The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention

The LDMF Foundation Algorithms for Burnout Prevention

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By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Founder of the LDMF Foundation, PTT Creator, PTT Researcher.


The LDMF Foundation is providing and developing PTT Know How, an holistic, synergetic, humanist, futurist and nature inspired know how with multidisciplinary applications.

The PTT Know How (Primordial Technology Theta) includes tools utilized for the systemic perception, organization and operation with human, natural and artificial phenomena.

Thanks to a new mathematics system, Primordial Mathematics (PTT Know How) is possible to create algorithms, sequences of processes, that operate with human, natural and artificial phenomena.

Assessment of situations, conditions, challenges in which the human being is involved have per, se, elements that belong to a class of phenomena, that is o natural, or artificial or human.

A set of occurrences: conditions, circumstances and variables that are taking place, being perceived at the same time, hold a series of interdependencies, relationships with each other or not, that can be studied. The study follows by utilizing Matrix-Q Tools ( A Multidimensional Matrix type of assessment, also developed by utilizing PTT Know How. Matrix-Q Methods are utilized for testing of Matrix-Q Intelligence, the ability to solve issues by approaching them from a diversity of perspectives).

Given a set of correlations of the classes of human, natural and artificial phenomena studied by the LDMF Foundation, as well as by the use of DNA Generation Algorithm Models (PTT Tools), have arrived to the conclusion that primordial mathematics based algorithms, can describe the events and interdependencies, with a great matter of approximation to the registered experiences of human being studied by science.

It is necessary to verify this hypothesis by trials, on the algorithms designed for every tool, method and solution developed by utilizing PTT Know How.

PTT Know How, and PTT Applications has several years behind. Methods, tools, training modules have been developed since 1987 with productive and design peaks in the years 1993, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, where the core knowledge behind PTT was utilized in order to develop specific solutions, face specific challenges. Training programs dedicated to self-management, strategic management and leadership, for example proved to be highly effective and provide an effective integral and compacted in time service. But through the development of the core know how, behind PTT, the solutions previously developed have to be upgraded, with several benefits for our customers and interns. ( CXO Program )

The study of the primordial mathematics and primordial algorithms,  in relation to human phenomena for example, which is never isolated from natural and ( in our modern times as well from) artificial phenomena; imply the need of a verification of the suggested correlations, between the classes of phenomena studied, that take part in an event or challenge that the algorithms need to solve.

In that sense, several challenges that human individuals, families, communities, nations, cultures and the human species itself needs to face for own survival or for the development of a global culture and civilization in peace, have been assessed through the PTT Know How. Based on the results of this assessment process, upgrades of solutions previously developed have been planned and implemented, and the development of new solutions has been scheduled.

As a know how developed with humanist values , PTT has been designed to be able to produce solutions that include nature and human life sustainability as aims, it means that a solution should not only solve a challenge but as well collaborate with the protection, care of life sustaining necessary conditions, not only for human beings but as well for the natural environment human lives in.

It includes, for example, the development of new technologies, how PTT can design models or processes, strategies for technology innovation that are holistic, nature inspired and life care inspired, for example.

Or for example the design of education methods, that bring to individual abilities of self-management, life care, nature care, and human species care, culture, family care, heritage care, wealth generation ability and legacy generation.

Or strategic management, governance, self-management, project management, risk management and leadership practices, methods and solutions that as well include effectively life care, nature care, and human species care, culture, family care, heritage care, wealth generation ability and legacy generation.

The solutions developed with PTT Know How intent to become itself the single move, action, that turns the whole system, matrix of human life (natural, artificial and human phenomena) into effective life care, nature care, and human species care, culture, family care, heritage care, wealth generation ability and legacy generation.

Within that clear and specific field of action, essential examples of the core PTT Know How applications has been brought to public along one year of publications, self-education l e-learning programs, and gamified research projects, by the LDMF Foundation. Since 2018 the LDMF Foundation will focus on recruiting and internship program.



A good example of PTT Applications is the case of burnout, a human challenge of an increasing occurrence in modern global culture and civilization.

