The Secret of the 9 Cyphers WEBINAR: Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management & Leadership

The Secret of the 9 Cyphers

WEBINAR: Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management & Leadership

  • Learn how to utilize the 9 cyphers!
  • Achieve an advanced effectiveness in every aspect of your private life and professional work.
  • This online webinar will bring you by the essential keys of the 9 cyphers, a foundation set of skills and pragmatic methods that you can utilize if you know the secrets of the 9 cyphers.
  • Through a gamified learning by doing process and multidisciplinary case study, you will learn how to utilize the 9 cyphers..


  • self-management,
  • strategic management,
  • scientific research,
  • education,
  • coaching,
  • sustainable development
  • household (family) care.

The information the 9 cyphers gives to you helps you advance your effectiveness in your:

  • life path,
  • business,
  • research,
  • creativity and
  • leadership.


  • Gamified experiential learning webinar.
  • Presentations will be combined with a game (learning by doing, learning by playing)


  • – Learn how to utilize the 9 cyphers for a first assessment of your project or challenge, identify the goals, challenges and resources you have available.
  • – Learn how to advance own perception, emotional intelligence and matrix-Q intelligence by utilizing the 9 cyphers. An essential step necessary for assessment of risk and strategic management.
  • – Review of how the 9 cyphers can help you achieve a family-life-work balance; through an holistic, synergetic and systemic approach, advance your management and leadership.


  • After this webinar attendees will be able to benefit from the use of the 9 cyphers, receive a guide for self-learning and practical guidelines for the practice of a first assessment with the 9 cyphers, useful for several fields of applications and disciplines.
  • Attendees will receive instructions on how to advance their perception, emotional intelligence, Matrix-Q Intelligence, holistic strategic management and leadership skills.


  • 3x53min
  • 2 pauses of 9 min
  • Additional self-learning activities are optional


  • Online, at the e-learning Platform of the Matrix-Q Research Institute. (Login codes will be given after register completion)
  • Alternative: full weekend in The Netherlands.


  • Please read below, the Matrix-Q Research Institute update/announcement: Webinar Schedule.
  • Some dates will be scheduled and announced on advanced, and others according to  study circle preferences (you may suggest an ideal date for your study circle once).


  • Small e-learning circle.
  • Attendees Will have possibility to ask questions and interact with the trainer.



  • E-learning materials



  • A following webinar will focus on your next stage of learning and complementary skills. 30% discount for attendees of “the secret of the 9 cyphers” Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management & Leadership – Foundation Webinar
  • . The Matrix-Q Research institute will provide webinars for a complete training on the 9 Cyphers, the 9 Spheres of Holistic Strategic Management.


  • Join an organic experiential training program in The Netherlands, a full weekend training (starts friday evening, ends sunday evening) on the secrets of the 9 cyphers. 30% Discount to attendees of  “The secret of the 9 cyphers” Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management & Leadership – Foundation Webinar. Fees: 2600.00 EUR





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  • After payment, e-mail confirmation, intentional attendees will receive the login codes, and study circle.
  • A minimum number of intentional attendees will be requested in order to provide the webinar. In the case a webinar is cancelled, the registered attendees will be added to a waiting list for the next season.
  • There is no refund.
  • If you register on advanced for the next season, 12 weeks on advanced, the webinar fees will be of 170.00 EUR


  • e-mail:
  • skype: luisdanielmaldonadofonken
  • Telephone: + 31.626673380
  • Information sessions on skype can be scheduled under request.