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The Journey of Effectiveness

How does an entrepreneurial project achieve effectiveness?

Consider your project as a vessel.

It may be a business, a travel adventure, a research, or  technology innovation, a book, a community, family life or a city, or even a government.

In order for your plan to be completed, your goals achieved, your strategies implemented, it will be necessary knowledge, experience, resources, wisdom and technology.

In ancient times pilgrims went for a journey with no more than themselves and their daily life skills, their project aim was simple, to arrive to a precise destination, and even they had a map or will find one along their path, they may not be able to predict the trajectory. How many challenges will they find on their path, can not be told on advanced.

Nordic vessels will be lead by command and reach their destination thanks to the discipline and skills of a crew. Collaboration, organization, communication is necessary in order to complete a journey with effectiveness. Navigation through unknown oceans and rivers, will make the journey an adventure. Along the journey, the crew must be self-sustained, so as the enterprise.

A journey out of space, follows the similar challenging circumstances, as those faced by the nordic explorers and their vessels. Technology in ancient times, utilized for navigation, and the one utilized by modern vessels have the purpose to advance the effectiveness of the crew and command, the exploration along the journey.

It time travel would be possible today, certainly a kind of technology would be necessary, navigation instruments and a map for example.

For any journey, leadership and navigation abilities are necessary. If one has a map and know it well, can do good use of it, on addition a destination, a plan, a strategy, a mission, may give form to the journey and define the needs of technology, crew, resources, organization and command.

In the case of SDG, the SDG Entrepreneurs must face a similar challenge and learn to become effective in the same manner.

By considering, for example, wealth generation as the project, the starting point of the journey our current situation, and the destination a particular status of wealth, achievement, we have defined a project, for which a journey will be necessary, a journey in time, along which challenges will be faced, with he best of our abilities, knowledge and technology.

Effectiveness by all means is the motto of the journey.

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What are we looking for, in the modality a leader apply leadership ?

  • Strategic
  • Holistic
  • Synergetic
  • Systemic
  • Nature Inspired
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Humanist
  • Futurist
  • Evolutionist

The holistic strategic management and leadership tools developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, will help the leader, and its line of command, face a challenge with effectiveness.

If we consider those tools as navigation instruments, or as essential tools for the vessel to be functional and the crew to be effective, we will agree that mastery in their use, knowledge regarding the challenge faced, research and preparation before the journey are necessary.

In the art of war, peace and life, resources, preparation, research, study of terrain are necessary for hand. Prediction is essential for achievement. So is it as well for the journey of a vessel. Instead of facing a war enemy, or a peace conflict, or a life challenging circumstance, the vessel must face the unexpected challenges that life brings. The necessary conditions for success apply as well as for war, peace, life and travel.

An effective leader must know those conditions and be skillful to lead the crew, the process, administrate the resources, achieve the necessary development stages (milestones) of the project, along the journey defined by its start to its destination, aims, goals.

For the emerging global culture and civilization, evolving along the understanding of complex systems and big data analysis capacity being reached, a leader needs to know very well, the priorities that his/her/its management must observe.

  • Global Sustainable Development Oriented
  • Wealth Generation Oriented
  • Advanced Quality of Living Preferences
  • Innovative, novel know how user
  • Multicultural collaboration capability

For our journey, at the Matrix-Q Research institute we have realized there is still one additional key that will serve leadership in modern times. The continuity of the human culture, society, civilization development is bonded with human individual and collective potential, stages of development, evolution.

The ability of a leader to create a bridge between the past and the future, by observing the current, today, conditions, challenges and circumstances is essential, so it is the knowledge of history, and location. A Matrix-Q Leader would create a bridge ancient cultures and civilizations through the study, adjustment and adaptation of the nature inspired technology and know how utilized by ancient civilizations and cultures.

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Navigation Instruments

The ancient instruments utilized for navigation, including those secret and magical ones, legend of the nordic explorers, promised to bring the vessels to their wished destinations or at least to help them well along their journeys.

Author: Joaquin Alves.
Marine Chronometer #2299 made by Charles Frodsham of London, circa 1844 – 1860. It was later modified to include a telegraph break circuit by William Bond and Son of Boston
Celestial sphere J. Forrest, Girard & Barrère Édouard Perrin (1852-1926)
Armillary sphere
World Map 1689
A nocturnal as costume jewellery. This is a functioning nocturnal, though only about 5 cm tall. It shows the month ring on the outside in brass. The inner disk shows the time and has an indicator on one edge. By setting the indicator to the month and day (in this case a few days into October), centring Polaris in the hole in the middle and rotating the pointer attached to the centre to a specified circumpolar star, the arm indicates the time (in this case, 7 pm)
WHEATON(1844)_The_Cosmos_in_the_Norse_mythology. The 9 divine worlds.

