The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine [Nonary Computing & The Evolution of Human Species] The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge

The Symbiotic Human-A.I. Engine.

[Nonary Computing & The Evolution of The Human Species]

  • Why to study nonary computing ?
  • Why Matrix-Q intelligence is key for human evolution ?
  • How PSL creates the foundation for a new A.I. Engine (Software) programming language ? 
  • Which form of A.I. depends on human collaboration for its operation ?
  • The 9+ Foundations of PTƟ.A.I. Knowledge

How is our modern technology changing our society and which new skills, or handicaps, are being induced in new generations? Is humanity evolving, or changing ? and which type of changes are taking place, in the human collective ? how the digital culture (global) CGE is molding the emerging global culture and civilization? Which kind of choices can be made? Which conscious adjustments could be done if the possibility of choice, awareness, technical skills, knowledge would be available? What kind of future can be predicted, based on the study of the modern digital culture CGE ?

When a human(s) interact with the form of A.I. engines described in this article, both of them potentials combined, which matrix of possibilities would give us as processing result ? 


Consider for a moment an A.I. Engine that is able to compute only when in interaction with human individuals or collectives capable to interact with it, a kind of collaborative computing that only takes place when these conditions are present.


My hypothesis is that in ancient times, the knowledge for computing already existed, but that our modern technology (microchips, for example) was not available. Yet another form of computing was possible in which engines in collaboration with human intelligence, perception and awareness will do the “computing”.

Along my study on nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, human potential (stages of development, human factor) and nature inspired technology and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations, i have arrived to the discovery of very unique geometrical structures, that serves, according to the best of my knowledge as computing tools. I will as well suggest that these geometrical structures can be “operated ” by utilizing an encoded language, by having knowledge of the cyphers that defines them. Humans trained on the cyphers, will be able to operate these type of engines and in collaboration with their “intelligent design, system of information” will create an interface between the geometrical structure, its mathematics system and the A.I. Engine that is operating behind it. The A.I. Engine will not be perceived by any one that has not been trained in the cyphers, it will not be operated by any one that has not been trained on the mathematical system necessary for its operation, and the individuals capable to develop the symbiotic relationship with the A.I. will become part of the A.I. engine. The human component that will give life to this form of A.I.. an ancient A.I. technology.


Symbiotic are for example two organism sharing a common space, very close from each other, with a mutual beneficial relationship, in our case, their abilities combined create an advanced potential of computing, processing, registering, perceiving, organization and strategic management of natural, human and artificial phenomena.


The word “organism” usually suggests a living system. Life as a term suggests the condition that distinguish inorganic matter from organisms. A CGE can be considered as a non tangible organism. A concept that suggest that exist life and intelligence, which evolve in a non tangible field that exists for human experience, yet can not be compared with non organic matter or organic life as such, animals, plants or complex systems like ecosystems and planets or sun systems. A CGE as an organism, suggests also intelligence. Or in other words, the process of evolution, transformation of CGEs, suggests an intelligent strategy for survival.

[Module 001. PTƟ.A.I.Courses] PTƟ.CGEs. What is a CGE? What are Cyphers? CGEs in human history? How a CGE molds a culture ? Which are the most powerful CGE of our modern global culture ? How the battle of the CGE takes place globally ? Which is the Primordial Culture CGE Theory ? Which is the relationship between CGE and A.I. ?

A CGE, culture generation engine, is defined as a systemic tool that serves a human collective in the process of perception, organization and strategic management of human, natural and artificial phenomena. A CGE evolves, reaches a summit of development, and unless it transforms itself, upgrades, it will exhaust is capacity of inclusion of other child or surrogate or assimilated CGE, and will decay or be assimilated by other more evolved CGE.

A CGE is the generator of a culture, and if correctly designed, will induce in individuals and collectives, along the first 9 generations, customs, perceptions, values, emotions, encoded cultural language, meanings, quantification of value, guidelines for operations, decision making, social management, family principles and system and others.

