A NATURE INSPIRED LEADERSHIP: Which skills and know how can leaders learn from nature?



  • Which skills and know how can leaders learn from nature?
  • Why is so important for leaders to learn to listen and to perceive nature as equal to human beings?
  • Why is important for humans to respect nature: nature equality, which are the natural nature’s rights ?
  • How is the ability of listening and respecting nature directly related to the ability of the human species for survival ? 
  • Which is the importance of instinct and creativity for leadership?
  • How can modern leaders profit from going back to nature and developing a sensory relationship with it ?
  • How Matrix-Q Intelligence, Perception, Emotional Intelligence are enhanced by a direct contact with nature?
  • Which nature training programs have the  Matrix-Q Research Institute developed for Leadership  and Holistic Strategic Management?

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Researcher, Founder of:


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we have made an important decision my establishing an online platform for collaboration, and avoiding at this first 2017-2018 season to invest in infrastructure. The reason is simple, our collaborators, students, contributors are living all around the world and it does not make much sense at this point to create a centre when most of the activity of research and innovation goes very well online.

But i said most of the activity, not all of it. The know how and technology developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute is nature inspired. How we do inspire ourselves from nature is not by review of digital documents, but by visiting nature and developing a relationship with nature thanks to our sensorial interaction with it. Our collaborators, customers and students that live at our location, the Netherlands, and in particular for those living or close to the city of Rhenen, the advantages are unique, as they may profit from the most un-expensive and rich in value infrastructure: Outdoors/Forest Netherlands.


The 9 Step Programs, which focus on the 9 Primordial Principles of Health Happiness and Joy  ( https://9-steps-programs.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/training-programs/ ) are provided in nature 90%. Why? because human nature has been almost forgotten, as it is misperceived by the modern human, tacked for granted, as all about being human would be known already, as human evolution, stages of human development would have been reached its summit.

At the Matrix-Q Research institute we believe that we are at the beginning of a new era, respecting human nature and possibilities knowledge. There is so much to know, learn and explore. And we believe we found a path, that ensures that all we will learn will bring benefits, harmony, balance with life and nature; an holistic sustainable development: By inspiring ourselves in nature, by turning our  learning skills back to nature, we will find the mirror necessary for the next stage of human evolution.

Therefore our intention is to reactivate, reconnect human to nature, to bring back to “the human of the emerging global culture and civilization” the ability of being in close relationship with own natural self, to their own instinct, to their senses, within a natural and wild space, outdoors.

(REF: Human Instinct and its importance for human evolution and modern culture survival)

It means for all online collaborators of the Matrix-Q Research Institute to schedule seasonal visits to nature and engage into particular exercises that will help them gather that necessary inspiration, sensorial relationship, awareness and self-awareness, that will later on become a core foundation for the development of a creative, visionary perception, insight, knowledge, which is nature inspired.

The CXO Leadership Program is nature inspired and designed to help leaders learn from nature the best examples, models, skills, resources and processes along gamified and experiential learning process. http://cxo.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info  As for every education method, the CXO Leadership Program ask its students to develop certain skills that will ensure an effective learning process. Two of those skills and exercises designed to enhance them, are the main topic of this presentation/article.

The ability to listen attentive and in a state, attitude, of respect for nature is important for everything to do with own life, self-care, family care, strategic management or city management. Wild life is a symbol of the unexpected taking place surprising the unaware human that walks among wild life without being attentive or paying respect for its dangers.


Human-wildlife_conflict, The Grand Canyon hosts millions of visitors every year and is home to a population of Rocky Mountain elk. Interactions between humans and the elk sometimes results in injuries. (Source wiki commons)


This article is about those exercises and why are those important and how is the best approach for them. Two key words will be reviewed by this article: The ability to listen in equality with nature, becomes an act of acknowledgement of the worth of nature, and respect being paid to it, which enables our ability to perceive, learn, co-create and collaborate with nature.

An important lesson i learned in the mountains, ocean, river, and facing all sort of animals and circumstances in nature. When you listen attentive and respectful to nature, as another equal, then nature respond to you in the same modality.

Otherwise, nature does not take you for real, serious or relevant. Or in other words, it does not matter how much knowledge, wealth or the lifestyle and status you may have, if you are not respecting nature, and not self-aware, you may in few seconds take the wrong detour and lost own life.

