A 9 step learning program, and holistic, synergetic, systemic and multidisciplinary training in all the arts and knowledge of the Matrix-Q Academy

THE TRADITIONAL LEARNING STYLE: In the ancient nature inspired schools of knowledge students will learn in nature, gathering with the trainer, will solve tasks and challenges, and receive direct mentorship and coaching.

For example: Matrix-Q Brain Gym practices will be done by integrating body movements, emotions and sounds, and tasks or challenges for the body awareness, concentration and movement skills. Later, questions and answers will follow on the experiences and the application of the 9 cyphers, the skills that can be developed and knowledge behind them, as well as how those skills are useful for certain disciplines, professions or challenges. Later on a project or challenge for the circle of students will be given in which they need to solve an issue together.

In the traditional learning style, the ability to learn how to learn is developed first, the ability of self-education, but as well the love for knowledge and the aspiration to activate own human potential reaching further stages of development.

In the traditional learning style, there are not courses or training programs or modules as provided by modern schools, but one single body of knowledge provided to the students according to their learning process and capacity.

GOAL:  Matrix-Q Intelligence enhancement and achievement of Matrix-Q Knowledge. [ Matrix-Q, PTƟ Body of Work]

REGISTER:  Season subscription (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) (waiting list)

TRAINER: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

MODALITY, INTENSITY & SUBSCRIPTION: Vary, according to length and intensity of the learning process. Students may take 1 session per week or 9 session per month or choose a more intensive learning experience. Sessions Length is of 1×53 min / 2×53 min /3×53 min or up to 9×53 min. Vary according to agreement with attendees and schedule.  Please contact us for more alternatives, or take the Quick Off Matrix-Q Academy Traditional Method Subscription.

1.) Individual Subscription includes: 3 Coaching sessions (Assessment & Coaching) 2×53 min, 9 individual private or study circle sessions for one single training program:  “The Matrix-Q Traditional Academy Program”, and up to 1x half day (5×53 min) workshops/courses within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) and 1 x e-book, for: 800.00 EUR

2.) Study Circle Subscription is valid only for a single training program “The Matrix-Q Traditional Academy” : 1 Coaching session (Assessment) 2×53 min, 9 study circle sessions or  2 x half day workshops/courses which include group-coaching, within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) and 1 x e-book, for: 260.00 EUR There is no refund. Attendance cancellation by student is considered as consumed unit of service.

START, SCHEDULE: Starts in any moment, call us and schedule your first trial session this week. Schedule possibilities are within 8.45 Am and 21.30 PM, 7 days a week, according to trainer availability.

TRIAL SESSIONS: Please contact us, trial sessions are scheduled for individuals and study circles according to a priority list (waiting list).


  • All the Arts of the Matrix-Q Academy ( Primordial Arts ) (See index of topics of content)
  • The subscribers after a first assessment session may suggest their specific topics of interest. The Trainer will adjust the learning process and learning program content accordingly.



Attendees will session by session experience a learning process through a set of learning channels and learning activities.

The Learning activities of one session are organized in 3 kind of activities:

A. Self-Management

  • Experiential gamified learning which includes tasks like: Matrix-Q Bran Gym, Performing arts, Martial Arts, Time Management Games, Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, Perception, Stress Management and others. (More details, see index of training programs)

B. The 9 Cyphers, Theory and Praxis

  • Focus on systemic synergetic and holistic tools utilized for the purpose of perception, organization and management of human, artificial and natural phenomena.

C. Applications

  • Multidisciplinary applications of the Matrix-Q Institute Knowledge


One session tasks may focus on one or more of the following fields:

  • Self-Management
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Mathematics
  • Algorithms
  • Perception
  • The 9 Cyphers

and all the content of all the Matrix-Q Academy training programs will be provided according to a sequence of experiences and gamified challenges designed to speed up the learning process and bring early the attendees to the experience of knowledge, pragmatic information, development of skills and having tangible experience of application in the field.

PRE-REGISTER & SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Telephone: +31.626673380

INFORMATION SESSIONS: Under request, on skype, telephone or at scheduled public presentations.



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