NEW BOOK: The Primordial Music Instruments – PTT Music Instruments & The Primordial Sounding Points

The Nordic Star Theta Music Instruments

Or The Primordial Music Instruments (PTT Music Instruments) designed and being developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

  • The Nordic Star Theta
  • The Ambrosia Theta
  • The Tesseract Theta
  • The 9 Primordial Cyphers
  • The Primordial Seals
  • The Primordial Elements


  • The PTT Mixer


  • The PTT Digital Instrument
  • The PTT Electronic Instrument
  • The PTT Mechanic Instrument (strings based)


The PTT Music Instruments created with a Nordic Star Theta geometric structure, build with an specific set of possible material, and variety of resonant boxes or cages, for which the Vectors generated by the cyphers will be the chords utilized for the instrument.

For example the PTT Cypher 1 Music Instrument will have the chords generated by the geometrical value of the cypher 1 (See geometrical Values described, demonstrated, at the PTT Primordial Mathematics Publications and Primordial Sounding Points publication by the same author).

Their design is based on the Nordic Star Theta Geometric Structure and Primordial Vectorial Mathematics (as for the chords) and a variety of alternatives for the contraction of the resonance cages and medium (substance within the Nordic Star Theta geometric structure the sound will move through).

For the Mechanical version of the instrument, length of strings, materials and tension need to be calculated, the frequencies obtained will vary accordingly. While for the PTT Mixer, the frequencies may be chosen on advanced and set as those of the PTT Cyphers.

For purpose of the mechanical instrument creation you must do a calculation of the string material, density, tension and length. (Use a string calculator tool)

The PTT Music Instruments are utilized for experimentation and instruction on the properties of the Nordic Star Theta Geometric Structure applied for music instruments creation. As well serve for the study of PTT Materials and PTT Sounding Points to be applied for PTT Primordial Arts, applications and fields of study by the researcher. (See complementary publications)

PTT The Musical Instruments are registered and copyrighted design at the Matrix-Q Research Institute, The Netherlands.

Have been made available to public for education and research purposes. The PTT Matrix-Q Research Institute reserves its right of secrecy regarding use of materials, and purposes of application, until the public announcement of the novel implementations. Strategic collaboration for production and applications is welcome to contact us to :