SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (UN): The LDMF Foundation Strategy

SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (UN):The LDMF Foundation Strategy
An holistic synergetic and nature inspired strategy has been placed into the field of collaboration and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 SDG suggested by the UN.
The LDMF Foundation is inviting:
  • MBAs.
  • Social Entrepreneurs.
  • SDG Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders, project Managers, of NGOs
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Scientific Researchers
  • Technology Innovators
  • Artists
  • Economists
  • Social & Culture Managers
  • Family Care Professionals
  • Nature Care Professionals
  • Multidisciplinary Professionals
  • Students, Volunteers
  • Families
Write us an e-mail:
Or add a comment to this post showing your interest. 
We will need your e-mail address in order to register your intention and start the process of evaluation of qualifications, choice of the ideal alternative (participation, collaboration) for you.
5 Alternatives to choose from.
What can you do in order to change the future of humanity ?
1.) Through the PTT Standard, and PTT Certification, the LDMF Foundation will ensure a responsible application of the know how world wide. As a goal, the LDMF Foundation wishes to provide PTT Skills and Certificates to a starting global team of 900 PTT Professionals.
2.) The Fundraising campaign dedicated to fellowships and scholarships is one of the strategies that has been implemented with these aims.
3.) The online gamified research projects that provide a self-education program are our second strategy. Researchers may join, invest their time and skills online, for purpose of self-education, practice and collaboration. Through the gamified program gain points, rank and qualify for a PTT Certificate Assessment. This alternative can take any researcher, trainer, coach, consultant from any location in the world, just by having access to the internet, and the intention to collaborate with the project, by taking responsibility in the process of design of solutions, and implementation, through learning and applying PTT Know How.
4.) As well the LDMF Foundation provides paid presentations, training services, consultancy and coaching, SDG Entrepreneurs may appreciate. Training programs, PTT Certificate Training, consultancy and coaching for PTT Know How Application may be scheduled at location The Netherlands, or for digital online services, synch and asynch.
5.) And a complete, 9 levels based internship program developed through a work-study agreement basis: ideal for students, as well as for strategic management professionals.
We which already MBAs, Project Managers, Coaches, Trainers and Consultants to join the CXO Program and complete skills through a PTT Know How Internship-Training. After completion of any level of the CXO Program, participants may take over roles and responsibilities at projects and services of the LDMF Foundation. In particular Technology innovation and project incubation programs.
An example:
It is dedicated to  MULTIDISCIPLINARY Pool of researchers dedicated to apply PTT KNOW HOW: design and implementation of solutions necessary for the process of achievement of the SDG 2030 (UN)
Would you like to join us ?
 At this multidisciplinary collaboration pool we will:
.Share Perception, analysis and assessment of issues.
.Learn PTT Tools, PTT Know How
.Utilize holistic and synergetic, nature inspired methods for assessment and solution design
.Design algorithms: sequences of steps necessary for solving a challenge
.Apply Matrix-Q: the ability to approach challenges from several perspectives simultaneously
Based on the collaborative and individual work, documents will be produced.
An evaluation of the work, based on PTT Score card will give rank, points, to the collaborators.
Prizes, and Gifts will be given.
Publications of results will be shared online within our Multidisciplinary Collaboration Network.
Write us an e-mail:
Or add a comment to this post showing your interest.
We will need your e-mail address in order to register you.
PTT SDG : Sustainable Development Goals 2030 : PTT First Assessment 2017.09.14.
Data · September 2017
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22244.68486 · License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
PTT SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030. PTT Know How Applied for the Development & Implementation of Solutions in the fields of Global SDG
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.32311.01447
The Project is part of the CXO Program of the LDMF Foundation, which has been designed with the intention to provide, through fellowship and scholarship, internship programs dedicated to facilitate skills and PTT Know How User Certificates, to trainers, coaches, consultants, scientific researchers, technology innovators, and PTT Certificate Trainers. Through the CXO, Fellowship and Scholarship program the LDMF Foundation intents to provide the PTT Know How World wide to organizations, SDG Entrepreneurs, leaders and teams dedicated to solve the SDG 2030.