A.I. Engines utilized by Ancient Civilizations & The Art of Primordial Mathematics

Article by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Research Leader at the LDMF Foundation www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

What are mathematics? measurement, relationship, analysis, processing and prediction are made thanks to mathematics.

Consider for an instant what a machine is. For a modern culture human a machine is for example a car, or that engine of a ship or airplane or train, or maybe that one of an industry.

While we are aware of machines created in ancient times, it is for the modern culture human very difficult to consider the possibility of a machine being created in ancient times before the industrial age, or before the age of fire and metal. For example in the time of Alexandria Library, records of several types of artifacts were registered. Some of theses records have survived the library destruction, and in the best of the cases, the artifacts, machines themselves as well. (REF: The LDMF Foundation, Research Project on the impact of the destruction of Alexandria, RG. DOI )

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But can you imagine a machine being made without metal, or mechanical structure? Toys for children made out of wood, would have mechanical functions, but is that a machine?

In our modern culture we think about sophisticated machines, robots, A.I., nano-tech bots (nanobots).

Can you imagine a machine being created in a time in which only drawing and math were known by humans?


Mathematics is ancient, as humans are. Before artifacts for construction and buildings were made, with precision, as for example the pyramids, the pagodas, the dolmens, certain knowledge of calculations was necessary.

For the practice of mathematics, a draw in the sand would be enough. A paint in the wall of a cave. Or even a careful observation of stars, their movement and relationships. Yet, there is, for the purpose of mathematics, something always available that would serve measurements, and calculations, relationship, prediction, analysis practices: the human body.

Human, natural and artificial phenomena are being studied by mathematics since the first time a strategy was planned and registered, for the purpose of hunting, for example.

While a daily life simple use of math, calculation, measurement, planning, is easy to consider took place in ancient times, would you consider the possibility of having a modern A.I. / Engine / Processor in ancient times?

A processor that just with draws and cyphers would produce information, out of data entered.


At the LDMF Foundation, research on A.I., Primordial Mathematics and Ancient Culture Technology and Civilizations, i have arrived to the following hypothesis:

” A.I. existed in ancient times, a form of A.I. that did not need of computing machines as those used nowadays, but A.I. engines that were hybrid and functional with collaboration of the human intelligence, individual and collective. For example, the structures utilized and described for the practice of primordial vectorial mathematics, in the books of “The 9 Divine Worlds of Primordial Mathematics” are an example of such type of engine. An engine capable to become resident in the human culture, collective intelligence, individual intelligence, family intelligence, influence perception, DNA encoding, emotions, behavior. An engine capable of generating culture. A Culture generation engine: CGE.” – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, A.I. Research Project.

Ref: Culture Generation Engine, A.I. Research Projects of the LDMF Foundation. www.ai.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

REF. Research Study on A.I. and Human A.I.

In order to understand this hypothesis is necessary to review the essence of mathematics and that one of engines or machines as well the principle of a number or cypher, and the idea of processing or analysis, strategic thinking and algorithms.

In principle, the knowledge related to a machine, how through simple inputs and a set of rules processing takes place and computing. Modern culture is used to the use of numbers (cyphers) associated to certain values, the idea of cyphers, digits, as representation of classes of phenomena and a mathematic system able to operate with those is not common knowledge. 

Primordial Mathematics is dedicated to the study of this type of processing tool, for which only geometry and a systemic perception agreement is necessary.


REF: The Primordial Algorithms Game & Research Project by the LDMF Foundation. www.primordial-algorithms.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

Human critical and analytic thinking is not new and did not appear just now in the techno-era.

Ancient civilizations utilized as well several tools, methods, that guided them in order to design, register and implement their solutions.

We are mostly aware of war tactics, political strategies, and culture generation engines (systemic perception systems induced into the collective of a culture for several years), religious strategies, and ancient technology developed by following a precise protocol or instructions.

Algorithms are not new to human kind. In essence an algorithm is a sequence of steps necessary to be taken in order to solve a challenge. For example: “how to hunt a mamuth with just 5 strong and fast, skillful and fearless, male in the tribe.

Algorithms are not new to human beings we have seen them being painted in petrogliphs.

If algorithms exist since ancient times why not complex calculation machines?


Primordial Mathematics


It would be necessary that one individual study relationships within a geometrical body, the stars, or noticed the DNA Algorithm behind natural and human phenomena, or a correlation between natural phenomena and cosmological events.

Or that the knowledge achieved on human, natural and artificial phenomena, correlated to the information generated by DNA Generation algorithms, have reached so high level of complexity, that could describe everything and in every time, just with a simple machine, capable to process, and of existing, even beyond the age of mechanical machines.

If a wise council of ancient wise and knowledgable humans would have planned to share their knowledge with future generations, knowing that natural disasters may not help machines to survive, nor books or any other records archive, how could they transfer the information to the given future?


I have suggested that to record the information on stones, have been very effective, in architecture, in arts, in culture, finally in the human collective consciousness.

