The 9 Cyphers & The Primordial Archetypes

The 9 Cyphers & The Primordial Archetypes

The following images include 3 charts in which the archetypes associated to the 9 cyphers utilized for the organization of natural, human and artificial phenomena in a system of 9 classes.

The Archetypes have been generated according to the generation principles described in the “Book of Primordial Changes, The Vessel of the Gods”.

Along 2016, a first perspective have been utilized for the description of the archetypes, which i named, “The Inverted Code” which help us perceive the geometrical system at a particular instant and describe it accordingly. Along 2017 after decyphering of the Nordic Start Theta Symbol, for which a set of frequencies in Hz. was associated, a new set of primordial archetypes have been generated. Both generation process are correct, a translation tool has been suggested in the following booklet: “The Secret of the 9 Cyphers”

In the following 3 charts, images, the archetypes are those generated in 2017.

The Webinar on the “9 Cyphers”and their secrets, offers insight on skills, learning process and applications, of the 9 Cyphers and the multidisciplinary tools and applications for which the 9 cyphers can be utilized. In principle for education, strategic management, artificial intelligence, human potential (human genome, DNA) studies, leadership, matrix-Q of Intelligence, social management, self-management, engineering, governance and others. Study materials for the webinar, the charts of the archetypes are available for download at gumroad including a guideline for education and self-education (Matrix-Q Education Method)

The Secret of the 9 Cyphers WEBINAR: Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management & Leadership

  • Learn how to utilize the 9 cyphers!
  • Achieve an advanced effectiveness in every aspect of your private life and professional work.
  • This online webinar will bring you by the essential keys of the 9 cyphers, a foundation set of skills and pragmatic methods that you can utilize if you know the secrets of the 9 cyphers.
  • Through a gamified learning by doing process and multidisciplinary case study, you will learn how to utilize the 9 cyphers.
  • [ More about the webinar]

Original Source: The Matrix-Q Magazine, Matrix-Q Research Institute.

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