The Primordial Seals Series : The Final Composition 1890

The Primordial Seals Series : The Final Composition 1890

Along the study of the 9 Primordial Seals, The Primordial Culture and the Nordic Star Theta CGE, through application of Primordial Mathematics and Primordial Sounding Archetypes, i have arrived to the following series, which can be translated in a music composition.


Three fragments of this composition has been published as examples:

What is the meaning of this series of cyphers?

According to the multidisciplinary research studies on the primordial culture, each cypher represents a class of human, natural and artificial phenomena (organized in 9+0) cyphers.

As well, each of the digits has been correlated to a region of the brain, and specific functions, as well as to a series of sounds and frequencies.


A series of hypothesis has been formulated, on the number of applications of this series as for:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Pure Mathemtics
  • Algorithms Design
  • Social Management
  • DNA Human Genome
  • Human Potential Studies
  • Others

The details on how the series has been generated are shared in the bokklet 0.12 on the Primordial Seals.

The research study of the Primordial Seals series is being developed now by The LDMF Foundation, and a multidisciplinary pool of scientist has been invited to collaborate with the research through the “Primordial Algorithms Research Project and The Primordial Algorithms Game”

In particular i am certain important applications on the field of DNA studies will be developed through the study of this series, that may unlock human potential and immunology keys, essential for lifespan and preventive health.

While at the moment we can not confirm when the result of teh research and trials will be completed, and published, a series of 162 publications at the scientific network online has been already shared with scientists from several disciplines and research organizations world wide.

We expect that the collaboration process with all of them will bring new insights on the meaning and function of this series and speed up the learning process, innovation and development of applications.