The 9 Stages of Development & The I CHING Ɵ

The 9 Stages of Development & The I CHING Ɵ

The images in this document should be self-explanatory.

In general, when the prime verse is generated through the use of the triad: male-female-theta(Prime), we are able to describe the 9 stages of development (see 5 of them in the chart, and 9 of them in the same chart) through the trigrams used.

These images will help you understand for example, on the value of the stones, assigned to them, at each of the dimensions played on the Matrix 9+ Strategy board game, and the generation of each of the dimensions for a particular triad.

Notice the triads are used for the generation of score lines, that set milestones of development (9+ Development stages), as well are used for one generation time line of the prime verse, described in the I CHING THETA.

I will add here also images of the Matrix 9+, that describe the rule of playing, and additional ones from the Matrix 9+ Assessment Tool.

Beside the images presented here taken from previous publications, i will add references to additional projects you may enjoy to read. Additional publications are available for online read at my website.