Dielectric properties of biological tissues


IT’IS maintains a free, easily accessible, and dynamically evolving database of dielectric properties of biological tissues. Use this interactive tool to calculate permittivity and electrical conductivity for over 100 human tissues at frequencies of 10 Hz to 100 GHz and plot the results.
The IT’IS Foundation
The Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society (IT’IS) is an independent, nonprofit research foundation dedicated to improving and advancing the quality of people’s lives by enhancing the safety and quality of emerging electromagnetic technologies. The Foundation was established in 1999 through the initiative and support of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, the global wireless communications industry, and several governmental agencies, and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.
The IT’IS Foundation endeavours to provide an open, innovative and multidisciplinary research environment for the cultivation of sound science and research, and good education and training. Since its inception, it has attained a global reputation in the following research fields:
  • Electromagnetic sensor technologies
  • Computational electromagnetics in complex environments
  • Computational life sciences applied to complex anatomies
  • Novel & optimized diagnostics/therapy/treatment planning processes and devices
  • Exposure assessments/dosimetry/safety/compliance evaluation
  • Electromagnetic exposure systems for biomedical research