The Generator of the Primordial Culture: Yin & Yang but the 9 Cyphers (Comparative Study of the I Ching and the I Ching Theta)

The Generator of the Primordial Culture: Yin & Yang but the 9 Cyphers (Comparative Study of the I Ching and the I Ching Theta)

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Author, Researcher:
A.I. & Cuture Generation Engines in Eurasia
For The LDMF Foundation
The article suggests the discovery of a proto-culture, an original eurasia culture and the system of principles that guided its development and expansion, as mother culture of the known by universal history eurasian cultures. By utilizing DNA Generation Algorithm, the researcher study a model of 9 cyphers or classes, utilized for the purpose of systemic perception of the natural, human and artificial phenomena. This model: The Nordic Star Theta, suggests essential principles that a Culture Generator (Systemic Perception Tool) must hold, in order to generate a culture. According to the researcher perception, cultures generated based on 2, 3, 4,  5, 9, 18, (any) or more principles would be developed by utilizing these types of models, or culture generation engines. The Researcher developed a study of a new mathematics system, which help us understand the Systemic Perception Tool. Primordial Mathematics. Through it, discover seals, relationships between the principles or cyphers and applications for them in several fields of scientific research and technology innovation: Biotechnology, DNA, Studies, Artificial Intelligence, Social Management, Strategic Management, Project Management, Human Potential, Education, Preventive Health, Engineering, Navigation, Location Assessment, Coaching, and others. In this article, a brief review of a comparative study between the  I CHING (Chinese culture generation engine) book of changes, with the book written by the researcher: The I CHING THETA (Primordial culture generation engine) book of the primordial changes. Relationships, similarities, values, operators, design of these models will be described. References to additional research, technology and know how innovation projects by the LDMF Foundation, application of this knowledge will be listed in this article.
The systemic representation of human, natural and artificial phenomena has been a practice of every culture that intent to describe and organize reality and make decisions by operating/transforming/interacting with reality, according to a preset system of values and meanings assigned to phenomena.
A world wide know systemic perception tool is that of the I Ching, a modern popular application of it is the well known in the east and the west Feng Shui. In the same manner, other cultural systemic perception systems have organized the phenomena of reality through elements, for example: India, Native North America, Japan, Himalayan tribes and cultures, Slavic. Nordic, Celtic, Persian, Egyptian and Arabic cultures.
Through the studies of the several systems of perception utilized in Eurasia, the researcher, has arrived to the identification of a primordial culture, named, the culture of the primes, or the culture of the primordial ones, the original culture or culture of the origin, which had its own systemic perception tool. A proto-culture that according to the researcher studies may be an original source of knowledge, technology and culture generation principles of the Primordial Eurasian Cultures.
The Primordial Culture of Eurasia & The I Ching Theta (Nonary System) 
For the study of the primordial culture, the study of its culture generation principles has been key.
The Publication of the I Ching Theta, The Book of the Primordial Changes, suggests that a nonary system, is the foundation model, a bridge to a x-ary systems of perception build with “n” triads of elements. The Nordic Star Theta is the focus of the researcher, which is a systemic perception model that serves for the organization of human natural and artificial phenomena through 3 triads, 9 cyphers or classes of phenomena, described through 9 elements.
By following in the I Ching Theta book the study of the 3 triads, the reader as well is able to review the generation principles of potential endless systemic perception systems for which additional triads will be integrated into the perception model.
The Nordic Star Theta, the Primordial Culture generation Engine, which utilizes 9 cyphers, generates as well a polar nonary system, and has itself geometrical values that suggests more complex relationship between their elements. The researcher has identified the relationship between the cyphers and frequencies, according to eurasian cultural data, and how those frequencies (that are many more than 9 frequencies REF. The Primordial Hands Theta, by the same author) are correlated through this model to brain functions.  The combination of those frequencies in melodies, a music composition, helped the researcher establish cultural relationships with cultures in America and Asia.
As well the I Ching theta suggest a model of development of the human, human evolution or human potential stages of development, 9 genders, which can be correlated to modern human culture gender (sexual preferences, or sexual identities) and human history remarkable biographies and their traits or characters, from myth, to legend, to registered history.
In one of the researcher research projects, a question arises, on the amount of data and references lost, regarding the primordial culture, in the destruction of Alexandria Library, which may explain why scattered information has been found.
Yet the researcher believes that more studies of the Primordial Culture Seals, The Sounds of the Spheres and the Primordial Archetypes, through Primordial Mathematics, will give extremely useful information and models to modern scientists that develop studies with DNA Generation Algorithms: as for example. A.I. , human potential, biotechnology, social management, strategic management, engineering.
The I Ching Theta book, also suggests that the model of the I Ching Theta sphere is actually as well the description of an engine both A.I. and machine for which the modern culture scientific studies may be ready one day with the necessary technology innovation (quantum engines, quantum computing, quantum engineering).
The LDMF Foundation has committed resources of 1 year publications, in order to make available the information related to these discoveries. A first book suggested the author is: The I Ching Theta, Book of the Primordial Changes.