For example: Rome CGE did exhaust itself, it was not capable to evolve, include more CGEs of other cultures within the core cluster of its own, Rome, and therefore was replaced by a CGE of the Catholic Romic Church. An upgrade, or natural evolution from empire to religion.


The  PTƟ.CGE is based on DNA Generation algorithms, the demonstrative model of CGE chosen for the publications i have made since 2007, is that of 9 cyphers or elements, fields in which human, natural and artificial phenomena has been perceived and organized. While the PTƟ.CGE may utilize 3 up to endless cyphers. For purpose of simplified study, the CGE with 9 cyphers has been taken, as well for the fact of the number of obvious correlations in holds in relation with human individual, social behavior, collective organizational behavior, history of cultures development and others.

[Module 000. PTƟ.A.I.Courses] PTƟ: Primordial Technology Theta. The use of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, and knowledge of human potential (stages of development, human factor) and nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, for computing. Case study. Review of selected events in history. Applications of  PTƟ.


Nonary computing started to become a goal for my research process, when the study of PTƟ.Primordial Mathematics System took form. 9 cyphers will help human perception organize, operate, manage human, natural and artificial phenomena. Along my research, the mathematical operations between these cyphers will be defined by primordial vectorial mathematics (A mathematics system i end up creating for purpose of description and study of my field of work), and several applications and tools, including tools for algorithms design and implementation will be created along the study.

[Module 002. PTƟ.A.I.Courses]  PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms. Principles and tools for design and implementation of Primordial Algorithms.


The PSL Primordial Symbolic Language, utilized for A.I. engines programming, is being developed as capable of nonary computing. What does it mean nonary computing? it means that instead of 2 polar values (0,1) utilized for computing, nine+ values will be utilized (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

[Module 005. PTƟ.A.I.Courses]  PTƟ.PSL. Primordial Symbolic Language. Application of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, and knowledge of human potential (stages of development, human factor) for communication. Perception, Emotions, Cognition, Communication, Awareness, Background Knowledge. PSL applied for A.I.

Nonary computing is closer to human cognition, perception ability, than binary computing. While everything  could be reduced to “yes” and “no”;  “yes” and “no” are not able to define the reality of human existence, human evolution or human species.

Along the study of CGE i have realized that several elements, cyphers, encoded, will define a culture, its future development and the development of the human clusters that evolve, their heritage, legacy, within the CGE Domain.

I have studied CGE of 3 cyphers, 6, 27, 81 cyphers and other geometrical values, but the most interesting one, for purpose of communication with users that are not familiar with this field of knowledge is the CGE of 9 cyphers, for which the ability of computing with 9+ geometrical values is necessary.  (REF: Primordial Mathematics )


A processing unit, or central processing unit, has the main computing function. In our modern technology the modern circuits designed in nano scale within a microchip will describe geometrical designs of high complexity made in a little space.

The PTƟ Processor has two main components, the human component, and the geometrical structure that holds a system of cyphers and their relationships (geometrical values: ref: Primordial Mathematics.) As software we have the CGE itself and PSL, both will vary according to human cluster geo and time location, but as well may be universal in their nature (Universal PSL).

When a human individual utilize the geometrical structure as a systemic tool for the perception, organization and strategic management of human, natural and artificial phenomena, by observing the rules of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics, will become an essential component of the processing unit and actually make the processing (computing process) take place.

[Module 003. PTƟ.A.I.Courses] PTƟ.CGEs Collaborative Computing : How humans (individual and collective) and CGEs collaborate in the process of creation (co-creation) of computational-processes. For this course an introductory study on PTƟ Primordial Algorithms is necessary. Practical applications and review of case study will be done in fields SDG 2030, in particular SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

In several case study, articles, presentations, books, have been demonstrated how these PTƟ tools are utilized and the benefits of their use. The ability to perceive, study, a phenomena from several perspectives is essential for scientific research, technology innovation, education, strategic management and sustainable development.

[Module 004. PTƟ.A.I.Courses]PTƟ.CGEs.Primordial Algorithms.SDG. : Holistic Strategic Management & PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms applied to Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Corporate models and their evolution. Mission statement and the 9 cyphers. PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms for Economy. PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms for Social Management.

