The 9 Primordial Pillars & The 9 Primordial Arts

In order to learn the secret of the 9 cyphers, it is necessary to decide first if you wish to become effective for the application of the knowledge or which is your aim.

You may be interested into:

  • Information
  • Knowledge
  • Test, assessment of your skills of tangible application
  • Development of skills for tangible application
  • Direct training, transfer of knowledge or direct transmission by the author, researcher
  • Research
  • Technology Innovation
  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership
  • Family
  • Other type of interests

For most of my students, since 1987, those that had the courage to take my advice, follow my instruction, experience and then judge on the value of the teaching, method or experience given, for most of them, the interest in some or few of the goals listed above has grown or not along the last 30 years.

After the series of publications, along my sabbatical year(s) dedicated to research 2016-2017, while having the blessing of receiving new students and friends in the field of knowledge, online, as well as at the location i live in The Netherlands, the city of Rhenen, i realized that a brief guideline, booklet for students dedicated to the study of the 9 Primordial Arts was necessary.

Which are the 9 Primordial Arts ?

The Dance of the 9 Primordial Pillars, the new publication by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, is a Handbook for Students of Prime Do, Prime Yoga, Prime Dance (Sun Dance Theta), Primordial Massage, Prime Love, Primordial Sounding Archetypes,  Matrix-Q Brain GYM (GYM9), Primordial Navigation & Exploration (Expeditions) & Primordial Healing Theta, Primordial Leadership (Self-management, strategic management, governance, SDG, city management, family): The 9+ Primordial Arts

The learning process necessary for any of the following above, will bring you to the learning process of all the above. In order to learn all the primordial arts, one starts with the one that is more appealing and for which one finds more interest and resonance.

The quality of the teaching methodology, the tools for learning and study, and of the language utilized, help us instruct in all of these fields of application and transfer the same essential and core knowledge.

The goal of the learning process is to advance effectiveness, capacity of effective and tangible application of the skills developed through the learning process and the knowledge that has been as well achieved out of the learning experiences and information provided.

The booklet focus on the dance of the 9 primordial pillars as a learning experience of the primordial human algorithm, a unique algorithm, utilized for the purpose of learning the knowledge of the 9 Cyphers and practice of the methods and tools provided by PTƟ Know How. Consultancy, Coaching, Assessment Training, and developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute

A review with examples on how to utilize the charts that will be utilized for the dance, will be in this first booklet described, examples that are diverse, as they refer to any and all of the primordial arts.

The goal of the training program provided online and in the Netherlands and that of the certification and exams on skills (belts) is to bring by tangible skills of effective application of the knowledge.

The training program is provided at the city of Rhenen, the Netherlands, and for some applications is provided online, through the CXO Program and Volunteer program of the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

The booklet is available for download at Gumroad