External and internal factors, impacting events or circumstances in which the human individuals and collectives have been exposed to or need to face, have been studied in relationship with the burnout phenomena;  described how stress points bring the individual to a feeling of discomfort, lack of self-security, fear, stress to finally a need of hyperactivity (which is not in balance or coordinated to objective conditions or practical needs of a circumstance or challenge being faced, from the point of view of strategic management or risk management), or in other cases a great state of passivity and incapability of solving tasks that in general are perceived as simple or for which little effort or complexity of strategic thinking are necessary, but for which a predicted level of emotional capacity of standing information and strategic capacity for solution making would be necessary, for example, simple activities like answering a phone call, or reading a letter or doing accounting or even scheduling a meeting, or following a program, or schedule, with time line dedicated to the completion of tasks related to a project for example. Those simple activities would suddenly become an impossible task or not perceived along the working day.

Organizations for profit and non for profit, companies, government institutions, education services, technology innovation and research organizations, defense, and others have yearly to face worldwide an important amount of investment, expense, dedicated to treat the burnout of their employees.

Insurances companies and public social services all around the world have registered an important amount of funding being utilized for burnout treatment and loss in business business process [ 2016, for example, by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, €600 billion a year — “€272 billion on absenteeism and presenteeism , €94 billion on missed work days, €242 billion on loss of productivity, €63 billion on healthcare costs and disability payments of €39 billion.”].

Being burnout an important issue for modern culture, being nowadays observed in children, youth, young employees, cxos and entrepreneurs, with more frequency than in the 20th Century, i have decided to design algorithms (PTT primordial algorithms) that may solve the burnout issue through, first, preventive practices.

Burnout generation phenomena, considered as external factors that generate stress, or stress points, may vary according to individual sensitivity, for example may be: sound, light, architecture, communication, emotional aspects of communication, and collaboration, project management schedule (plan of dead lines, tasks), self-management intensity (time management), model of organization, management style, values of an organization, income, roles and responsibilities, function and skills associated, as well as other factors that are considered part of the individual condition or its social life, as for example family, social life, wealth generation ability, sexuality, leisure time, the ability of stress management, emotional intelligence, the ability of solving challenges (Matrix-Q Intelligence), interpersonal relationships, and finally as well the set of skills and capacities available as resources that individual and collective interrelated to it may have, that as a whole would serve for the purpose of solution making, strategic management of a solution implementation, risk perception, assessment and management; in general for any processes for which stress management is necessary.

For the design of the Primordial Algorithms for burnout, previous work based on PTT Know How, PTT Applied, PTT Solutions; has been integrated to the primordial algorithm for burnout.

An algorithm describes a sequence of actions / steps, doings, that would solve a particular challenge through a process that holds conditions the algorithm designer prefers. As by utilizing PTT Tools and PTT Primordial algorithms, the PTT Know How set of values, policy will be as well integrated to the algorithm.

In our case PTT Based solutions for self-management, coaching, strategic management, assessment, personal development, education, training, leadership, gamification, governance, project management, change management, consultancy has been utilized.


PTT Know How intents to hold on a balanced human life style, which in our modern times may be explained as family-life-work balance.

A balanced life style implies also a capacity of developing a healthy lifestyle for example. (with all given and known factors that make life of an individual healthy or healthier, related to nutrition, good sleep, emotional and social life, sexuality, living conditions, shelter, family and social conditions, vitality and stability, resilience of the immune system, human organism performance for solution making, adaptability, perception, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, matrix thinking and solution making…and others).

As well, individual ability of happiness and joy, is essential for making out of a healthy life “a life”. ( perception and emotional intelligence, holistic self-management and strategic management play for example an important role in the practice of achievement of happiness and joy).

Wealth and professional skills, are not a promise that burnout will never enter the life of a successful individual. A balance between life, work, family, leisure time needs to be found, and enhanced.


There are other stress factors that most of the time are not being considered; for example those related to the influences hormones cause on performance, perception, communication, collaboration, emotional awareness, resilience, and capacity of decision making, preferences for focus and attention, priorities setting; for example those of the menstruation cycle, and sexual life style.