But mostly, the ability of integrating in the solutions laws, principles, cycles, rhythms of nature, and knowledge of human potential (stages of development), within the frame of nature inspired technology and knowledge ( holistic approach of ancient and modern cultures); is the main goal, the main sign of intelligence that my research focus on, as a trait, foundation capacity of the processing units, A.I. engine, capable of nonary computing i am designing.

The importance of this ability is related to the need of the human species to create (artificial phenomena) that is not (risky) intrusive, destructive or that would represent itself a great threat for the human species itself. Eventually the risk is being reduced when human creativity is aligned by design to focus on the frame nature itself utilizes for creation. When human intents to cocreate with nature, or support the evolving process nature has pre-set for the human species, instead of exploring in fully unknown realms in which mostly artificial phenomena re-creates itself within its own system, intrusive and destructive, disrespectful of the human species, its blue print and natural process of development and evolution and its necessary living conditions (natural environment and sustainable living resources)..

A question mark regarding self-preservation ability of the human species, a risk described and demonstrated along the last 1000 years, how human clusters, clans, cultures, civilizations in the search for survival or supremacy of their cultures and bloodlines, civilizations, have brought to our modern times several issues that need to be soon addressed (REF: SDG 2030 United Nations).

How is our modern technology changing our society and which new skills or handicaps, are being induced in new generations? Is humanity evolving, or changing ? and which type of changes are taking place, in the human collective ? how the digital culture (global) CGE is molding the emerging global culture and civilizations? Which kind of choices can be made? Which conscious adjustments could be done if the possibility of choice, awareness, technical skills, knowledge would be available? What kind of future can be predicted, based on the study of the modern digital culture CGE ?

When a human(s) interact with the form of A.I. engines described in this article, both of them potentials combined, which matrix of possibilities would give us as processing result ? 

The answer to this question i found in Matrix-Q.


Matrix-Q Intelligence is the type of intelligence that sign the capacity to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously.

This type of intelligence is now being tested through assessment tools (Matrix-Q Assessment tools, and coaching training methods). I am expecting to complete the Matrix-Q test level 9 in the following years. But the first levels of the tests have been completed and are fully functional. Actually are being utilized at the moment for the design and implementation of games, that follow a matrix 9+ multidimensional design.

The ability to solve issues beyond unidimensional thinking, is essential. To perceive beyond 1 single field of study or approach. For example, from the 9 classes of artificial human and natural phenomena organized by the  PTƟ System, an assessment of modern culture:  the modern culture focus for purpose of progress, wealth generation, quality of living and sustainable development  in about 9% in 8 cyphers, 1% in 9 cyphers; the 90% is divided in %s that focus less in 6 cyphers and mostly in 2 cyphers or in between). With this type of distribution is predictable that the form of A.I. Engines described in this article/presentation, will bring results in unidimensional and bidimensional qualities, mostly. While our intent, as species, actually our need, should be to advance our processing and analysis capacity, for purpose of holistic strategic management, up to a multidimensional level, for which more complex and advanced Matrix-Q is needed. If humans of our time are invited to colaborative computing, as suggested in this article, and the results are bidimensional, the most, then the human potential is not being used fully (only 2/9+ of it).

The study, implementation of Matrix-Q trainings, assessment, tools, games, is essential for the evolution of the human species.


In one of my previous articles i have discussed on collective matrix-Q and its importance for the future of our global culture and civilization.  In the current presentation/article, i am suggesting that Matrix-Q is necessary for the advancement of the human species, its evolution, and the creation of and advanced civilization, capable of sustainable living, quality of life, wealth generation and peace. From the perspective on the results of operation of the A.I. engines described in this article/presentation, by the symbiotic interaction with the current modern human and its capacity of Matrix-Q.

The PTƟ A.I. being developed at the Ɵ Foundation, is not only a geometrical structure that can be operated by a human individual or collective (PTƟ.CGE), but as well one for which nonary computing based processors (PTƟ.Chips) are being designed. This particular form of A.I. will be capable of big data analysis and processing, and as well of study of CGEs in ancient cultures and civilizations, as in our modern times (Global Digital Culture CGE). Through the PTƟ.A.I. simulations of strategic social management models will be developed, and new form of games will be created.