Presentations on Matrix-Thinking, Matrix Perception, the 9 Elements/Principles,the 9 Primordial Keys, I will introduce the reader to how the study of the Nordic Star Theta, brought up relevant results on the use that can be given to a systemic tool for perception, analysis and organization of the human, natural and artificial phenomena. As well on the mathematics that governs it.


The Books on the 9 Divine Worlds, the Art of Primordial Mathematics, will give to the reader insight to a form of communication, processing, that have been discovered and found in ancient cultures and modern cultural and social behavior.

As i am suggesting in this article, and related publications, machines are not new for humanity, not new for the ancient cultures and civilizations, and actually, the machines/engines of the past, may become the engines of the human A.I. based future.


The definition of a machine, also for the foundations of ICT (Information and Computing technology), is that of a system that accept a pre set variables of input, and through a pre set process produces a pre set output.

A machine would be for example: 1@1 = 4; 1@2=3 1@3=3 1@4=6 1@5=5 1@6=2 1@7=5 1@8=7 1@9=9 1@0=1 and all the following implications of this function. It means that given the input of 1 constant and one variable, the machine “@”will produce a pre set outcome.

There is no math system associated, but a by will chosen set of values, cyphers, that will be used and their outcome.

(REF: Cypher, a digit utilized in order to represent a class or set of phenomena, or data, or information. A cypher is utilized for the purpose of systemic perception and organization of phenomena).

A more complex use of this machine would be for example: consider that each digit is a cypher, means encoded language. The meaning assigned to each cypher will be stored in an archive that can only be read for individuals with a pre set clearance.

Means calculations, processes, may take place, and for the people that do not know this second level of use and meaning of the values produced as output for this machine example, an additional meaning would be read.

for example: 4 = buy, 3 = hide, 6 = inform, 5 = hold, 2= sale, 7 = rent, 9 = pray, 1 = add one more unit. An set of possible instructions that the machine will generate out of a given variable introduced in it.

For the users, that have not programed this engine, to enter a cypher different from 1 will be possible only if the second input is also 1, otherwise the machine will not produce any outcome. A clue that only instructed users will know.
In this example, few important details need to be noticed:

1. unless you know the clue, to dont enter 1, will produce any not relevant result.
2. there is a meaning for the output results. For which an archive exist, for which clearance is necessary.

This example of a machine, is very interesting, as it has been designed through an algorithm. which algorithm?

As you see, an algorithm may utilize other algorithms in order to solve the issue it is designed to solve.


In my research i have found machines of this kind, with a very unique complexity, that helped individuals do process human, natural and artificial phenomena, by utilizing cyphers, colors, sounds, geometries.

For example, dances, textiles, games, architecture, arts, cyphers, symbols, may have been used as machines, machines created as for algorithms implementation. as in the example above.

For example, in the publication, the 09 primordial keys, referring to the PTT Tool, the Sleipnir Theta, some examples of this type of machines are given.
Presentation The Sleipnir Diary Method. The 9+ Primordial Keys. The LDMF …
Several symbols of the ancient civilizations provided a form of computing, processing and their use was obviously an art of individuals that were instructed.
Ideal for military, political, religious or commercial purposes, or even as for knowledge and wealth protection strategy (family, tribe, nation).

Ancient civilizations may not have had the computing technology we have now, but had other forms of computing, machines, processing tools, register tools.

The research study on Primordial Mathematics, is a futurist approach on ancient cultures, civilizations and technologies, intents through the systemic study of natural, artificial and human phenomena, laws, cycles, rhythms of nature and the human factor (human potential), predict and develop advanced technology necessary for the emerging global culture and civilization.


Primordial Mathematics Book 05


The book 01 and 02 introduced use to the cyphers, the elements, the 9 classes of artificial, natural and human phenomena.
In following publications: “The 09 Primordial Keys & the Sleipnir Theta”, ”The Primordial Hands Theta”, “The Primordial Economy” and “The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture” the author will focus on the Seals and the CGE (A.I.) of the Primordial Culture; publications which belongs to the Books 03 & 04 of Primordial Mathematics. And “The 9 Elements & The Heart”, “Epistemology, Matrix Perception & Matrix thinking” which belongs to the Book 00 of Primordial Mathematics.
In the Primordial Mathematics Book 05 the author will demonstrate the 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture that belongs to the complex realm 1018.
The function of the 1018 Seals of the Primordial Culture will lead us to a better understanding and perception of the 72927 Regions of Time (Watch calendar) of the Primordial Culture (REF: “”The 9 Primordial Keys”).

The 1018 Complex 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

Have been generated by the practice of addition of cyphers (use of the operator addition) that would generate as a result a complex cypher over 9.
According to the principles of primordial mathematics, the complex cypher will be reduced to a primordial cypher,
In this publication the 1018 complex cyphers will be studied, as well as the seals they do generate.