For nature there are no half paths or half being there and doing that. Or you do it or you dont. If you communicate you do, if you listen you do, if you interact you do. There is not half listening.

A simple idea may help you realize why is in that way. In nature all is about survival. Or you live or you die. Then there is no space for a comfortable luxury of half ways doing when your life is at risk.

If you are in nature, the ability to listen a sound and be in contact with your own instinct and emotions would make a difference and save your life.

But that kind of self-awareness, realization of the reality of own circumstance, is almost forgotten for the modern human being. Cities, insurances, health services, police, security, safety, give to human beings such a calm perception of the world, as it would be always there as it is and no risk would ever take place.

Contradictory enough, modern cities can become as well so dangerous, but human senses have been numbed and the instinct and ability of survival have been replaced by the attention  given to smart phones, pokemon go, augmented reality and wearables.

New York Photo by William Warby, Creative Commons License

We know the reality is quite different but most of humans in modern cities grow in the belief that there is no risk to be concern about or that can not be some how avoided, and keep them selves in a safe cloud, also an excuse to navigate a space dedicated to comfort and security based on the fact that the territory is known and no meaningful life-death type of challenge is being “faced”or at least are not perceived as such, even they may be.

At this point the necessary question arises: is human objective and able to perceive reality at its core most radical truth, that everything the members of a species do is meaningful for the end or continuity, life or death, legacy or end of the species, clans and their individuals?



In the study of the 9 principles of health, happiness and joy, the understanding of life goes through the study of the 3 triads and 3 spheres of holistic living. When the same knowledge is applied to business or organization, city or government management, the following chart will be utilized instead.

9 types of civilizations, organizations, governments, skills, religions, solutions, education, sustainable development, technology can be identified through the study of PT-Theta Assessment tools for holistic strategic management.

For all of them, how our approach to nature would make a difference? why to listen and respect nature, could be a life-death skills that our modern culture needs to value in its right dimension?

Perception is all we need to adjust in order to ensure our resources will be addressed, to a path, that will give is higher chances for species survival and human evolution, achieve advanced stages of human development.


I remember very well conversations at the lessons of philosophy, as many i took from high school to the technic institute and university, on what is nature and the role of nature for human life and how humans are meant to dominate and conquer nature.

So here we are, after the last 1000 years of high speed learning about nature and implemented a new form of technology, progress and civilization what has happened with nature and how human “progress” has as consequences the extinction of several species, and the risk of human species self-extinction.

The United Nations, suggests 17+ Sustainable Development Goals, for 2030. Why ? why for 2030 ? because there is no much time to correct the damage that humans have created on its own natural living environment, and the impact of this damage for future generations, life in general.

The impact and damage is not only about how nature has been damaged or how many species are extinct, but as well on how humans have treat each other and still do, and how leadership and social management, wealth generation and national sustainable development strategies have been implemented in such a way that from a global point of view, the human species is only acting against its own survival.

Collaboration between cultures and nations, is a skill that still needs to be learned and mastered. After one century of experiences 1900-2000 that finally show to humanity a radical mirror: that all about survival of own cultures, beliefs, wealth generation capacity, territory, nation, governments is about the survival of the human species, from a global perception. If one single cluster, culture, religion or nation intents to decide over any other(s), the results and consequences may or do escalate towards global domination. There is no other path to take.

Now, the question that follows is simple. Who wants and how the strategy will be, for global domination? Under which terms other cultures, beliefs, clusters of interest, nations will accept or take one other one as for a leader in the global sense? The complexity of the answer will vary according to point of view, knowledge and perception, but the challenge the question gives is necessary.

In a globalized planet, with all its benefits, challenges and risks, collaboration and equality are essential for survival.

Within this context, nature has been taken for granted. Animals, plants, ecosystems, are as humans are, living, evolving, developing and reaching for their own forms of happiness and well being, welfare.

While humanity finds itself at probably the edge of another new era, in a self-conflicted but fully in hope state of being, eventually close to discover a new form of living in peace as a self-aware global collective species, nature is still not perceived nor listened carefully.

Campsite drawing by the Founder of the scout movement, Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell


Photo by Jane Rahman. Scout “Hibernating”


The ability of individuals to give value to life, comes from the ability of them to give value to own life.