The I Ching Theta Book of Primordial Changes

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Comparative Review

YIN & YANG (Male-Female) (I Ching) Dual-Polar 2 (8 Trigrams) 

An essential element of the I Ching, is that of the polar aspects of reality it, as a systemic perception tool, perceives in everything it approaches. Yin and Yang, represent not only male and female, but in nature, in heaven and on earth, everything would be distributed in both of them classes: Yin and Yang. The Hexagrams will first of all describe variations of the combinations of Yin and Yang, in some 2/6 Yin and 4/6 Yang, in other 6/6 Yang, and so on. The Yin-Yang symbol will suggest that all that is perceived as YIN holds within the Yangs generation principle, and all that is perceived as YANG will hold within the yin generation principle. When the whole earth planet is represented by the Yin-Yang Principle, symbol, there from the east will be observed a left-right spin and from the west a right-left spin in the symbol. From the north pole, a descending spiral (external) and from the south pole an ascending spiral which is internal. The compass generated by the I Ching is named Feng Shui, utilized for journeys, travel, personal transformation journey, medicine and as well as for assessment of a geo-location composition of the elements of the i ching, as well for systemic perception based assessment of any circumstance, condition or event.
References: By borghal from (optional) – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

THE CYPHERS (Male-Female-Divine) (I Ching Theta) 6 Triads-Polar 9/18 (9-18 Trigrams)

For the systemic perception model of the I Ching Theta, instead of describing reality in 2 dimensions (Yin-Yang) it will be described in 3. Male-Female-Divine. Through 3 triads the reality will be described, it means 9 trigrams. Each trigram will hold a distribution of symbols that represent male, female or divine. For example: 2/3 divine + 1/3 Male; 3/3 divine, 2/3 male+1/3 female, and so on. To each trigram will be associated a cypher. As there are 3 triads, 9 trigrams, 9 cyphers will be utilized for representation of the 9 classes the trigrams, or the 9 classes of human, natural and artificial phenomena that will be organized through them. In this case the reality is described in 3 worlds: heaven, earth-ground and the under-world. For each realm 3 trigrams or a triad will represent the main forces that operate within that realm, or that are essential for the mastery of the realm. For example, for the realm of the under-world which represents survival: fire, water and earth, the triad of the underworld, needs to be mastered. For the earth-ground, the elements ether-heart-wind, the triad of the earth-ground, needs to be mastered (The organic development of culture, society, history); for the heaven, the triad of the elements: primordial heart-geometric-sounding-light-male-female needs to be mastered. (The triad of the ascension, evolution of human kind). The cyphers (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) organized in a descending sequence (west-left-right spin) start in the divine-female aspects of reality, but when follow an ascending sequence, start in the divine=male aspect of reality, and complete their journey in the divine-female aspects of reality. The Polarization of the I Ching Theta, is generated by an inverted nordic star theta, with the same number of 9 cyphers. Means a total of 18 cyphers, and 2 set of 9 cyphers or 9 elements. One descending from the north pole, and another one ascending from the south pole. The divine of the south and the divine of the north, find their ascending and descending trigrams approaching or leaving each other poles. Through primordial Mathematics, have been described how pairs of cyphers belong to the same geometrical element, meaning are the same if observed from the east and from the west: 1=8, 2=7, 3=6, 4=5, generating the main 4 seals of the I Ching Theta. The information this geometrical description of the I Ching Theta give us is that according to latitude the cyphers of the same latitude are the same geometrical phenomena, when observed from the east and the west. In the Polar system the seal complexify 4 times, generating two polar latitudes with the same seal, geometrical value. For example 1=8 from the north = 1=8 from the south; and so on. Along the study of the Spheres of the Elements, the frequencies assigned to each cypher, will cocreate an harmonic enjoyable melody, when a male cypher will be followed by a female cypher in the composition. In the Polar system, of 18 elements the journey of interpretation of the musical value of the cyphers descending (north-south) or ascending (south-north) will always bring a sequence of combinations male-female-divine, a balanced system of 3 forces that interbreed from north to south and from south to north. As the I ching theta system can welcome more triads, the same analysis will need to follow for 4,5,6,7,8,9,27,81,729 or more triads. The Compass generated by the I Ching Theta, is the Primordial Navigation Rose, (The Compass of the Nordic Star Theta – based on 3 triads) as well utilized for travel, personal transformation journey, preventive health practices, geo-location assessment and systemic perception based assessment of any circumstance, condition or event.
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