The Primordial Culture


” Consider that there is one original culture, source of a primordial knowledge, customes, traits, that have influenced all mayor cultures on earth. How to find and recognize its traces, how this cultures could be ? Lets start where our elders defined as the source of their own knowledge. I consider the search of the traces of the prime culture as a serious practice. It brought me to the most fascinating discoveries in the field of biohacking of laws, principles, cycles and rythms of nature. By the study of the knowledge and technology of ancient cultures, i found a common stream. I am certain i found the golden stream of the culture of the primes. It is true, a social scientist with enough curiosity, will tell you that one of the most fascinating myths and theories of the origin and development of the global human culture is that one of one original, primordial, that molded coined the cultural DNA of the ancient cultures we have discivered traces of, which are the references of history we have for ours. But the primordial culture desapeared from the “reality”world, of most social scientist and entered the archive of myths. How this culture could be? I was fascinated by archeology since early age, and my first archeological expeditions brought to my imagination, story telling abilities and scientific curiosity much materials of reflection. An advanced culture must be coherent in all its practices, the art of governance have made use always from all sorts of knowledge, and, as in modern times, in ancient times, have also reached hermetic, spiritual, mystic, magical, secret, spiritual, social, scientific and technological practical knowledge. For this reason some kingdoms fall, and others rise. While others change, self-transform and addapts themselves reaching invisibility and immortality, this is also my clarity after a life dedicated to a hobby that turned to become a source of knowledge for my business and inspiration ofr my own development, and legacy. The expeditions i have organized, on the search of the culure of the primes brought me to several streams of knowledge, practical knowledge, which inspired me for the creation of unvaluable biohacking tools, as well for the discovery of an ancient cultural stream, but in a more personal sense, brought me out of the standard business, into fascinating adventures, in new cultures, exotic locations, and into fascinating stories of the past, the present and future of humanity. I do not know why spiritual archeology has been placed only as a leisure activity. I find tremendous value in it. I wish the Odin Theta tours will bring to the lovers of knowledge and adventure a new insight into how the ancient is the modern, still. ” – LDMF