The capacity of and the generation of endorphins, adrenaline, stamina, have as well a relevant influence in the individual performance, and capacity of adjustment to the nature of the challenges being faced, capacity of stand them and develop a process necessary to solve them, to conquer them which is it self healthy and not degenerative.

The ability of the individual to harness those influences into the direction of a family-life-work balance, is indeed, already, a sign of capacity to manage a stress influencing/releasing factor or condition.

A question to be set in this context is: Can the human individual decision making, perception, capacity of action (will and discipline, self-management) find paths to master the influences of hormones, and make out of the human biochemical natural resilience ability, stress management ability, a ground for burnout prevention?


The addiction tendencies of an individual are also relevant for performance, but as well for how a leisure, work, life, and family activity would be approached. The excessive consume of substances or activities that generate a particular biochemical phenomena in the human body (sugar, alcohol, soft drugs, sex, sports, extreme sports, yoga, meditation, performing arts, psychic practices, media, wealth generation, work, activities, or any form of addictive activity or substance in general), will shift the focus of the individual from a stress release through the activity intention, from enjoyment and happiness, to that of the purpose of satisfaction of a need of consumption of a substance or activity because of a sustained addiction to it.

For example, sex addiction may distract the individuals from the natural stress release produced by a healthy and balanced sexual life.

Addiction to sugar may transform a a family meeting into a collective consumption of sugar, instead of an emotional balancing communication, and enjoyment of the bonding experience of love and relationship.

Yoga as addictive practice may distract the individual from its integral benefits into a religious or sectarian behavior.

Performing arts with a wonderful benefit in fields emotional intelligence, stress management, creativity, communication, may distract the consumer through an addictive relationship to the emotional and body states generated by the practice of performing arts.

More examples like these can be found in relation to the list of addictive practices described above.

Follows a question that may help us identify them: why to work out in a gym can become an addictive experience and how this type of addiction may distract us from a family-life-work balance? (for example)

When the so described as leisure activities become a distraction or an addiction, and in which sense do stop helping the individual to find a natural balance in their life, work, cognitive, emotional, stress management abilities, capacity of action, decision making and of strategic management of the solutions necessary for the challenges faced ?

As a common idea shared by cultures around the world, the extreme consumption of substances and activities, may induce a degenerative unbalance, and consumers may prefer to continue doing so, as for an addictive practice, lost perspective and the main aim and benefit of the practice, as for its positive influence family-life-work balance.


A 9 levels program dedicated to burn out prevention, which includes services of coaching and training, in a set of skills, courses (content), has been implemented, coined, by the application of PTT Know How: previously developed PTT Methods and Solutions has been upgraded by the implementation of PTT Primordial Algorithms with focus on burnout prevention.


Follows the 9 levels of implementation and assessment ( of the customer current status) . The design of long term and short term goals, milestones, method and strategies, perceptions and skills, emotions, fitness and health, according to each suggested level of practice, are a condition necessary.


A set of training programs, which individually or together may bring individuals to alleviate the risk of burnout, burnout prevention, through enhancement of the individual and collective capacity of stress management, for example, has been designed and implemented.

Those trainings have been previously tested, in their early format, and benefits identified and verified, since 1987. Given the fact of the natural benefits outcome of those trainings, the same have been adjusted, upgraded, according to the primordial algorithms designed for burnout prevention, and in a new format, placed into practice.


The 9 Primordial Principles, Steps or Levels of Practice

Every training program consist of 9 levels of practice or 9 steps.
The 9 Steps Process has been designed based on scientific research on nature laws, principles and rhythms, and human potential (human factor), and coaching and training programs developed by me, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, since 1987.
Each step belongs to one of the 9 Primordial Principles that if being followed will help humans advance their potential, develop new skills, enhance their performance and quality of living.
A “primordial” principle refers to an “original, natural, essential” principle found in nature or life. The way the tree grows, the seasons change, the water flows, life evolves, follows those patterns and principles. The 9 Principles are explained in more details in publications, e-books and gamified experiential presentations.

