Matrix 9+ Quantification of the Human Value


Quantification of the Human Value

” The next one, was the green revolution which reached CFOs office with enough data to make it possible for them to realize how profitable sustainable business practices and technologies are. Now we need the blue revolution to find its own path, to the CFOs office, to the CFOs practical world of profitability and sustainable development. Personal development and self-knowledge integrated to the corporate world, as a value and argument, as a foundation, for the organization to evolve, evolutionate, upgrade. So fra, corporate has become successful by taking the short most efficient and unexpensive path: It is very easy to build human skills and new generations of HHRR, to be placed and replaced as necessary. But do we perceive employees recruited and their development within our company, and the influence they will become, for change of our current culture, as responsibility of the organization? on the other side, isnt the purpose of a business to nuruture the life of families and generations, heritage? The most advanced potential of humanity becomes tangible when individual and collective meets, along an organic process of development, that reaches 9+ stages of development. The intelligence of the behavior of an organization, perceiving it as a collective organism composed by individuals, and their families, will upgrade to that one of a new corporate-species*, able to create new possibilities for the market. I dare for seeing a future where corporate receives appreciation from governments, communities, families, and non profit organizations, respect from cultures, and lives in harmony with the laws, principles, rhythms and cycles of nature. “- LDMF

(*) Luis have described corporate behavior, and set categories, according to its traits and patterns, as that one of what he calls corporate-species. Consider that an organization, as an organism, with own behavior, traits, patterns, linked with own culture, policy, guidelines, aims, development process; actually shows a behavior, and this behvaior as in etology, can be studied. Corporate-species.


Prime Tech Theta Visualization Tool – The Quantification of Human Value by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken on Scribd