The Orga9 Project – The DNA Based A.I. Engine


The following document suggests through a futurist art of story telling several fields of potential application and research, as well issues to observe in the fields of ethics and implementation of laws, and potential outcomes of an industry developed with this new type of technology.


This is the first document related to this project, which is related to the Matrix 9+ Project and the Forge Theta Project. As a Futurist Story telling intents to describe a potential future but also suggest fields of enquire and discussion. In order to engage into the development of visionary technology, we must first wonder about its natural evolution, would this technology itself, or the use we may do of it care for life?


By the development of the Matrix 9+ (Ref: Matrix 9+ Project, A.I. Engine Development through the gamification of human intelligence/development, human potential studies, and use of a Multidimensional Strategy Board Game) and The Forge Theta Project ( Study of Human Potential, Longevity, through 9+ Stages of development reached through personal development, self-knowledge and preventive self-care/health practices) we will be able to understand better the human genome, advance our DNA studies, to the point of enhancing DNA editing tools (DNA change stability and capability of transference to next generation through natural procreation) and development of training programs and therapies capable of inducing a DNA change for a variety of purposes, from longevity, DNA repairing, preventive health and activation of the human potential. As i said, the amount of data generated by the Matrix 9+ will help us advance our understanding of the immune system, longevity and human potential in relation to the Human DNA.


Why would be this stage so important for A.I. ? As data can be stored on DNA, also a program can be stored. It is only necessary one step to encode a program, that when read can produce a wished outcome, displayed or activated into an engine. The creation of an engine is simple, we just need input, process, output. There for the creation of DNA Medium based engines, should be actually very simple to do. But when we think about future, what does it mean?


Story Telling:


Story Telling have been used traditionally as a form of self-expressing as a path to bring balance to perception, life, culture; as for providing guidance, memory of the origins of culture, the principles of life care, brining awareness and the possibility of choice.

Story tellers were messengers, sent for the purpose of brining awareness or dreams, to their listeners; and finally bring healing, blessings or messenger of the gods, to their listeners.

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