The 9 Primordial Bells & The 9 Cyphers

PTƟ Brain Mapping Project: Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms

The following data have been utilized for the purpose of creation of sequence of sounds.

The first and last track, introduce the 9 sounds listed below, starting from the 9th down to the 1st, and then again back to the 9th:

  • 1.417.Hz.G#.OCT.4
  • 2.528.Hz.C.OCT.5
  • 3.639.Hz.D#.OCT.5
  • 4.741.Hz.F#.OCT.5
  • 5.852.Hz.G#.OCT.5
  • 6.963.Hz.B.OCT.5
  • 7.174.Hz.F.OCT.3
  • 8.285.Hz.C#.OCT.4
  • 9.396.Hz.G.OCT.4
  • 0.000.Hz.0.OCT.0

These sounds have been labeled as Primordial Sounds, and have been correlated to the 9 Cyphers. ( Phenomena organized systematically in 9 classes, help human perception, strategic management, leadership and education ) (REF: SYSTEMIC PERCEPTION OF NATURAL, HUMAN & ARTIFICIAL PHENOMENA)

The following is the geometrical structure of the sequence created, for which the 8th sound has been placed together with the 9th sound (same track) to be played together, after playing the 9th sound alone; and so on, one and the next sound have been added. The 9 sounds will be played together 3 times. Then the invert process will be created, by taking one by one all sounds of the tracks, first taking the first sound away, then the second and so on :

producing the following result:

The 9 Primordial Bells from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.

The Study of the Primordial Sounding Archetypes has been presented in the following website.

The Primordial Sounds


PSA-Theta-Piano : Primordial Sounding Archetypes Theta – Piano from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.

The following data has been generated out of the “9 Primordial Bells” sequence.