For those that have faced war, natural disasters, scarcity, hunger, sickness, or close death experiences of any kind, the perception of life is not any more and intellectual learned idea or the description of its mechanical qualities or its mathematically predicted behavior, but a tangible edge (limit) reality perceived with emotions, senses, with the whole being.

The dormant instinct and concentration into intellectual experience of life (based on ideas, concepts) combined with the safety and comfort of the modern global cities, all of it suggested as an advanced quality of living, progress and civilization lacks at the same time from an essential component, which is the sense of life, experienced tangible, with an awaken instinct and senses: the foundation of survival.

Once the ability of the instinct wakes up again in the human being, a new form of creativity, living force, leadership will take a paramount role for the development of an emerging culture and civilization globally.

After instinct awakes and becomes part of the civilized human, and its collective, it as well evolves and advances its self-expression, becoming present into cognitive, behavior, relationship and creativity, communication, collaboration, strategy and social management experiences: leadership and self-leadership.

Leadership modern challenges may have several reasons, but tangible consequences on how organizations, cities and governments evolve and become able to solve challenges and innovate, take over or create opportunities, that will advance sustainable development, wealth generation and quality of living.

Mostly, the general concern is that leadership in modern culture became empty of force, lacking force,  not flexible, self-destructive, playing safe, never exploring, solidifying a system that is mean to change and evolve according to the changes of times, culture and civilization.

If for summer new kind of clothes are needed, as for winter, the same apply when culture changes, evolves, new systems are necessary. In this case, systems that cope with the new challenges, external and internal, the human individual and collective, networks, communities, cities, organizations and governments face.

Gender equality symbol

Leadership apparently is facing the challenge of a bridge season in human development.

1.) Gender issues, the fight for equality, but as well the lack of clarity of own gender and sexual identity, roles.

  • How to be a male in a world in which women do not need of the male qualities any more because they have become self-realized ?
  • How to create a family, relationship, business, community in that context?
  • How to be a woman and have a relationship with a man we do not want to need?
  • But what about our instinct and hormones, cycles and shifts of perceptions, emotions, skills, induced by the menstruation cycle that completely take us?
  • should we stop it and control it with pills and neutralize the influences of the hormonal changes in our focus and effectiveness or should we flow with the female nature?
  • if we flow with the female nature, how to related with male that do not understand their role as males any more in an androgen modern culture ?

Within this context, for example, leadership also suffers. How to lead? as a man or a women, men and or women ? The natural ability of leadership needs to be developed with a great clarity regarding cultural challenges and circumstances, for example gender and equality issues that the modern culture faces and needs to solve, evolve with.

While many men and women have been leaders in human history, the old school for leadership was the family, the clan. Being it fully immersed into a male or female culture (the myths of patriarchy or matriarchy extreme social management approaches) the reality is that leadership had to evolve beyond one gender into equality and value of human, the human species as one, and from there on, engage into motivation, inspiration, communication, collaboration and strategy. Yet in some cases, like in cultural, religious or corporate, techno or nations wars, for example WW2, leadership took the form necessary for the human collective being lead and the flag that belongs to the issue that needs to be faced, solved, from the leader perception.

Picture of John Lennon’s Strawberry Fields Forever Memorial from July 14, 2007

Between 1800 and 2000, so many wars revolutions and social changes have affected human history and society, human perception of peace is nowadays more realistic in terms of the impact of conflict and war in the family wealth, well being and government sustainability, nation, culture and belief. But as well, a choice is being made, into comfort, safe zone, self-interest, survival by melting into a mass that follows what ever powerful or generally accepted idea or system or lifestyle is, as an strategy that creates the feeling or idea of security and stability, there for the possibility for a more enjoyable future, that along wars and revolutions, grandparents and great grandparents with idealistic flags could not enjoy.

Nowadays, if something does not work, we wish others to fix it, so far does not bother us. Humans avoid to take action, mostly if it would mean to question the system that sustains own life. Fear to stand alone, and clarity (maybe out of the modern school system experience) that one actually stands alone against the collective pressure or agreement, and no without effort may become for a temporary period of time, a leader.



A species or an individual within a species that have more skills to survive, does it, by taking action and being capable to take the risk when the opportunity appears. A death-life situation most of the time.

