The LDMF Foundation will receive new members in 2017.

The LDMF Foundation will receive new members in 2017.

The LDMF Foundation is grateful to announce would like to welcome new members in 2017.

Grounded in 2016, the LDMF Foundation focus has been organization and publication of research and know how.

For 2017 year 2 of the LDMF Foundation, network collaboration and recruiting of team members, as well welcome of new members.

LDMF Foundation members have the wonderful and unique experience to work hand to hand with the Founder of the LDMF Foundation, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (researcher and developer of PTT Know How) according to the values, aims and goals of the foundation described in its grounding statement, objects of the foundation and by laws (more details below).


One of the main aims of the LDMF Foundation is the protect the know how developed since 1987 by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and make it available for future generations, innovate in technology, natural and social science through a process in which PTT Know How is being applied for the purpose of design and development of innovative technologies, applications, projects, business and non-profit ventures.


. As member of a humanist, visionary and futurist organization dedicated to research, technology innovation, consultancy and education, you will have the opportunity to develop and implement innovative technology, know how, with great value and benefits for the future of humanity as species, for its global culture and civilization.

.The great satisfaction of participating in the creation of a new future for humanity by developing a global culture and advanced civilization in peace, where human rights, heritage, family, culture and natural sustainable living conditions are cared.

.Become a guardian of the PTT Know How (Core Know How Developed by the LDMF Foundation), and make it and its benefits available for future generations.

.Implement or support third party to implement PTT Know How in new non profit and for profit, private and public organizations.

.Provide training, consultancy, coaching, and licenses for the use of PTT Know How (PTT Standard).

.Design, develop and implement new patents, with PTT Know How.

.Research in social and natural science, technology innovation in fields like: lifespan, artificial intelligence, human potential, strategic management, self-management & leadership, neuroscience, DNA studies, governance, economy, peace, family, culture, heritage and human rights.

.Participate and collaborate in the process of development of an innovative organization that utilizes nature inspired technology, models, and methods for strategic management and organizational design.


.Receive first hand training on PTT Know How by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

.Take responsibility roles, functions, positions in the LDMF Foundation as CXO (Management Positions).

.Take responsibility roles, functions, positions in the LDMF Foundation as Researcher

.Take responsibility roles, functions, positions in the LDMF Foundation as Project Developer, Team Member (Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary team work fields : research, innovation, education, consultancy, coaching, start ups, business incubation)

.Design and engage into creative strategies dedicated to care for the aims, values, of the LDMF Foundation.

.Innovate and develop projects designed in order to achieve the goals that belong to the objects of the LDMF Foundation.

.Be part of the LDMF Foundation Assembly.

.Be part of the LDMF Foundation CXOs Council

.Be part of the LDMF Foundation Board of Management

.Multidisciplinary collaboration skills

.English as business language,

.Multi-Cultural collaboration skills.

.Serious interest into self-education and in particular learning and applying PTT Know How.

.Project Management Skills & experience

.Experience or background and interest necessary to engage into the research (fields of research) and projects (PTT Know How Applied) of the LDMF Foundation

.Ability to work online

.Capacity to move into the Netherlands, live in the European Union, Eurasia or work abroad traveling or online from home location.

.Open: 09th September 2017 09.00 AM, Amsterdam Time Zone

.Close: 18th September 2017 09.00 AM, Amsterdam Time Zone

Write an email to the LDMF Foundation to:

With a description of your motivation to become member, a PDF with your CV, professional, academic and empiric experience, publications, projects and interests.

After evaluation of your application letter, between the 09th September and 27th September, you will be invited to join a skype session interview with the founder.

A Final decision, of the first candidates welcome to the LDMF Foundation Members Program, will be announced the 27th September at 21.00 Hrs Amsterdam Time Zone


A questions and answers file will be published according to those questions sent by the intentional applicants.



Legal Register: RSIN: 856450923 KvK-nummer 66225345 SBI-code: 94996 – Overige ideële organisaties Research, innovation, technology en consultancy. Register & Postal Address: Groenekanseweg 246 A, 3737AL Groenekan, Utrecht Region, The Netherlands
Location, Headquarters & Website: The LDMF Foundation is an online organization, presentations and training programs, as well as consultancy and coaching are provided online or at the Location of the Netherlands (Benelux).




The Stichting (Foundation) Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken ( The Netherlands )

The LDMF Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to 3 fields of work: Research (Innovation Technology), Strategic Management Consultancy, Peace and Human Rights .

In the research field we focus on the study of principles, laws, rhythms and cycles of nature, human potential studies (human factor, human stages of development), futurist study of ancient civilizations know how and technology.

Our fields of research: Strategic Management, A.I., Human Potential Studies, Human Genome / DNA Studies , Life Span / Anti Aging, Ancient Cultures, Peace, Human Rights, Global Culture & Civilization Advancement.

We provide education, coaching and consultancy services for public and private sectors.

As well we do design and develop projects dedicated to peace, human rights, culture and family care.

Through the integration of our know how, services and standard, we support entrepreneurs start ups, by providing a business incubation program.

As a not for profit organization, our i am is to design strategies & technology for the development of an advanced global culture & civilization in peace, where human rights are observed, non violence and ethics are practiced, family, life sustainability and heritage are priority.

RSIN: 856450923 KvK-nummer 66225345 SBI-code: 94996 – Overige ideële organisaties Research, innovation, technology en consultancy. Register & Postal Address: Groenekanseweg 246 A, 3737AL Groenekan, c/o KIK Accountants, Utrecht Region, The Netherlands