Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense

Matrix-Q Defense: from cyber-security to culture and organizational defense

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

How the idea of defense from the perspective of PTƟ Know How and Matrix-Q Intelligence applies to:

  • National security, safety, secrecy.
  • Cyber-security
  • Private and personal security services
  • Family (clan) and community Sustainability
  • Culture defense (Sustainability of a culture: national or corporate culture)
  • Corporate defense, risk management and holistic strategic management
  • Peace
  • Sustainable Development
  • Education
  • Gamification
  • Self-Management
  • Human Potential, Human Factor, Human Stages of Development
  • Effectiveness


In previous articles, presentations, courses and publications i have described how a CGE (Culture generation engine) operates, the language it utilizes, the qualities of its engine for co-processing (collaborative processing – thanks to the interaction with human individual and collective units), and how the CGE evolves, decays, conquer, reproduce itself or is assimilated by other CGEs.

For the 9 types of organizations, according to the “9 Spheres of Holistic Strategic Management” and the “9+ Levels of Risk Management” suggested by PT-Theta Know How, defense, security, safety, privacy and secrecy are extremely important to review.

The participation of the human factor for these matters, according to the “9 Primordial Principles of health, happiness and joy” would make a difference in the field of defense, only if the “9 Spheres of Holistic Strategic Management” are self-aware (human variable of the 9 spheres) of the challenge that need to be faced.

If the human capital collaborates with the process, and through its interaction with the technology, methods, know how provided, achieve results, effectiveness, is as well a question regarding the CGE of the organization or nation, if is stable enough to hold its human component stable and with capabilities of effectiveness.

The PTƟ Tools for assessment, will help leadership identify a CGE approaching. As a radar that helps a control defense unit identify a weapon, for example, a missile or aircraft approaching and predict target, and strategic damage, there for plan and implement on time a counter defensive and offensive strategy.

Or in the case of cyber security, the identification of an operating induced or resident A.I. Engine dedicated to create gateways or hack the security codes of those that already exist; there for, the design and implementation of a counter part A.I. Engine or method necessary to control the cyber attack series of events, to manage the risk and implications of the situation.

The strategies necessary for protecting a clan, community, nation, city, culture or government are as well given by the current CGE, and could be enhanced, if PTƟ know how is used, consciously, for the upgrade, evolution of the current CGE if necessary (actually, the review of own CGE and its potential development, is the ideal process, for a preventive intervention in the field of defense, security, secrecy, safety and privacy).

Cyber-security tools, methods would profit from the Matrix-Q Defense know how, as well private and personal security, military, police and organizational operational guidelines and knowledge for secrecy, safety, privacy, security and defense.


The Matrix-Q Defense tools and training program being developed by the Ɵ Foundation have the aim to increase the stability of organizations and governments, facing the risks of cyber attacks, as well as of cultural attacks (or social media combined with social movements and networks strategic collaboration designed for the purpose of enforced change of social, government, culture or market practices, policies, laws or governance operational principles and decision making guidelines).

The modern global age, is about to face in the fields of defense, a new series of species, able to damage or destroy the culture, organizational or community CGE, and change from within structures, that otherwise were essential pillars necessary for the stability of the government. This idea applies for corporations, networks, cities, communities, but as well for clans and families.

The relevance of the study of CGEs in the field defense, safety, security is high. As its methods, tools, can be combined with the human capital, and through collaborative processing and enhancement of the effectiveness of the collaboration between technology and human, betters results may be achieved.

With the Matrix-Q Defense Project, The Ɵ Foundation, is expecting to develop a new series of tools for cyber security within the following 9 years, but as well methods and tools for strategic management, leadership, governance, community, city management, and training programs for the human variable of the equation : Matrix-Q Defense.

At the moment, training programs that focus on effectiveness, provided by the  Ɵ Foundation, have integrated already the essential principles of Matrix-Q Defense know how in their human factor training. For example, those ones related to the PTƟ Martial Arts System: Prime Do and its applications for risk management and holistic strategic management, burnout prevention, and self-management, Artificial Intelligence trainings, Matrix-Q Coaching, Matrix-Q Intelligence Tests, SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, Algorithms Design, Education, Preventive Health, Family Sustainability, Peace, Economy, Leadership, Gamification, CXO Training Programs,  Human Potential, for example.


For example, when you think about family leadership, and consider all sort of threats a family may face, one of the most dangerous threats, for example, is that of ideas, perceptions, practices, that would shift completely the family members against each other or isolate them, generate conflict for them within the family nucleus and take them away of the family. For example  when a family faces the threat of a sect or a sect representatives with other sets of beliefs and a CGE capable to create damage in the defense shield of the family culture or family CGE.

