The Ɵ Foundation Affiliates Program

The Ɵ Foundation Affiliates Program


One of the aims of the Ɵ Foundation is to promote the PTƟ Body of Work, a multidisciplinary holistic nature inspired know how, with applications in cutting edge fields as artificial intelligence, life span, holistic strategic management, sustainable development, neuroscience, education, human potential, intelligence and others.

For this purpose a new strategy has been implemented.

Our affiliates program offers up to 45% commission to affiliates.

A partnership program which include between its benefits, on top of the commissions given, training, coaching, team building, and prizes.

At the moment 2 affiliates programs have been implemented:

Assessment Services

Along an assessment process the customer takes part of the evaluation, through questions and answers. The first benefit is the customer perception and awareness on important issues will expand, new risks are perceived, potential opportunities predicted and new possibilities for solutions identified.

Assessment means an opportunity to solve a problem, a challenge, by identifying its real nature, through the use of tools that help our perception.


Luis offers assessment online for:

  • Family
  • Professional Development
  • Self-Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Start Ups
  • Corporate
  • SDG Entrepreneurship
  • Network
  • Community
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence Tests

E-library Collections

More details at:


Through an affiliate program, affiliates may earn an income by promoting our assessment services or e-bookscollections.

  • How to join our affiliate program ?
  • Write us an e-mail to: with a brief description of your profile and interests, in general, tell us, why would you like to sell our services of assessment, and /or e-books and to whom.
  • Affiliates join a newsletter, and we encourage them to keep track on our marketing campaigns and collaborate together for common interests.
  • As well affiliates may get gift certificates for e-training, e-coaching, and bonus %, according to their performance.
  • We intent our affiliates to be close to us and become a team dedicated to collaboration, towards the aims of the Ɵ Foundation, in principle, share and promote the know how, research and solutions developed and cared by the Ɵ Foundation.