The Gamified Experience of the 9 Principles

Attendees will complete skills learning one by one the 9 Principles of fitness, health, happiness and joy.
The 9 Principles will be discovered as essential for the exercises being taught and for the games and challenges given.
The 9 principles are perceived as 9 steps (9 Levels) necessary in order to achieve a high performance, completion of skills of the training program and its benefits.
Attendees will learn to perceive the methods and principles through a synergetic and holistic approach. Which for the process of study and application of the 9 Principles will bring them greater benefits.
The 9 Principles (9 Steps, 9 Levels) are a secret and are given one by one to the attendees, individually, as soon as they reach completion and tangible capacity of application of each of them.
Each principle (step/level) focusses on a particular aspect of the skills, capacity, fitness, emotions, focus, concentration, brain activity, stress management methods.
Through the application of the 9 Primordial Principles practitioners will advance their ability to enjoy their daily life and reach a state of natural happiness.

Family-Work-Life Balance Courses

The 9 Primordial Pandas: Gamified Experiential Leisure Training Program
Focus: Fitness, Stress Management, Body & Emotional Awareness, Burnout Prevention
Content: Inspired by the Pandas, symbol of harmony with nature, strength and vitality. Find balance through the practice of essential techniques (yoga, martial arts, sensory awareness, conscious breathing, brain gym) combined with a fitness training.
Goal: To achieve body and emotions to work together. Important skills will be developed: Self-regeneration, focus, concentration, endurance, awareness, emotional intelligence and stress release abilities will be developed. You will feel stronger, full of vitality, fit and happier and on top of all loose your extra kilos.

The 9 Primordial Tigresses Gamified Experiential Leisure Training Program
Focus: Fitness, Stress Management, Body & Emotional Awareness, Burnout Prevention
Content: Inspired by the Female Tiger, symbol of harmony with nature, strength and vitality. Find balance through the practice of essential techniques (yoga, martial arts, sensory awareness, conscious breathing, brain gym) combined with a fitness training.
Goal: To achieve body and emotions to work together. Important skills will be developed: Self-regeneration, focus, concentration, endurance, awareness, emotional intelligence and stress release abilities will be developed. You will feel stronger, full of vitality, fit and happier and on top of all loose your extra kilos.
Only for Women: The training program focuses on women empowerment: encourage balance between female and male qualities, bring women into the flow of their own inner power. The Female Tiger is a symbol of life protecting, harmony with nature, strength, tenderness and grace. The tigress inspires children and adults with her unique qualities to develop the beauty, strength and awareness of a mother tigress.

The Sun Dance Theta : Gamified Experiential Leisure Training Program
Focus: Creativity, Communication, Self-expression, Body & Emotional Awareness, Burnout Prevention
Content: Learn about the importance of being in contact with your own body and emotions. Utilize your body and emotions for the purpose of solving challenges or advancing your performance (non verbal communication, decision making, emotional intelligence, empathy, prevent burnout). Emotional intelligence will be developed by the practice and exploration into creative self-expression. Dance improvisation, color, sound and form artistic methods are applied in combination with body awareness and gamified communication and self-expression exercises.
Goal: The training program will bring you by how to utilize creativity and self-expression as for the purpose of development of self-management skills, stress management and prevent burnout.

The 9 Suns : Gamified Experiential Self-Management Training Program
Focus: The menstruation cycle and its influences, and how knowledge about it can change and advance your life, success and wealth.
Content: The hormonal shifts in women and their impact in their love relationships, self-management, family and business. Hormonal shifts are a cause of change in performance of the individual in the fields of emotional intelligence, perception, strategic thinking, communication, collaboration, performance.
Goal: The training program will bring you by skills, methods and knowledge necessary in order to harness the influences of your menstruation cycle. Learn how to benefit from each stage of the cycle: to learn to be free of conflict with the cycle phases and to understand their function will help you advance your performance according to the conditions in every stage of the cycle.