Serengeti Lion Running Taken by Schuyler Shepherd

For modern leadership a death situation may be, in a modern city for example,  to lost image in social media, or to never achieve an academic degree, or to have no money in a bank account, or to lost a job, go bankrupt or never meet the expectations of a love partner, get divorces or become a single parent, lost the elections in a political campaign or never manage to sell own new book and so on. Mostly issues related to wealth generation, social perception, agreement of value and self-identity, that may vary from culture to culture.

In other context, of human experience, death may be potentially experienced within a natural disaster, in war, after rejection of a refugee application, facing criminal acts of individuals or criminal organizations abuse, an accident or the government of an extremist dictator or leader.

In nature similar risks and challenges may be faced, by animals and plants, ecosystems and living collective organisms, like the forest. The planet earth in general perceived as a living organism is daily in a great danger, a death-live survival situation, and humans intent to predict about it when the next huge sun flare and electromagnetic pulse will meet the earth surface, or the next meteorite will hit us, or if there would eventually take place a dramatic shift pole and new ice age.


Humans live daily life as they would be immortals, when in every breath all forms of deaths and dangers may strike.

A warmer climate impacts oceans in other ways beyond rising sea levels; coral reefs such as this one in Virgin Islands National Park are dying. Warmer ocean temperatures and more acidic waters (from increased carbon dioxide levels) are bleaching and dissolving coral reefs around the world.

A leader may take a decision that would affect the life of millions, and if not correct choices are made, those may damage the life of that many. As well, in the life of an individual and family choices are made that change own future, destiny, possibilities and chances for happiness or at least for the achievement of sustainable living, wealth generation or advanced quality of living.

A math exam never taken, the wrong professional path, a business never started, or the wrong product placed into the market, a study or research never made, or the wrong consultancy service, a scientific misperception of data, or the wrong interpretation of priorities and importance.

When a mother let the 6 years old child stay in a space of lack of self-confidence, and the butterfly effect of that event for the child time line, may end in any situation not preferred for the child future, as for example unhappiness in the field of love relationship, job seeking, self-expression, professional development, or entrepreneurship. Another death-life choice, now being taken by the previous generation, with a great influence in the new one.

When a new mate is chosen in nature, basically is out of confirmation of a series of facts, skills, that will give to the new couple legacy a greater chance for survival.

Modern human culture individuals think in same terms regarding the pre-conditions for success perceived by the local culture: wealth, academic degree, social status, network, life path, family name, and others, for example in the modern culture.

The universal declaration of human rights (Spanish Text) 10 December 1948


The challenge of survival, is a reality for all species living in the complex living system known as earth. Nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles have helped all species to find their place, role and flow into life. While when the human species starts developing a behavior out of those rhythms, out of the sensitivity and interaction with nature, and on the contrary, instead of supporting life to continue, jeopardize the stability of the whole earth-living system through its behavior, then human rights seem to become so relevant as nature rights.

It is at the edge of self-destruction that humanity intents to reach back to an stable and sustainable development and eventually give chance and time for evolution to do its work and upgrade the human species, its culture and civilization globally.

Mid while, how many species have meet their end, along the plays and deeds of a human wit the responsibility of an hormonal teen ager distracted by addiction, with focus mostly into solving own personal issues and being disrespectful and unaware of the sense of the order placed before him/her in its living system ?

Seen in the long term, the implementation of nature rights makes as much sense as the implementation of human rights in daily life, as human rights without nature, would be equal to an effort for survival developed with an strategy that harms all necessary living conditions for life.  When a human individual realizes that life is bonded with life, and humans are essential part of the thread of life, and capable of taking conscious responsibility for its balance, nature rights flag makes so much sense.

As it is the journey of the human individual that do not respect nor listen to the living environment, into that state of development in which the ability of listening becomes essential for survival. Listening, acknowledging, in a state of equality creates the necessary conditions for knowledge and learning, respect and collaboration with the life forces that ensure our own survival.

But is that all? a rhetoric  inspiring call for paying respect to nature ? or how is the ability of listening and respecting nature directly related to the ability of the human species for survival ? 

