MATRIX-Q ACADEMY & e-ACADEMY [Rhenen, The Netherlands]

The Matrix-Q Academy

Nature Inspired Experiential Gamified Learning Programs 

LOCATION: (Organic Academy: Rhenen, The Netherlands ( e-Academy at our online platform)

SCHEDULE: According to study circle training programs, courses, mentorship and coaching are scheduled along weekends, full day programs, 3 hours programs. After work schedule: from 16.00 – 21.30 week days, or weekends from 09:00 until 21:00

TRAINER: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

AVAILABILITY: Every season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) a series of trainings are scheduled and announced. Otherwise, intentional attendees may request the Matrix-Q Academy to schedule a particular training program they may wish for the season. Study circles may request a course or individuals may pre-register in a waiting list.  As well a number of hours are made available for individual private trainings, under request (waiting list).

CORPORATE SERVICES: Training programs for corporate are tailored according to customer preferences and needs. A combination of the content that belongs to the training programs listed below, or personalized design of content, will be offered under request. For schedule, venue organization and content design please contact us.

CERTIFICATES: Matrix-Q Research Institute Certificates, offer details on skills, information, knowledge and capacity of application level achieved through training, as for further use for professional service/job positions needs. User certificates, and licenses.

MENTORSHIP & COACHING: Season (over 81 days) Programs include coaching and mentorship services. A first assessment on skills, challenges and capacity will help us adjust the study circle or individual training program to attendees needs and challenges.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: The training programs planned for 2018 are announced in our events page at EventBrite or at this Magazine EVENTS 2018. Otherwise listed and described in our main website or research project pages. Intentional Subscribers and attendees may also request a course or training program announced but that have not been scheduled yet. Please navigate our pages for detail information. An Index of courses, books reading and presentations, and services or events will be updated.

MODALITIES: Training programs are provided within the length of a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter). Alternatives of length and intensity of courses: 1.) Once, twice or three times per week, 2×53 min up to 3x53min 2.) 3 times per month 3.) Full days  4.) Half days 5.) Full weekends  6.) 9 continues days (full days, half days or 2×53 min per day) 7.) training programs may include e-learning or not. Some training programs are online provided at our e-learning platform. 8.) Private learning sessions are scheduled according to study circle or individual student preferences, include coaching and mentorship. 9). Gamified Experiential Presentations of 90 min Theta) The Matrix-Q Academy Traditional Learning Program

FEES: Vary according to training program or course. Alternative is suggested a monthly or season (81 days) fee. Please contact us for more details. Otherwise try out the QUICK OFF Subscription (individual or study circle), or the MATRIX-Q TRADITIONAL ACADEMY  Subscription which are easy paths to start learning already this season.

QUICK OFF Study Circle SEASON SUBSCRIPTION : individually and study circle  tailored. Includes 1 Individual Coaching session (Assessment) 2×53 min, 9 study circle sessions or 2x half day workshops/courses which include group-coaching, within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) and 1 x e-book, for: 260.00 EUR The offer is valid only for courses and study circles sessions that have been already scheduled for which a pre-register is mandatory and that are marked in the list below with (*). Subscribers can choose any course or module they may wish, on advanced.  Courses and modules start only if the register of the minimum number of attendees necessary have been reached. There is no refund. Attendance cancellation by the student is considered as a consumed unit of service.

QUICK OFF Private Individual SEASON SUBSCRIPTION : individually tailored. Includes 3 Coaching sessions (Assessment & Coaching) 2×53 min, 9 individual private or study circle sessions,  1 x half day (5×53 min) workshop/course within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) and 1 x e-book, for: 1070.00 EUR The offer is valid for the training programs below marked with (*). Subscribers may choose and schedule the modules and training programs wished according to conditions described above. The fees does not include exams or evaluations. Pre-register is not necessary. Subscribers may also join study circles and group courses.  Courses and modules start at any time, It is not necessary the register of a minimum number of attendees. Availability: there is a limited amount of time the trainer offers to individual private customers, please contact us in order to deign and schedule the content of your season subscription on advanced. There is no refund. Attendance cancellation by student is considered as consumed unit of service.