Emotional Time Management in 9 Steps : Gamified Experiential Self-Management Training Program
Focus: Self-Management, Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making, Strategic Thinking, Time Management, Process Awareness, Project Management, Stress Management, Burnout Prevention
Content: The success of the day depends on how you make choices, manage your time, resources and process (design of the day sequence of activities, tasks and experiences). Emotions play a key role in daily life decision making. You will learn about the importance of emotions and how they influence your time management, project/process management and decision making. Emotions as well change the quality of experience of all activities of your day. It is important to learn to choose wisely the correct sequence of emotions and the associated activities. Methods will be provided that will help you enhance and utilize your time awareness, process perception, emotional awareness and emotional intelligence for time management.
Goal: Thanks to the training you will become able to feel less stressed along the day, more in control of the things you do and capable to add more activities and tasks in your daily schedule without feeling overloaded. Learn to prevent burn out by the daily practice of emotional time management and by becoming more efficient in project management.

Matrix-Q Intelligence: Gamified Experiential Self-Management Training Program
Focus: Matrix Strategic Thinking, Matrix Perception, Strategy design, Decision Making, Matrix-Q Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence.
Content: Learn how to play and practice games that enhances and advances Matrix-Q. Matrix-Q is sign of the ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously. For example the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team, to integrate several cultural skills, to study an object from different points of view or to design solutions that integrate many levels of benefits and parallel processes simultaneously. In Mathematics a matrix would do register several variables at the same time and matrix based functions will describe a pattern. In the training program you will learn how to play and practice games that enhances and advances your Matrix-Q Intelligence.
Goal: To develop Matrix-Q Intelligence by the practice of Matrix-Q Games. To solve problems with higher complexity in your work, or private life, with more calmness, sharpness, self-confidence, emotional clarity. Naturally and with more joy achieve a more broad overview, long term assessment ability, better strategic risk management and develop a synergetic and holistic approach for solving challenges. Become skillful at managing stress under uncontrollable circumstances, constant changing variables and complex dynamics.


By the application of these training programs and services of coaching, with already proven benefits, with a new format based on a PTT Primordial Algorithm for burnout prevention, we intent to bring a new solution developed based on PTT that has positive, life care impact benefits for the development of an emerging global culture and civilization.

How far these PTT Primordial algorithms for burnout prevention goes, how advanced results in the fields of burnout prevention can be achieved, is something that the reader must experience.

Further research and implementation of more advanced PTT Primordial Algorithms for burnout prevention has been planned and scheduled for the LDMF Foundation Human Potential, Life Span & DNA Studies research field.

What is new, being developed at the LDMF Foundation?


The LDMF Foundation research on DNA Generation algorithm has brought
important results in the field of archetypes generation. Archetypes that may belong to tangible traits of human individuals that are possible to be verified by DNA Studies.

If my hypothesis is correct, these PTT Primordial Archetypes serving as a systemic perception tool, for the organization of natural, human and artificial phenomena, and in particular for the classification of human individuals, will be found, in a precise distribution, according to geolocation, on earth planet, and need to be verified through DNA Studies.

Archetypes has been utilized by myth, legend and story telling, in order to represent through symbols natural, human and artificial phenomena. With a direct influence in the subconscious and subjective mind, self, of the individual and collective, archetypes may become a transformational tool.

For example stories being told, stories designed through integration of symbols, that represent archetypes, that are MEMs of the collective culture, and that follow nature principles, laws, cycles and rhythms and knowledge of the human potential, may influence easily perception and behavior, assessment of value and strategic management of risk, decision making, design of policy of tribes, families, clans, cultures and nations.

As well archetypes, are able to influence the perception of own self and give to an individual the idea of goals or achievements, milestones wished.

For example, the archetypes of the gods of greek mythology, one of them, a story told, of hercules, being challenged with several tasks, and with each of them complete the level of development necessary for the gods to prize him and include him in the gods pantheon.

The story refers to challenges any individual may decide to follow and to the potential alternative path taken for the solution/facing of them, described by the decision, strategy applied by hercules.

By considering all elements, characters and event of the history of hercules as archetypes, symbols of natural, human and artificial phenomena, the story of hercules is instructive and induces in the reader able to read the meaning of the symbols and archetypes a clear set of instructions and advice on how to face and undertake great challenges and on the nature of them, the ideal strategy and potential solutions, risk and prizes.