Author Pierre-Yves Beaudouin: 2013 FITA Archery World Cup, Paris, France. Women’s individual compound final: Alejandra Usquiano vs Erika Jones.
Young prince Maximilian hunting for birds as a horsed archer, it was depicted in the so-called “Weißkunig” (part of the Triumphal Arch by Albrecht Dürer and his pupils) Hunting for flying birds from the back of a galloping horse was considered the top category of archery. The favorite hobby of Prince Maximilian, engraved by Dürer


At the Matrix-Q Research Institute one of the most fascinating research projects is that of ethology of the human phenomena. DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.19116.67203 by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The general idea of the study is to identify traits, behavior of human, that resembles that of nature animals, plants, ecosystems or living systems. But this simple task of observation and association would be impossible to do without having developed an objective and subjective, conscious and subconscious ability to listen and respect nature.

From left to right: Viper, Monkey, Mantis (on Monkey’s head), Shifu, Tigress, and Crane. The Furious Five are homages to the actual Snake, Monkey, Praying Mantis, Tiger, and Crane styles of Chinese martial arts. (Fair use, for education purposes) Produced by DreamWorks Animation

There is so much to learn from nature, but to perceive nature is a challenge, as mostly human perception is condition by its subconscious mind, emotions and pre set perception.

For the study of ethology of the human phenomena the question on what makes a human human, if a human mostly imitates nature is valid for whole human history, but what changes in human behavior when generations of humans lives isolated, non sensitive, away from nature? Do humans utilize the 1000s of years of evolutions as a species data, memories in their DNA, to develop nature inspired behavior or will copy from media what is associated as similar to a vague memory of an elephant that do not find alive any more, but with which our ancestors had direct sensory contact and experiences long time ago in our family tree time line?

The most fascinating side of the study of ethology of human phenomena is that humans skills, human emotions, may be directly associated with those of specific species in plants, animals, even ecosystems and complex living systems. Why not all humans have developed the little scary dog behavior and only few humans have lion qualities? Which are the favorite traits of behavior of a top leader that can be associated to those of a plant or an animal?

World Map of Y-Chromosome Haplogroups – Dominant Haplogroups in Pre-Colonial Populations with Possible Migrations Routes

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute there is a second study which focus on DNA Generation Algorithms utilized for the study of Human Genome, DNA, Human Potential, which focus on 9+ Stages of human development and Human Archetypes that should be verified at DNA level; studies for which a new mathematic system has been created: PT-Theta Primordial Vectorial Mathematics.


Human behavior can be represented by archetypes, a systemic perception and organization of human phenomena (PT-Theta Assessment Tools) . At the Matrix-Q Research Institute i have created a set of archetypes that integrated nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms that affect as humans as plants, animals, ecosystems and complex living systems. Which means through the PT-Theta Assessment Tools is possible to create a correlation between human behavior and nature behavior, identify emotional and behavior traits, skills that belong to a particular culture or clan, or geo-location or to individuals with similar time lines or backgrounds of knowledge and experiences or skills, or simply define a set of trainings and education programs that may help individuals and leaders develop a set of unique skills necessary or ideal for leadership and strategic management.



A Nature Inspired Leadership Training: The 3 triads and 3 spheres of holistic strategic management and nature inspired leadership.


Training GOAL

  • (Primary) Learn holistic strategic management tools for assessment, risk and strategic management
  • (Primary) Develop nature inspired skills for leadership
  • Activate and advance Matrix-Q Intelligence
  • Advance Perception, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Collaboration, Cocreation
  • Learn skills and methods for Self-Management, Process Management, Time Management



For the practice of a new kata, a dance that follows a series of qualities organized in classes, emotions, movements, studied and developed at the Matrix-Q Research Institute for a leadership, effectiveness and holistic strategic management program, one of the foundations, trained since the first lesson is that of the ability of listening to nature as to one self in a state of equality and respect.

Today lesson for example, was to practice the dance on a complex terrain. The terrain vary, our brain and sensorial skills must adjust to the new challenging conditions, for example the floor was so slippery that we could fall in any moment. That sense of risk, did wake up our instinct, within that circumstance our task had to be completed, a perfect movement of the sword and body in a complex terrain.

If the exercises in the wilderness, outdoors, developed in the city/forest of Rhenen, the Netherlands, would be done without awareness, perception and respect for nature, most of us would have been harmed already. Nature, outdoors, even the same forest is always unpredictable. Our senses awaken and our instinct too, we accomplish training tasks and conquer fears but as well develop a relationship, an ability of sensing and interacting with nature and knowing ourselves in a great variety of circumstances.