Survival, in a vessel will depend on crew discipline, technology and knowledge.

The modern instruments, which evolved in time, including those utilized for space travel, give us a scientific sense of security, and from legend in our past, we learned to experience in modern time technology.

Basic Flight Instruments
Apollo Command Module main control panel, from “Apollo Operations Handbook: Block II Spacecraft.” Additional information at “Project Apollo Drawings and Technical Diagrams

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we have combined both, at our Matrix-Q Navigation Deck.

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The Crew

Which is the value of a crew member, assigned to a particular deck, specific task, responsibility, function, role, recruited as for a suitable set of skills, knowledge, information, experience, intelligence and learning, adaptation, development and self-management capacity.

How to do assessment of potential team members ? how to build up a team ? Which skills do they need ? How to define roles, rank, decks and line of command ?

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The Vessel


The Vessel is your organization, including infrastructure, know how, technology, human capital, resources, culture, operational principles, information, wealth, property. As all that you have for wealth and property invested into your journey, is all you have in order to navigate to your destination. As a leader, the organization, well functioning, quality and nature of your vessel is essential for the achievement of your goals, for an effective journey.

For an SDG and for a business project, the vessel will be defined as well by its legal form, as organization. While for a family or clan, the vessel is as well the family tree and its culture and history. In the case of a city, the vessel is the location, with its networks, resources, organizations, institutions, services, and citizens.

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Matrix-Q Navigation Instruments & Leadership Tools



“In an aircraft, the Earth’s horizon provides an obvious reference against which the artificial horizon displays attitude. In a spacecraft, such an obvious reference may not exist so the inertial platform at the centre of the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) provides one – a reference that is constant relative to the stars, known as an ‘inertial’ reference ” [ ]


Have your leadership defined an horizon? When or what does it mean for your organization to journey in balance?



A set of goal, aims, milestones, to be developed within certain parameters, operational guidelines, values, corporate culture and mission statement ?

When our vessel navigator keeps attention to the horizon, trajectories may be designed,  and a destination ensured. Otherwise, any trajectory may end the journey, consume the resources and bring the vessel to unknown destinations.


A Map is essential, may the navigator utilize the stars, algorithms or mathematical calculations, a map of any form is very useful.


“An attitude indicator (AI), also known as gyro horizon or artificial horizon or attitude director indicator (ADI, when it has a Flight Director), is an instrument used in an aircraft to inform the pilot of the orientation of the aircraft relative to Earth’s horizon. It indicates pitch (fore and aft tilt) and bank (side to side tilt) and is a primary instrument for flight in instrument meteorological conditions.”[ ]


Which is the orientation of your organization, regarding the set of operational principles, mission statement, values shareholders designed for its development ?

For example, SDG Entrepreneurs may prefer some decisions, strategies than others, in relation to process, resources, technology, human capital, impact at location generated (nature, culture), and others.

A leader of a family business may prefer to utilize family tradition based strategies as for their proven effectiveness within the family business ecosystem.

The Matrix-Q horizon is well defined by the Theta Attitude, centre reference for all potential developments. The attitude is defined by the vertical reference to the cypher 9 position. For purpose of navigation and journey along a particular trajectory the vessel may bank with a particular pitch (left, right, upwards or downwards).

In several situations, leadership is not in a condition to interact and directly perceive the weather, meteorological conditions, means for example to be clouded in vision and perception, regarding market, team collaboration, organizational emotional conditions, national or regional economy, performance of products or teams in charge of service. Then a series of instruments and methods have been designed in order to give to the leadership the necessary information, for purpose of assessment of circumstances, conditions, design and implementation of a strategy.

Sometimes it is necessary Leadership to lead blind, or in other words, just by use of the available and functional, operative, instruments.

For example, under certain conditions, would be necessary to advance the performance, effectiveness in the class of activities labeled by the cypher 3. In combination with those labeled with the cypher 2. Which will create a degree bank turn, as focus of the vessel will be driven to the 1-4 side of the golden spheres.

In other cases, a balance will be necessary to be achieved between cyphers 2 and 7, which will create a fluctuating oscillation, affect balance and capacity of response to challenges, resilience of the vessel.

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute a new form of technical language has been implemented, in order to represent those variations. Through this language, PSL Primordial Symbolic Language) and the use of Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, algorithms will be designed and implemented, for purpose of assessment, navigation, leadership, holistic strategic management.

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SOURCE OF THIS PRESENTATION: The Matrix-Q Research Magazine