MATRIX-Q TRADITIONAL ACADEMY  SUBSCRIPTION: Provided as well in two modalities a.) study circles b.) Individual, private. The trainer will provide a unique learning program with a step by step holistic and multidisciplinary training in all the arts and knowledge of the Matrix-Q Academy  [ Matrix-Q, PTƟ Body of Work](see list of courses and modules below) with the main goal of Matrix-Q Intelligence enhancement and achievement of Matrix-Q Knowledge. The subscribers after a first assessment session may suggest their specific topics of interest, the trainer will design the content according to the Matrix-Q Education Method for Multidisciplinary Learning. 1.) Individual Subscription includes: 3 Coaching sessions (Assessment & Coaching) 2×53 min, 9 individual private or study circle sessions for one single training program:  “The Matrix-Q Traditional Academy Program”, and up to 1x half day (5×53 min) workshops/courses within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) and 1 x e-book, for: 800.00 EUR  2.) Study Circle Subscription is valid only for a single training program “The Matrix-Q Traditional Academy” : 1 Coaching session (Assessment) 2×53 min, 9 study circle sessions or  2 x half day workshops/courses which include group-coaching, within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) and 1 x e-book, for: 260.00 EUR There is no refund. Attendance cancellation by student is considered as consumed unit of service.

PRE-REGISTER & SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Telephone: +31.626673380

INFORMATION SESSIONS: Under request, on skype, telephone or at scheduled public presentations.



Bank: ING Netherlands

  • Bank Account Name: Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Bank Account nr / IBAN: NL95 INGB 0007 4257 94

For Western Union, Bitcoin, Blockchain and other payment alternatives, please contact us.

ABOUT THE MATRIX-Q RESEARCH INSTITUTE is a not profit organization dedicated to scientific research, consultancy, training and support of start ups.   RSIN: 856450923 KvK-nummer 66225345 SBI-code: 94996 Registered in the Netherlands, Europe.


Holistic Strategic Management


Start Up

  • Matrix-Q Start Up 101 * [Presentations, Home Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]
  • The  Matrix-Q Start Up Algorithm [Presentations, Home Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]

SDG Entrepreneurship

  • Matrix-Q Assessment [Presentations, Home Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]
  • Holistic Strategic Management applied to SDG Projects * [Presentations, Home Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]
  • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities [Presentations, Home Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]

PTT Coach & Trainer Certificates

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  • PTT Coaching & Training Tools
  • PTT Coach Certificate
  • PTT Trainer Certificate
  • PTT Coach & Trainer Internship.


  • Matrix-Q Education method  for adults *
  • Matrix-Q Education method  for children *
  • Matrix 9+ Game Generator (Gamification) [PresentationsHome Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]
  • PSL Primordial Symbolic Language *
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence Test [PresentationsHome Page, Modules, 9 Units Course]

Human Potential *

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Matrix-Q Games Sessions *

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Holistic Strategic Social Management Management

Self-Management: Family-Life-Work Balance *

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Artificial Intelligence

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[PresentationsHome Page, Modules, 9 Units Courses]


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The 9 Cyphers

  • Systemic Synergetic Holistic Tool for the perception, organization and strategic management of human, natural and artificial phenomena
  • [Presentations, Home Page, Modules, 9 Units Courses]

Adventure, Travel, Outdoors

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  • Outdoors, Exploring Nature *
  • Ancient Cultures, Civilizations and Technologies: Multidisciplinary Expeditions

Books – Gamified Experiential Reading Sessions

  • A study circle chose a book and reads it with the author, questions, answers, gamified experiential presentations of topics, and trainings associated to the publications are provided along these sessions. Matrix-Q e-Library

Experiential Gamified Presentations

  • Research Projects
  • Books
  • Know How

Scientific Research & Technology Innovation

  • Matrix-Q Perception, Thinking
  • Matrix-Q Creativity
  • Matrix-Q Innovation
  • Matrix-Q Research Tools