A similar case apply for a community or network, city, corporation, organization or nation.

For example, the idea of progress, developed by the western world CGE, would arrive to southern countries and monetize all natural and human resources in exchange for wealth and the promise of progress. As a result, not only a non sustainable progress got to be implemented into the modern southern hemisphere culture, a type of progress that is dependent of the northern hemisphere economy and technology, policies and the global development process; but as well a transformation of their local and regional cultures, national culture took place.

Several cases of tribes, farmers locations, which have been left by their community new generation of adults that learned to perceive in cities and progress an alternative for increasing their wealth and status, quality of living, there for will leave their tribes, farmers life and locations, to enter business or start academic studies and get jobs. In some cases they will sell their land and risk all they had, as legacy of their elders, for the opportunity generated through money, to try out the risk of entering the competitive field of progress, as employees or entrepreneurs.

Without land, there is no shelter, no food, no health, no family. By leaving their property, their land, they did place in risk not only their own future, life sustainability family, but that one of their children and future generations to come.

The western modern culture, from other side, faces nowadays one of the most powerful CGEs that intent to reach a global influence, and shift local cultures to its operational guidelines, values, perceptions and wealth control/generation parameters. The new age culture, its CGE, has influenced along the last 27 years cultures and generations of all around the world, it is expected that young entrepreneurs, educators, investors, politicians will make decisions influenced by the New Age CGE which in its current form had as birth location the USA Culture, its CGE. Being the new age CGE a child CGE of USA Culture, any case, for purpose of analysis, it is still for many not directly obvious, the levels and fields of conflict that the New Age CGE has with their national or corporate cultures, even themselves may agree to disagree with several cultural practices, perceptions and values, wealth generation and control parameters of USA Culture (CGE); they still may not be able to notice these operational guidelines active within the New Age CGE and how they actually do transform and change the traditional Eurasia Cultures (CGE) from within. (REF: Evolution of corporate models, Mission statement and emotional intelligence, Religion and military)

As i have suggested before a CGE, may transform a culture it intents to assimilated along 3 to 5 generations, means 30 to 50 years. The normal procedure would be the infiltration of CGE signal carriers, individuals or clusters, organizations, wealth generation units, thinking and perception change inducers, political policies, media, movements, networks and others, until a critical local mass have been reached, which will recreated the induced CGE through local DNA (local individuals, that associated, practice the perceptions and values of the induced CGE and choose it, instead of their local traditional family and culture CGE).


The emerging digital global culture and its influence on the CGE being build, of the emerging global culture and civilization, needs to be studied carefully, in terms of its power of impact, in the process of transformation (vulnerability, damage, destruction) of the local CGE.

The identification of a threatening CGE would be possible only when the management and leadership of a culture realizes the importance of the local CGE for heritage, legacy, wealth generation, stability, resilience, independency. In this sense, cultural defense, becomes long or medium term an issue for national defense.


It is clear for any government that education is the most important tool for national defense.

This idea apply for family, community, network, religion, city, corporation, culture.

The reasons for the need of corporate culture are so clear as the reasons for the need of a community and national culture (customs, language, location, history).

In all of these questions, the legacy generated by the natural heritage process, is the one that leaders perceive and realize, needs to be protected, developed and supported through national, cultural values.

The evolution or development of the family, community, network, city, culture, government culture CGEs should be placed as priority of the state (leadership) for purpose of national defense (family sustainability, corporate defense, local culture sustainability and defense)

The human factor, is here again, clearly, the essential component able to change the destiny of a nation, and the one responsible of caring of the legacy, heritage, of its elders, to pass it on to the next generations, and protect it from external CGE threats.


CGEs may between each other develop several sets of relationships, which may fall into cocreative categories, as those known by corporate, families, clans or nations.

  • Assimilation
  • Merging
  • Cocreation
  • Conflict
  • Destruction
  • Legacy Generation (CGE Child Generation)
  • Strategic Collaboration
  • (Collective or binomial Parenting)
  • and others.

For any individual, family, community, city, government and culture, the type of experience they may be having at this precise moment with more than one threatening or “interacting with them” CGE may vary from any or other forms of interaction, as for example those listed above.

In the same way a virus may enter a biological system or a hacked digital information system, it does into a cultural system. Yet the human modern culture ability to control these events, management, identify the damage, assess it and prevent it, is mostly unknown or limited to national defense units/offices of the government.