A new Leadership Program will be offered in 2018, of 3 weekends training provided within 81 days, each weekend with focus on a particular triad or sphere of holistic strategic management. Every day 2-3 times, a training in the forest, that help leaders go back to nature an awaken and develop, master their instinct, will be provided.

Along our daily trainings now developed since june 2017, the observation of nature is essential.

For example, for the burnout prevention program, https://9-steps-programs.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/training-programs/the-9-primordial-pandas/ 

We learn to experience emotions, and mimic nature, living systems, and as well animals, along our training sessions, that will help us not only advance our concentration, Matrix-Q Brain Gym, but as well develop new emotional, awareness, perception and behavior flexibility.


For the study of primordial archetypes the horse is one of our most used images. The horse is as well a key example. There are many methods for horse riding, yet the most interesting one i learned about in Germany through a volunteer week (HJN SCHOOL) was one developed through non verbal communication in full state of respect, acknowledgement and equality with the horse. If the horse sense that one is not fully honest with own self, with own emotions, thoughts, intentions, then the horse will not give any attention nor respect to the movements or signs given. But once the non verbal sensory communication methods is fully one with whole individual self, the horse recognize an individual that respect own self, that is one with him/her-self, and therefore the horse gets captured with interest into the leader. As once the leader listen to itself honestly, does it also to others and its environment. This ability of listening is perceived also as respectful.

50th Munich Security Conference 2014: Diplomacy in a Digital Age: Diplomacy in a Digital Age. Author: Mueller / MSC


The same apply for a love relationship, team and collaboration. If a leader is not capable to listen to its team; is as terrible as when the love partner is not listening; mostly a circumstance experienced or shared by women, arguing that male do not listen, for them means as well men do not care; so the attention and respect given to them will be reduced, as who cares for any one that does not care about you? or about himself ?

In the case of collaborative leadership, or team-based-leadership, the (self-)leader-collective, should have develop the ability of communication, listening and respecting, acknowledging each other, starting for one self.

This particular rare skills, are not product of the modern culture and are actually very difficult to find by accident or in a non trained individual or pre set environment. To listen does not mean to hear only words but to give full receptive attention with all senses to the whole being and message being communicated through so many channels.

Mostly, modern culture human has developed an active attention skills that in its noise reduced in high degree the number of channels for communication or perception utilized and the quality and form of the message, its content and nature.

Perception is key, and unless one learns to listen and perceive there is no much chance for success.



A document published in 2016-2017 by the Matrix-Q Research Institute on epistemology, focus on perception and emotional intelligence as keys for a good listener and a humble individual capable of self-knowledge and sensing and knowing of reality.

( Epistemology : Matrix Thinking & Matrix Perception. Primordial Technology Theta Methods Applied Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, Emotional Intelligence and Perception  DOI10.13140/RG.2.2.29955.09764  by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken )

Reality, its perception, is matter of a good strategy. In the art of war, peace and life, the ability to perceive reality is essential for victory. Many examples are given by ancient martial arts and war systems dedicated to ensure sustainable living conditions for a culture, clan or nation.

In the same sense, our expectation, (Matrix-Q Research Institute)  is that through a new insight, the development of a new ability utilized for the perception of nature, humanity will realize the interdependence human and nature have for both of them survival and the importance of the ability of listening and respecting nature, if gained back, its impact, in the future, destiny of the human species, and the potential for it to reach advanced stages of development or evolution. 



For all of these study the understanding of nature is essential.


The Matrix-Q Research Institute research  aim is to advance the human capacity of individual, organizational, leadership and city effectiveness.

For this purpose multidisciplinary scientific research studies has been made, a multidisciplinary know how has been developed, and innovative applications, tools, technology is continuously developed.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute research projects are nature inspired (study of nature laws, cycles, rhythms, principles) and focus on the study of the human factor, human potential, and human stages of development within the context of an emerging global culture and civilization challenges with the needs and aspiration of an advanced quality of living, wealth generation, sustainable development and legacy generation. For the purpose of research modern challenges and questions have been addressed, with a futurist and visionary insight; solutions and answers have been developed through an holistic, systemic, synergetic and humanist approach. The Matrix-Q Research Institute creates a bridge between nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations knowledge and technology, current and modern global civilizations challenges.