The Matrix-Q Research Institute – THE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN



This fundraising campaign has the purpose to gather the necessary resources and support for The Matrix-Q Research Institute to continue its innovative work.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary scientific research developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute; technology and know how innovation can take the form of products and services, new organizations and companies can be created, new job positions generated, professionals and families supported in their development, sustainable development at cities, networks and regions can be supported.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “The Matrix-Q Research Institute”

Our aim is to advance the human capacity of individual, organizational, leadership and city effectiveness.

For this purpose multidisciplinary scientific research studies has been made, a multidisciplinary know how has been developed, and innovative applications, tools, technology is continuously developed.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute research projects are nature inspired (study of nature laws, cycles, rhythms, principles) and focus on the study of the human factor, human potential, and human stages of development within the context of an emerging global culture and civilization challenges with the needs and aspiration of an advanced quality of living, wealth generation, sustainable development and legacy generation. For the purpose of research modern challenges and questions have been addressed, with a futurist and visionary insight; solutions and answers have been developed through an holistic, systemic, synergetic and humanist approach. The Matrix-Q Research Institute creates a bridge between nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations knowledge and technology, current and modern global civilizations challenges.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute projects and achievements have been privately financed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, a philanthropist, that decided in 1987 to dedicate his life to the purpose of understanding and supporting human evolution, global culture and civilization advancement. In the year 2016, The Netherlands, a non profit organization was grounded, with the purpose of protecting, promoting and continue research in the multidisciplinary fields of the know how developed. The intention of his founder is to create a  legacy for future generations of scientists, researchers, technology innovators, sustainable development entrepreneurs, humanists, peace workers and philanthropists.

The non profit organization is the legal person behind the 1.) Matrix-Q Research Institute, 2.) the Ɵ Foundation, 3.) the Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy, 4.) PTƟ Standard licenses and certificates  & 5.) The Start Up Incubation Services. Through this organization not only innovative know how and technology will be made available to the market, but as well new for profit and not for profit organizations will be supported in their start ups, directly and directly new job positions will be created.

For these aims the work of the Matrix-Q Research institute is essential and priority.


  • Bank: ING Netherlands
  • Bank Account Name: Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Bank Account nr / IBAN: NL95 INGB 0007 4257 94

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Our focus with this campaign is to cover basic operational capacity and development process:

  • Research: Collection and generation of data, analysis, assessment, and studies.
  • Innovation: Generation of solutions and algorithms that address specific needs.
  • Test & Implementation: Test, trial new know how,  services, products and technologies.
  • Education: After training provide certificates and licenses to qualified users of the know how.
  • Leadership: Strategic holistic management training provided to leaders, build up CXO Qualifications, necessary for the management of projects, services, for which the know how is necessary.



  • Here a list of some of our key research project.
  • As a supporter your donation will be dedicated to an specific project if you wish. Please add the number of project you wish to support.
  • Realize that the time and human resources dedicated to the projects will vary according to the funding available.
  • Currently those projects are developed based on 50% dedication of  Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken by utilizing a Multidisciplinary Research Matrix System, which make it possible for him to complete research in several fields of a pre set matrix simultaneously.
  • The other 50%  Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken provides services through the non profit platform: in order to generate the necessary funding for research and innovation.



Looking for effectiveness please consider:

For a Min. cycle for research of 81 days, for one single project, the following is necessary.

Your contribution will help us reach our 81 days research goal of one project.

  • Basic team: 1 researcher 50%: 10700.00 USD
  • Plus Team: 2 assistants 50%: 10700.00 USD
  • Basic Operation Expenses (office, internet, communication, travel,  meetings, equipment) : 10700.00 USD
  • Advanced Operation Expenses (PR, Publications, Presentations): 10700.00 USD
  • Library: (additional publications, memberships, data) 1200.00 USD
  • Laboratory: If apply. Tests and controls, reports, trials, are considered a PLUS expense and may need of an specific fundraising campaign.


  • Per project: 44000.00 USD
  • x 17+ Projects: 748000.00 USD
  • + 52000.00 USD for additional fundraising campaigns
  • = 800000.00 USD
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(Up to date 2017.12.02 The Netherlands)

  • .PROJECT 000:  Matrix-Q Research Magazine & Events
  • ..GOAL: Articles and Keynote Presentations
  • …Publication of articles, scientific research
  • …Keynote presentations, Master Class.


.PROJECT 001:  A.I. Artificial Intelligence

  • ..GOAL: Development of new algorithms, an A.I. Engine Programming Language
  • …(Online and at location)  Training on PTƟ Foundations for CGI Design and A.I.
  • …Keynote presentations, Master Class.


