PTT Brain Mapping Project – Sounding Ecosystems and their influence on Human Natural Development Stages: Why we would like to live in nature ? Is there a reason to leave the cities and grow children in nature? What about city sound management ?

PTT Brain Mapping Project –  Sounding Ecosystems and their influence on Human Natural Development Stages: Why we would like to live in nature ? Is there a reason to leave the cities and grow children in nature? What about city sound management ?

  • Does  human development vary according to geo-location ?
  • Does the brain development changes as for the influence of the sounding ecosystem ?
  • How can sound enhance or damage human senses, perceptions, emotions or ability of decision making?

We know that certain frequencies may induce such a level of stress that if exposed for a precise length of time, the individuals will develop unhealthy states of mind, emotions or psychology. IN Some cases sound has been utilized as a mean of torture, in military applications. Sounds we have everywhere, in a city for example, from traffic to construction sites machines, electricity and people. But was well what we experience in a city is that the city sounds mostly avoid the citizens to notice the sounds of nature.

Why could be important for humans to experience, sense, the sounds of nature?

In the last two publications in the Matrix-Q Magazine i have introduced you to the 9 Cyphers and the correlation with the Primordial Sounds, a set of frequencies that we know has a positive influence on the human natural development, so as in the brain stages of development even on emotional intelligence, immunologic system and leadership capabilities that are result of a well balanced operation whole human system.

Natural holistic development of the human individual is essential for advancing the capabilities of an effective administration of skills, potential and knowledge.

Along the development of the PTT Brain Mapping Project, i have arrived to the point i consider important to share the following insight and take a new view on the impact of the research being developed.

I would like now to review the idea of a sounding ecosystem, or in few words an ecosystem that actually means a collection of sounds to be played according to season.

Geo-locations, according to season, will (before the age of the cities) give the blessing of a precise set of specific sounds to its inhabitants, tribes or clans.

According to eco system, those sounds, created by nature (for example water falls, trees, animals like birds and insects, but as well weather, for example monzon and dessert sounds are not the same as ocean sounds and rainforest sounds) will produce a particular stimuli, as i said according to season, a rhythmic influence that is able to induce a pattern on brain development stages and condition or structure the whole development process.

In other words, specialization as well as limitations.

Consider that number of years human clusters started to live in settlements, and why did they choose those locations. Mostly because was live or ideal conditions for living. Did they choose any particular set of sounds and frequencies ? yes, in deed, they did as well. But was it a conscious choice?

What about transhumans? how would be then the stimuli generated for those ? can we notice the differences between those tribes that still move? but do they move along a precise set of locations or any place around the world ? So again we arrive to the conclusion that season for travelers that move within a geometricaly defined set of geo locations or territory, will define a precise sounding ecosystem.

But now humans are living in the cities.

By exploring the range of frequencies, the harmony and structure of them, in a city, the modern standard human ecosystem, will tell us how much good or damage or impact we are creating on the human natural development.

Since how long we do live in the cities ? How much has changed the human brain development process?

On the other side, many questions to answer. How did the city live impact one or another tribe, clan or people, that lived at a particular geo location ? Which skills they did develop in nature, deficiencies and how a city did enhance or handicap more their capacities ?

Is there still to be noticed any pattern created by geo-locations sounding ecosystem on human brain development process, patterns, to be traced according to DNA (genealogy, heritage, geo-location and racial origin = natural sounding ecosystem, set of species and geographical seasonal sounds).

The PTT Brain Mapping System Project intents to answer those questions, along is following research cycle. The knowledge achieved will have several applications, in field immunology, education, leadership, defense, anthropology, social management, artificial intelligence, DNA studies, human potential, gamification, strategic management, SDG and city management.

If applied to education, for example we can define a new advanced method, that will be both ways educative as well as preventive, enhancing the development process of the whole individual, from emotions, to cognitive, and leadership capabilities, out of a well balanced human natural development stages, supported by this knowledge.

The same may apply for adults. Yet, again i repeat, we must know the sounding eco system and the sounding history of the individual, dont you agree ?

For example for the management of a city, would be extremely important to know not only those frequencies that may create damage but those that enhance development, and solve cultural and regional deficiencies.

I am certain that new studies in this field will bring us into a more precise management of our living environment and development process, from childhood to adulthood, family and community.

I am certain most of the knowledge achieved until today could be utilized now to produce qualitative and quantitative enhancements in the quality of living and natural human stages of development.

A natural question arises, how long will take those changes? and how long would you like to be exposed to a sounding eco system that doe snot suit your needs, or that holds on a pattern that disempower you or empower your deficiencies and how many benefits and how long would take, if you move back to nature, to have the changes implemented and solved as you may prefer.

I consider that with he information and knowledge gathered, parents could already make better decisions regarding the frequencies they expose their children to.

As i described in my last publication, “The Dance of the 9 Primordial Pillars”, i have decoded an ancient system utilized for choosing frequencies, Hz, that if applied to the human being would have a wide variety of benefits. The 9 Cyphers webinar organized by the Matrix-Q Research Institute every year, shares information on the particular qualities and benefits of 9 frequencies, correlated to 9 classes of human, natural and artificial phenomena. But it is very important to know there are more frequencies and the method utilized in order to identify them has been explained in the books of Primordial Vectorial  Mathematics i published between 2016 and 2017, in particular the one with the title: The Primordial Hands, in which the correlation between the hands digits and the brain regions, and the Nordic Star Theta Geometric System ( The 9 classes of natural, human and artificial phenomena) has been described.

There are so many frequencies that need to be studied and as described in the book:  “The Dance of the 9 Primordial Pillars” an incredible amount of Sounding Points (points of encounter between frequencies, which created new tones), that need to be studied, for which we already have a map and a complete background knowledge, models, that will help us in the understanding and function of those tones, for example through the practice of the 9 Primordial Arts, for which the tones are being utilized.

2018, the Matrix-Q Research Institute continues with trials and research, on the “9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy” and application of the knowledge on the Primordial Sounding Points, and the Primordial Sounding Archetypes, The Primordial Seal and Elements, utilized for PTT Brain Mapping. We wish, at the Matrix-Q Research Institute,  our brain Mapping project this year to give new results and suggest effective applications of our knowledge.