the 12th step.

If my hypothesis is true, and valid, the same Algorithm would be applied successfully in a great variety of circumstances.

Eventually, if i am right in my hypothesis, Fibonacci series of numbers holds the key for human stages of development, for the survival, evolution of the human species, for its destiny.


As described above, at the Matrix-Q Research Institute we have implemented series of steps, algorithms, in this manner, in fields like: Education, business, martial arts, dance, conscious sexuality, social management, SDG, research, holistic strategic management, history, assessment, coaching, gamification and other fields of application and multidisciplinary solution making.


It is obvious that nature has an encoded symbolic language, but to discover that the Fibonacci series holds itself the key of development, and the ancient cultures and civilizations were grasping and developing or maybe also knowing the language to understand them or at last arrived to conclusions and development of their understanding that brought them very close to this point.

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers has been found in most of cultural and religious arts, as part of the representations of the intensive study and observation of nature by scientists, researchers, mystics, alchemists, naturalists, healers, of all around the world.

Since Fibonacci presented this sequence in a modern culture language with a mathematical system as frame for communication, modern culture knowledge and technology has been utilized to study where and how this sequence is found in nature.

Eventually, if i am right in my hypothesis, Fibonacci series of numbers holds the key for human stages of development, for the survival, evolution of the human species, for its destiny.


For the generation of the data the following tools and methods has been utilized.

Fibonacci Number generation:

PTT Cypher Calculation: Primordial Mathematics, addition of vectors within a closed mathematical system of 9 digits. Addition of the digits of a number, until obtaining one single digit. (Primordial vectorial mathematics methods of addition within the Nonagon Geometric Structure, as described by the Primordial Vectorial Ma

thematics Publications by the same author.

THE FIRST 3 PTT PRIMORDIAL SEQUENCES (Primordial Stages of Development)

PSL Language based assessment.


1 1 2 3 5 8 4 3 7 1 8 9


8 8 7 6 4 1 5 6 2 8 1 9


1 1 2 3 5 8 43 7 1 8 9

PTT Cyphers Legend, & Assessment:

TRIAD FROM HEAVEN, 3rd Golden Sphere stabilization, Advanced civilization and Culture, Mission Statement: Cyphers: 9,1,2

TRIAD FROM EARTH GROUND, 2nd Golden Sphere stabilization, Family & Culture, Sustainable Development: Cyphers: 6,5,4

TRIAD FROM UNDER WORLD, 1st Golden Sphere stabilization, Survival: Cyphers: 7,8,3

S1: The Knowledge from heaven descends to the under world and anchors, seeds the principles of life for the earth-ground, through advanced information conscious emotional intelligence and management of information, perception, achieve Matrix-Q Intelligence.

S2: The under world is stable and survival has been ensured, the earth-ground aims to ascend, for which the knowledge of the design and values of family, application of cocreation principles, is essential in order to reach Matrix-Q

S3:  The Knowledge from heaven descends to the under world and anchors, seeds the principles of life for the ascension to heaven through application of organic development  principles, Matrix-Q has been achieved.

How to read PSL, through the application of the PTT Primordial Archetypes knowledge, studied by the author, and utilized in most of his publications, in particular in “The Book of the Primordial Changes, The Vessel of the Gods, Golden Sphere of Love, The I Ching Theta”



Along 2018, the Matrix-Q Research Institute will run test trials of the PTT Primordial Sequences (Translation of Fibonacci sequence through PSL.2018 into a sequence of cyphers, PTT Primordial Algorithms)

The trials will be implemented in multidisciplinary fields of application the researcher has already experience and verified the effectivity of Primordial Algorithms for which himself has designed PTT Primordial Algorithms successfully.

The results of the test trials and further study, research of the PTT Primordial Sequence, will be developed and the results published.


PSL — Primordial Symbolic Language, is a form of symbolic language that utilize nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms;, knowledge on human stages of development (human factor), and nature inspired knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations. This is one of the intents by the researcher to utilize PSL as it has been used traditionally by ancient civilizations. The PSL encoded language has a matrix 9+ field of meaning, Matrix-Q Language; the meaning need to be understood by approaching the message from several perspectives (matrix 9+, Matrix-Q) simultaneously. The researcher has developed experiments on PSL, Groundbreaking communication, PSL applied for self-management, strategic management, coaching, education and published those e-books and articles. All of them available now at the e-library of the LDMF Foundation: PSL is utilized at several research fields, as it allows communication with cyphers, encoded language, and is being utilized by the researcher for the development of a A.I. Engine Programming Language.(Artificial Intelligence).

The 9 Cyphers

Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Research Institute, Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, The Netherlands First edition. Year of the Primordial Matrix-Q Theta. Written in PSL.2018  DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.20088.96003