Yet for the reader without conscious knowledge or trained perception in the use of archetypes, the story will fall directly into the subconscious subjective mind of the reader, influence perception, emotions and actions, values and decisions subconsciously.

If the story would become a known and used story by the family, tribe, clan, culture or religion, it would have actually a lot more influence in the individual.

In the same sense, PTT Primordial Archetypes will be studied, on the effect and influence of their use and ability of PTT Training Programs developed with Primordial Archetypes to solve challenges The LDMF Foundation decides to take over.

The Primordial Archetypes have a direct relationship with Primordial Mathematics, and therefor can be correlated to any PTT Primordial Algorithms, including those developed for burnout prevention.

In that sense PTT Primordial Archetypes become a tool, and method, for the perception, organization and operation with human, natural and artificial phenomena, there for, it is the goal of my research to complete a DNA Study of the Primordial Archetypes and complete a new level of understanding and give a new character to the process of implementation of the PTT Primordial Archetypes into the PTT Solutions, in particular in the fields of self-management, coaching, strategic management, assessment, personal development, education, training, leadership, gamification, governance, project management, change management, wealth-generation, epistemology, scientific research, technology innovation, social management, culture development, peace, family, life span, A.I. and consultancy.



About Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Complete profile at:
Mr Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the LDMF Foundation. Leader of the Research Project. Developer of the PTT Technology utilized for the project development. In charge of evaluation of candidates to collaborators.

He has been dedicated to Know How Development since 1993, through the study of laws, cycles, rhythms and principles of nature, biohacking, personal development and human potential studies, study of ancient cultures knowledge and technology developed with a futurist, humanist and holistic approach.

Futurist, visionary, humanist and philanthropist.
Business Consultant, Coach and Trainer.
Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation & Performing Arts Trainer.

With Multidisciplinary studies: Science & Math for engineering, I.T., Business, Education & Personal Development.

His know how has been upgraded since 2000 several times, now known as Primordial Technology Theta, includes assessment tools, strategy and decision making tools, methods for the quantification of value, score card, as well as Training programs for self-management & strategic business management.

The PTT Tools offer to its user the possibility to enhance Matrix-Q Intelligence, a sign of the ability to solve challenges by approaching them through several perspectives simultaneously. Advance Matrix strategic thinking and perception, emotional intelligence, strategic management , self-management and project management skills.,

With experience in business consultancy, and business entrepreneurship, since the year 2000, in countries like Chile, Peru, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Finland and The Netherlands.

Mr Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is also an author, published more than 160 e-books dedicated to innovation in the field of strategic management, peace & personal development since 2007. The Primordial technology Theta e-Books Collection.

Through his know how, he provides tools for the design of new strategies and solutions necessary for the development and advancement of a global culture and civilization.
Focus 2017-2018:

As Founder and Chairman of the LDMF Foundation is dedicated to research and technology innovation, since 2016.

Business incubation of business projects that utilize his know how, technology, services and products; through the business incubation program of the LDMF Foundation 2018 – 2029

Since 2012 he is dedicated to work on social issues, related to peace, human rights, non violence, ethics, economy, family. Already engaged into sustainable development projects, street children programs, since 1995.

Preventive intervention programs will be as eel supported and developed by the LDMF Foundation.

Stichting (Foundation) Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The LDMF Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to 3 fields of work: Research (Innovation Technology), Strategic Management Consultancy, Peace and Human Rights .

In the research field we focus on the study of principles, laws, rhythms and cycles of nature, human potential studies (human factor, human stages of development), futurist study of ancient civilizations know how and technology.

Our fields of research: Strategic Management, A.I., Human Potential Studies, Human Genome / DNA Studies , Life Span / Anti Aging, Ancient Cultures, Peace, Human Rights, Global Culture & Civilization Advancement.

We provide education, coaching and consultancy services for public and private sectors.

As well we do design and develop projects dedicated to peace, human rights, culture and family care.

Through the integration of our know how, services and standard, we support entrepreneurs start ups, by providing a business incubation program.

As a not for profit organization, our i am is to design strategies & technology for the development of an advanced global culture & civilization in peace, where human rights are observed, non violence and ethics are practiced, family, life sustainability and heritage are priority.

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