.PROJECT 002:  SDG Sustainable Development Goals

  • ..GOAL: Research & share Holistic Strategic Management tools and methods for assessment, with focus SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities, for SDG Entrepreneurs.Creation of an online collaboration platform.
  • …(Online and at location) Training on PTƟ Assessment & Holistic Strategic Management Tools
  • …Keynote presentations, Master Class.
  • …Consultancy and coaching services.


.PROJECT 003:  New Mathematics System


.PROJECT 004:  PTƟ Primordial Algorithms  

  • http://Primordial-algorithms.luisdanielmaldonad…
  • ..GOAL: Research & development of new applications, new algorithms that solve modern global culture challenges
  • …(Online and at location) Training on PTƟ Primordial Algorithms
  • …The Primordial Algorithms Gamified Challenge: Competition.
  • …Keynote presentations, Master Class.


.PROJECT 005:  Nature Inspired know how and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations  

  • ..GOAL: Research on their aims, methods, perceptions and innovation process.
  • …(Online and at location) Keynote presentations, Master Class: Nature Inspired know how and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations


.PROJECT 006:  Human Potential. 


.PROJECT 007:  Human Potential.


.PROJECT 008:  Life Span  


.PROJECT 009:   Human Potential, Family & Effectiveness

  • ..GOAL: Research Influence of hormonal changes on human effectiveness.
  • . Sustainability of love relationships. Female Single Parenting & Effectiveness. Gender equality and effectiveness.
  • …(Online and at location) Training, Assessment
  • …Keynote presentations, Master Class:


.PROJECT 010:  Gamification

  • .GOAL: Research DNA Algorithms Generation applied for gamification. Implementation of Games
  • …(Online and at location) Training:  The Matrix 9+ Game Generator
  • …Keynote presentations, Master Class:


.PROJECT 011:  Gamification  


PROJECT 012:  Peace, Security & Defense   


PROJECT 013:  CXO Leadership Program   http:/

  • .GOAL: Training for leaders. Holistic strategic management.
  • …(Online and at location) Training: CXO Leadership Program


PROJECT 014:  e-library  

PROJECT 015:  Start Ups  


PROJECT 016:  PTƟ Standard


PROJECT 017:  PTƟ  44+ Multidisciplinary Matrix of Research Projects at RG:



Instead of a donation you may prefer to give something in exchange for a valuable service or product, here our suggestions.

PERK001. (Online and at location) Training

  • .Choose the training program you prefer.Delivered online within 18 days. (waiting list priority)
  • 2600.00 USD


PERK002. Keynote presentations, Master Class (At the Netherlands & Europe),

  • .1 day
  • .Delivered online within 27 days. (waiting list priority)
  • .8000.00 USD + Travel and accommodation expenses


PERK003.Keynote presentations, Master Class (Abroad)

  • .1 day
  • .Delivered online within 27 days. (waiting list priority)
  • .26000.00 USD + Travel and accommodation expenses


PERK004.Consultancy and coaching services.




PERK006.Assessment of your project, idea or know how.




PERK008.e-books collections


PERK009. e-Learning Programs

  • ..Choose the training program you prefer. (delivered within 81 days, waiting list priority)
  • ..Created at Udemy or similar platform
  • ..We create the training program, self-learning modality according to your request.
  • .10070.00 USD


PERK010.Weekend in the Netherlands, City of Rhenen. (fee per person)

  • .Choose the training program you prefer
  • .Leisure and culture activities included: visit to nature reserved areas, cultural and archaeological sites, the Zoo.
  • .Accommodation 3 nights included (friday-saturday-sunday).
  • . Scheduled within 6 months (waiting list priority)
  • .Per attendee
  • .10070.00 USD


PERK011.Weekend abroad (Germanic Countries, Nordic Countries, Russia, Israel, India, Bali) (fee per person)

  • .Choose the training program you prefer
  • .Leisure and culture activities included.
  • .Accommodation 3 nights included (friday-saturday-sunday).
  • . Scheduled within 6 months (waiting list priority)
  • .Per attendee
  • .10070.00 USD + Travel and accommodation expenses within EU
  • .26000.00 USD + Travel and accommodation expenses outside EU


PERK012. (3) to more days abroad (The Netherlands, Germanic Countries, Nordic Countries, Russia, Israel, India, Bali) (not weekend) (fee per person)

  • .Choose the training program you prefer
  • .Leisure and culture activities included.
  • .Accommodation included.
  • . Scheduled within 6 months (waiting list priority)
  • .for 3 days, per attendee
  • .10700.00 USD + Travel and accommodation expenses within EU
  • .26000.00 USD + Travel and accommodation expenses outside EU