NEW BOOK: The Primordial Sounding Points: The Primordial Complex Life System Theta Geometry & Frequency

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The Primordial Sounding Points

  • The Primordial Complex Life System Theta
  • Geometry & Frequency
  • Primordial Mathematics
  • The Primordial Human Algorithm
  • The Primordial Art of Healing
  • The 9 Primordial Arts
  • PTT Systemic & Organic Assessment


For the purpose of study of the Primordial Sounding Archetypes, and within PTT Brain Mapping research project, a review of 9 cyphers, PTT primordial mathematics, and of the primordial complex life system will be developed along this publication.

A Map of the human body, in PSL.2018 will be presented, in which organs and functions of the human individual will be correlated to the 9 cyphers and regions within the geometric structure of the Nordic Star Theta, as a result the Primordial Sounding Points will be identified.

This book has maps of the human body (organs, tissues) represented by spheres, colors, ordinal numbers, generated by a radius “R” each of them. Those maps are utilized in this publication for purpose of communication of an idea (language, nomenclature), an hypothesis by the author and researcher. Trials, test of this hypothesis are being developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as result, the researcher expectations are that the colors, ordinal numbers, positions, in the map/hands/geometric-structure and the radius will change, adjusted, according to results of the research study. Therefore should not be utilized as any reference for practical application without training and advice by a health specialist or by the certification of PTT Methods user, by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

PTT Systemic & Organic Assessment

Perception is essential for research and innovation. In particular when systemic tools are utilized for the organization of natural, artificial and human phenomena. Matrix-Q Tools, developed based on PTT Primordial Algorithms and PTT Primordial Mathematics, PTT Know How, utilize PSL Primordial Symbolic Language, which let us utilize the language of several disciplines or frames of reference, according to a set of 9 classes of phenomena signed by 9 cyphers. For the study of the 9 Primordial Sounding Points, the Primordial Human Algorithm organs will be studied. The PTT Organic Assessment help us identify similar functions as those of the human tissue in any human complex system, like organizations, cities, communities, family systems, and individual self-management, leadership resources and so on.For purpose of correct application of PSL, the author suggest the reader to take a training at the Matrix-Q Research Institute.