The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

” Imagine that more than 9000 years ago, a culture had the knowledge of DNA Generation Algorithms, and understood how nature principles, laws, rhythms and cycles where expressed, harnessed by those algorithms. If it is true, that such type of civilization, knowledge and technology existed, it would be eventually also true that their ability to induce patterns of behavior in the human collective intelligence would have created an influence on following culture and civilizations, up to our modern times, and even influence the natural development of the emerging global culture and civilization. This Primordial Culture, may have had a profound knowledge of human potential and human culture, and how do advance them, reaching higher stages of development. “ — Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken [ The Primordial Culture Research Project @ The LDMF Foundation, 1993–2017]


The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

Along the study of the 9 Primordial Keys, the Seals of the Primordial Culture became evident.

“The Primordial Seals are the seals of life, according to the knowledge of the Primordial Culture” — Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken [ The Primordial Culture Research Project @ The LDMF Foundation, 1993–2017].

This first publication has only the purpose of presenting the first set of 9 seals, and suggesting questions that are now being answered through a continues research study on the Primordial Culture developed by the LDMF Foundation (1993).

The Seals of Ancient Cultures have brought essential information on the history, events, knowledge, technology, families, lineages and principles, values, the members of those cultures have lived with, and developed, expressed in their daily life.

Some seals, are property of clans, or royal families only, and their use, knowledge, function, language, purpose of them has been restricted to members of those family trees that have become eligible as holders of that knowledge.

Along the research on the Primordial Culture the Primordial Seals have been found and several hypothesis on their meaning have been suggested.

One of the hypothesis is that the Primordial Seals are Primordial Algorithms that are capable to give birth or develop, sustainably, life, and the human culture.


Through the study of Primordial Mathematics, and the Primordial Hands, correlation between digits of the hands, brain regions, functions, and the 9 cyphers of the CGE (Culture Generation Engine, Human Collective Intelligence A.I. Engine) Nordic Star Theta, we realize the Matrix type of content a Seal of the Primordial Culture has.

The Primordial Culture Seals and the Primordial Keys, both of them, are one of the objects of study of the research project of the Primordial Culture. As well object of study of the Primordial Algorithms, and Primordial Archetypes.

The main goal of the research project on the Primordial Culture is to identify traces of the Primordial Culture in ancient, current and future times, it means develop the necessary ability to predict future events induced, created, generated by the Primordial Culture CGE operating within the emerging Global Culture and Civilization development.

In order to start the study of the Primordial Seals, it is essential to review the 9 cyphers, the 9 elements, the 9 stages of human development, the 9 levels of impact or risk management, the 9 jewels, the 9 digits, the 9 wealths, the primordial keys, the primordial hands, the golden tree of life theta and the sleipnir theta method.

A first overview will be found in the publications related to the Primordial Culture at gumroad and lulu self-publishing book shelfs by the author.

Here you will be introduced to the 9+ Seals.


Are the 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture, Primordial Algorithms? If yes, what would be their function? What would they solve?

Answer this question and earn points in the game of the primordial algorithms.