This information, either case, is essential, for any one seeking for peace and harmony, and the natural development of own CGE, starting from a family, an organization (corporation, NGO), or individual.


Participation in the process of taking responsibility for national defense starts by knowing which are the values, wealth, that needs to be protected, and how is possible to do so.

When a CGE threatens the local CGE and culture, it threatens as well its future and the future of its legacy.

Personal and private security starts in prevention. A security breach is identified when the stability of the defense system is failing or a damage has been caused, otherwise after the local CGE has been transformed, controlled or destroyed.

In the case of private personal security, when the safety patterns, protocols have been pushed to the limits and the target of aggression, the customer of private security services, have experienced that threatening events have taken place and that intrusive and destructive actions or individuals have entered the security controlled area of their life or business and established a threatening or damaging interaction or influence already.

Training programs provided by the Ɵ Foundation with focus on effectiveness, and mostly those that integrate self-defense practices, are ideal for leadership and holistic strategic management.


As more competitive becomes the world, at a global scale, more complex the strategies utilized by individuals and organizations, for purpose of wealth generation, culture sustainability (beliefs, values, costumes, language, geographical limited property, governance practices, operational values and guidelines…).

As military studies have become popular since the 2WW in corporate, have as well entered the field of management and leadership, education; they will as well enter the field of sustainable development and SDG.

Peace must be achieved, at a n emerging global culture and civilization, through a global agreement on the need of achievement of global sustainable development, advanced quality of living and wealth generation capacity enhancement, legacy; without damaging or harming the natural development of the  CGEs of “local” cultures and organizations.

But instead of that conscious and globally responsible scenario, we have realized that cultural expressions, beliefs and teachings travel overseas as counter-defense strategies, trying to diminish the damage caused by threatening cultures, at their home ground.

For example, native americans visiting Eurasia, promoting their culture, capturing interest of people that appreciate them, and creating a cause, for protection of their own cultures, in a land that do not belong to them any more, in USA, for example. But by setting the origin of USA culture as Eurasia itself, the native americans representative induce in Europe and Asia, their own CGEs and create a counter influence, conflict or a possibility for cocreation of a new possible future (CGE Merging).

A similar situation does apply with tibet and Buddhism; and several other religious or cultural practices. Yet in china, the teachings of tibetan monks or cultural representatives were forbidden at a certain time period, the obvious reason would have been to avoid a revival of their culture or a counter-impact as a strategy of defense, the Chinese government did avoid their citizens to be exposed to tibetan cultural practices and beliefs.

The influence the collective has on the perception of the government defense practices is essential for collaboration and interaction government-citizen.

In the future, will be necessary that informed citizens take responsibility in the field of protection, development of own local CGE and take part of exploration and research on other alternatives with counter part or friend CGEs (damage, defense, cocreation, parenting of CGEs) when natural CGE evolution seems to be impossible, if wished as free from third party CGE influences.

In that sense, national defense, becomes a matter of individual action, individual choices, individual engagement in the protection of own culture, and in the process of assessment and decision making in terms of : what is the destiny, destination, future i do choose, which CGE i will stand for ?

In our modern times, this question will be used the same for revolutionaries, governments, military, families and religions, each of them will utilize their own CGE in order to hold human capital on their side as value and mean of their entrepreneurship. (Religions and corporate models of development)


A conscious choice, study, of the ideal design of a CGE for a global culture and civilization, would be the most ideal choice, for purpose of peace.

In this case, the unavoidable merging and cocreating, conflicted process of encounter, clashing between CGEs from all around the world, and their respective histories, backgrounds, could be taken into a research study, by a global government that perceives the need of a global CGE capable to assimilate and integrate all currently existent CGEs.

Is this a dream, a potential or a hypothesis ?

Currently several CGEs are trying to take over global strategic management and are advanced in the process of assimilation of CGEs of several locations, a process that have been naturally taking place since the beginning of human family, clans, tribes, nations and governments.

The study of CGEs for peace, is essential for the future of humanity, as, if well predicted, the knowledge on the emerging global CGEs and their conflict with local or global CGEs, could become an instrument for peace and global sustainable development, global education and protection of a human global culture.

A CGE designed for global peace, would become, within the field of SDG, sustainable development goals, a task to take over.

Defense in that sense, in terms of a global culture and civilization emerging, would need to focus on peace and sustainable development, advancement of quality of living, protection of heritage, legacy generation, wealth generation and leadership.