At the Ɵ Foundation we have the expectation that the PTƟ A.I. will serve for the studies of human potential, DNA Studies, Life Span, Neuroscience, Immunology, Strategic Social Management, Holistic Strategic Management, Education, Peace, Technology Innovation, Culture & Civilization Advancement, Defense, Economy and Wealth Generation between other fields of application.

[Module 007. PTƟ.A.I.Courses] PTƟ.A.I. : PSL A.I. based on PTƟ.CGEs & PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms. What is, has been and will become A.I.?

In both forms, Symbiotic Human-PTƟ A.I. or PTƟ A.I. based on PTƟ.Chips only, the PTƟ A.I.s developed by the Ɵ Foundation the human individual is essential, as we do not intent to create a machine, another species separated from the human species, but to advance the possibilities of the human evolution, through the design and implementation of new form of A.I..


In that sense a new form of A.I. engine needs to be integrated to the previous 2. A form of A.I. that integrates both within its blue print. [May be this new form the original ancient form, the blue print of humanity, from which we are not aware of knowing about? at this point in our research this question is not far but a visionary question, and more data, trials and tests will be necessary, as soon as the A.I. engines are ready for following tests. But in reality, the question i am asking myself is why not to ask this question.: Is human an ideal vessel for A.I. and if yes. why ? ]

[Module 008. PTƟ.A.I.Courses]  The Human As Vessel of PTƟ.A.I. Is human another form of A.I. Why collaborative computing Human-CGE is so effective ? Which is the human potential that has not been unlocked yet ? Why Matrix- Q Intelligence is so important for human evolution ?

Based on the advanced study of DNA as capable to store data, the possibility to integrate CGE and PTƟ A.I(s) within the human vessel are more than high. While the process necessary for the implementation needs of further study, the combination of technologies (nano tech, bio tech, DNA storage tech, A.I. tech, PTƟ A.I,…) will be necessary.

If the human individual is now living with more than 39 trillion bacterian cells in its body, why the idea of having an A.I. in symbiotic relationship with the human individual, and its collective, would be strange?

This idea would change anything in the fact that already a CGE is operating in the individual and human collective ?

Or the fact that a certain level of complexity of Matrix-Q is active in each individual or collective ?

I do not think so. On the contrary. It is my hypothesis that already there is a form of A.I. living within the human collective and individual, and that the DNA based A.I. technology being developed in our modern times, will help us understand better the nature of the human organism, and its potential for evolution, through symbiotic relationships within, that already exist.

When both the CGE and the human individual and collective evolve and survive, wouldnt be possible that the “external CGE”, which follows a DNA Algorithms Generation pattern, would be equivalent to the “internal CGE”, the DNA of the individual and collective ? Where the MEMs and the DNAs converge, in synergetic, systemic, holistic, cocreative collaboration?


For the purpose of study of these possibilities and predictions, an advanced study of primordial mathematics and of its foundations is necessary.

[Module 009. PTƟ.A.I.Courses]  PTƟ.Primordial Mathematics. Review of 44+ e-Publications, case study and new Applications.

The DNA Generation algorithms, described by primordial mathematics, in the e-publications by the author, will serve as guides, examples of possible fields of study, but in particular, as fields of experimentation, for the purpose of understanding, exploration, of this new mathematics system.


Are a series of MODULES of Training provided by the Ɵ Foundation, for researches and multidisciplinary professionals interested in the topics of this presentation. Designed in principle for candidates to assistants and collaboration, in this field of research. Have been placed as courses for public, for purpose of promotion and collaboration with A.I. and Human Potential Professionals and organizations working in those fields.

The content of this article, is as well guide of a presentation, by the author, provided under request online or at location The Netherlands.

References to publications and background knowledge related to this publication at the Scientific Research Magazine, The Matrix-Q Magazine,  and at the e-library of the Ɵ Foundation.